Legendary Dragon requirements in Skyrim Dawnguard

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 5, 2012

After playing Skyrim for hundreds of hours we had dragon bones stored all over our house in Whiterun, and some nice Dragonbone armor, but hearing about Skyrim Dawnguard made us want the DLC from day one. Now if you are at a level high enough you can find a Legendary Dragon within Skyrim Dawnguard.

Some people state that you need to be as high as level 78 to see Legendary Dragons, although we cannot confirm exactly what level you need to be, but expect it to be pretty high and one of the videos below thinks it is possible from level 70. Some gamers have been grinding for levels just so they can get this achievement for taking down a Legendary Dragon, which can ruin the fun when you are pushing for higher levels as fast as possible. One way we did this had been collecting ore and Smithing, or using magic to turn iron ore to gold, which can then be used to create items to sell.

There are some players that have used cheats after installing Skyrim Dawnguard like the Oghma infinium exploit, although we have not tried this ourselves, it is believed to still work and hasn’t been fixed under any current patch. Again we cannot confirm or deny this thanks to not trying it, and to be honest using cheats like this ruin the game in our opinion.

Have you seen a Legendary Dragon after downloading Skyrim Dawnguard, and if so where did you first see one? Personally we couldn’t find a Legendary Dragon until after level 79, and for us it had been about seeing something we’ve paid for rather than the achievement. The first time we spotted one of these dragons had been just south of Riften, at Lost Tongue Overlook.

The first video below shows gameplay with a Legendary Dragon after installing Skyrim’s first DLC, and the second video explains the Skyrim Dawnguard Legend Achievement that’s unlocked after killing a Legendary Dragon, and also touches on Oghma infinium for those that want to know more. Have a watch of these videos and share a comment with details about your first encounter.

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  • anonymous user

    Lowest level I’VE seen one at is as low as 60. Friends of mine have seen them for the first time anywhere from 60 to about 65. In other words, quite rare.

  • Paul

    I saw one southeast Riften.  It killed me hella quick, Im only at lvl 61.  Havent seen one since..

  • Traumuhh

    I seem to always see dragons every time i fast travel to windhelm, i havent seen a legendary yet because im lvl 44 but i would try looking there.

  • Dannyearley

    whats the correct level you need to be

  • Dannyearley

    im am level 76 and cant find any at all plenty of reveard dragons and ancient

  • Nathanael Della Ventura

    “Legendary Dragon requirements in Skyrim Dawnguard” <— Pretty sure they meant Legendary Dragons in just Dawnguard and not original Skyrim, but it's hard to tell o.0 Is that title right?

  • Costaskaralis

    I don’t have the dawn guard pack, and I’m only a level 60, but I’ve been able to play these dragons

    • Is there a school for trolling? Because you, sir, would graduate with honors.

      Either that or your English is bad and you don’t understand the article is about specific dragons that were created for Dawnguard.

      • Tsunami

        He was just making a statement. you can still fight legendary dragons without getting the dawngaurd DLC. and the fact that you have to make fun of him for saying that he played these dragons instead of fighting them just makes you a looser with no life that needs to point out a slight grammatical error like that, which is absolutely pathetic.

        • Nathanael Della Ventura

          But weren’t they referring to the dragons specifically in Dawnguard? I mean, in the article.

        • Jeremypiven

          Loser* that really annoys me. Sorry.

  • James

    I’m level 81 and now defeated a few of these legendary dragons, the first near Riften, the second near Solitude and the 3rd near Whiterun.