GTA V is right for zombies

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 5, 2012

We are still waiting for Grand Theft Auto V to receive a release date, and while Rockstar are very quiet on details it’s fair to say they know exactly what the gamer will get by now, which recent news has hinted towards the developer entering final testing. We hope part of this planning includes a zombies mode or at least DLC for later on after launch. We have included a video below this article that shows a mod for the PC version of GTA IV, and this zombies mod shows a level of graphics and gameplay we’d be happy to see in GTA V for PS3 and Xbox 360.

The time is right for zombies in GTA V – when we finally see a launch of this game it should include a zombies mode like seen in the first video below. Zombies are not for everyone but following the success of Red Dead Redemption and the Undead Nightmare DLC, which we spent hundreds of hours playing doing mindless things just for fun, the next GTA game should include this additional mode/DLC after the last game officially missed it.

Considering Rockstar did zombies with Red Dead Redemption means there is a good chance for GTA V – this alone proves there is at least a chance, whether you like it or not, and seeing how good it looks in the video below you got to admit this would be pretty amazing for GTA V. If this mode were also available in multiplayer, then that would take everything to another level with your friends and family.

The second video we included shows the official zombie mode trailer for Red Dead, and reminds you how Rockstar did this with another game they created. It’s worth noting that Undead Nightmare had been developed by Rockstar San Diego, and GTA V is being developed by Rockstar North, so this could stop the zombie idea if it is not a feature loved by both development teams.

While both these videos are old they certainly highlight a feature that Rockstar explored after the release of GTA IV, so as we move towards more details at Gamescom we hope a hint gets dropped for a future DLC or included mode. One thing is for sure and that is Rockstar don’t normally show trailers at gaming events, so if the recent tease means they’ll be at Gamescom then don’t expect trailer 2 during the event.

After looking at the incredible graphics and gameplay seen in the zombies mod for GTA IV below, let us know if you would like this type of gameplay in GTA 5? While we wait for some official news this is certainly a feature worth debating, and we wonder how many Grand Theft Auto fans would actually want something like this, especially if you’re a PC player and played the mod or a console player that wished it launched as DLC within GTA IV.

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  • Martin Elisha

    what we need a alien invasion with a crazy plot. starts off with a discovery in the desert military/ alien fights in the city. military lab where there experimenting on aliens. have to go to the mother ship to destroy it. take a rocket to the moon. fights aliens on the moos yess!

    • Jordan Herkowski

      Or you could just stick to playing Saints Row IV

  • zombie apocalypse

    Some people dont have Xbox live or internet so they shouldn’t just make it for multiplayer. If they make zombies for GTA 5 then I hope it’ll be a mode or on a disc later down the road. Like red dead redemption too RDR undead nightmare where they put the undead nightmare dlc to a disc for people without internet or Xbox live. It would be the perfect game if it came with w mode for zombies and I would literally throw away all my other games cause I bet I’ll be playing it 24/7

  • Xman

    It’s a good idea for zombies, but I think it should be a multiplayer mode option not in the singleplayer game… you could easily host a multiplayer server and play alone if you wanted to.
    People that think it’s a dumb idea are morons because it really doesn’t effect the game in the least. All elements are already included in the game the only thing that changes are the people to zombies… If rockstar wanted to take it a step up they could other then that it would just be a lose option for people to mod. If your console well then you don’t get the awesome mods.

  • Rexanald

    this would be perfect for gta with its huge open world environment for a mp mode, along with a fps view would be insane, to crybabies who complain it will ruin the game how will it? youve got the choice not to play the mode and play modes of your liking so get over it

  • Sgre

    Hmmm. My comment got deleted. I’ll reiterate.
    I’m going to hunt down Daniel Chubbs and chop off his hands for cluttering up the *interweb with complete utter bullshit nothing.
    *Slight editing
    *This has been copied and will be posted on all invalid articles written by Chubb on GTA V where no actual information is found

  • You_are_not_funny

    I think this is a valid article and a good idea. 
    number 1- there is no info on gtaV so until then I think just talking about cool ideas we hope that are in it and general stuff people do when excited about a game is doing a good job.

    number 2- i think zombies would be a cool mode aslong as it was a totally separate option from main story and game. like the gta iv add ons, but this would be a alternate reality and which the gta player can totally avoid if they wish.

    and if the rumours are true, then it will be cool to barricade your self in a building since i heard you could move furniture and stuff to block doors and if you are driving and have to fill your car up but the petrol stations swarmed. will make interesting gameplay. maybe even have a solid mission line, multiplayer mode is a must

    • Beavis

      You should try GTA forums. A whole lot of discussion on GTA V there. Chubbs is just capitalizing on the need for information on GTA V. Sometimes he post’s daily on the matter. I only click a Chubb article now to troll

  • Sgre

     I’m going to hunt down Daniel Chubb, and when I find him I’m going to chop off his hands for cluttering the web with useless bullshit

  • Necrophile

    I actually like this idea. I like how Rockstar does zombies (headshot mechanics, etc). If they had it as an optional mode, I think it would be great. Imagine plowing through hordes of zombies with blood flying everywhere and zombies grabbing onto your roof as you drive under a tunnel and grind their already-dead bodies against the ceiling… Blood everywhere!

  • Zombiehater

    Why is everyone so obsessed with zombies? In my opinion they ruin perfectly good games. Adding zombies to the franchise would be very illogical especially since the game is trying to be REALISTIC. For example saints row the third was okay then they added zombies and fucked everything up, so no.

  • Mike

    Buy an actually zombie game, that has zombies in it such as Left For Dead, if you want a game with zombies in it. Don’t ruin GTA with that sort of rubbish. You clearly don’t understand GTA and what it’s about if you want zombies in it. They’d ruin it. I’d rather R* spend more time making a larger map then wasting time creating a zombie mode. I hope the DLC is like the DLC from GTA IV and adds something to the story of the game as well as more stuff to go on rampages with.

  • Kjbrunzo

    They should just have the zombie mode activated by a “cheat”, you know kind of like the San Andreas chaos cheat, that way you don’t have to play it if you don’t want to. Whatever happened to rockstar putting fun cheats in a game. Like they did in III, Vice City and San Andreas? That makes the game even better when you finish the story….

  • Wumbo

    Just don’t do it like THQ did with Saints Row 3. I hate zombie island, but they should make a DLC like what RDR did.

  • Hsdbfhsgufu

    If GTA V has zombies “like it or not” I’m not buying, get stuffed thanks I’ll buy something else. You’ve lost a sale.
    By the way I have absolutely no intention of seeing zombies in GTA V. Don’t worry it just won’t happen.

    • Smorticus22

      If it is… it will either be DLC  or optional. most likely an online lobby.

    • guest123

       Ok you’ll be the three people who won’t buy the game. Oversensitive game lover.

    • gobi

      It’s ok i understand some people are so scared of zombies they refuse to buy games that include them. AT ALL COST. Especially the ones where its your option to play them or pay for a DLC. As for me…. Well if we see zombies in GTA V i’ll be doing a little bit of Hobo-zombie batting practice and some super-turismo zombie body surfing. As for you over sensitive gamer i feel bad because the 99% of us are going to be enjoying the well anticipated game of the year. Zombies or not.

  • Tom

    that mod cannot be available for consoles and ps3 can’t handle that kinda graphics

  • Mozo30

    Zombies will ruin GTA V. No need to take ideas from a crap game like COD.

    • Arturas3201

      :DD crap game like cod? 

      Get a life man 😉 
      You dnt have to play GTA V with zombies if you dnt want to, so it will only ruin your joy if you will play it. And If you do so the game won’t be ruined 🙂 

  • MXB

    i think zombies in gta is quite possibly the greatest idea ever however i think it needs to be more focused. I think an entire city is just too much it should be a smaller area say just a mall. It should also have hundred of zombies on screen at once and you should be able to pick up pretty much anything in the mall and fight zombies with it. Im thinking it probably needs a new name im thinking dead rising

    • AAA

      Buy dead rising 2, problem solved.

      • dey dook are jwebs

        I always wanted a zombie mode for gta 4 but now I’ve JUST found out there is one but for the pc only :/ I was happy to see one in saints row 3 and it kept me playing that game longer than I ever would without it, saints row 3 was clearly rushed or they just didn’t have a big budget for it as it well glitchy and buggy, if gta 5 feature a single player or multiplayer zombie mode I really don’t think ill ever stop playing that game, gta 4’s been out for like 4 years and Im still not bored of that game

        • SMORTICUS22


        • Slugga

          And with that, the PC lifestyle had finally achieved victory.

        • Sluggacus22

          And just like that, 2 dudes declared losers.

  • Cod

    i wish cod was like gta an open world

    • Fred Flintstone

       “cod” SUCKS

      • Cod

         yeah cause they dont bout making it better only money

        they are lazy make cod like gta

        • Cod

             yeah cause they dont care bout making it better only money

          they are lazy make cod like gta

    • Rudolph813

      You should just play battlefield graphics suck on ps3, but the maps are huge and you can enter and destroy most buildings. I alternate between mw3, bf3, and another game called gotham city imposters( it’s kinda of a cornier version of mw3 on playstation store).

      • Rude

         stupid xbox fan battlefield graphics on xbox too ps3 n xbox have the same graphics dumb

  • D Podmore

    Rockstar need to hurry up and release some new info.
    I think the zombie idea is awesome and couldn’t think of two better things to combine.
    However if they don’t release info soon people are going to carry on making up rumours and their own ideas of what is going to be in the game and it will be a slight disappointment when some of the good ideas that we have herd about or would like to see in the game are not.

    • Ju

       rushing some game is bad luck

      • Red Spughett

        Releasing info isn’t rushing the game’s actual development

        • Redgay

           it is still rushing dumbfag

        • Red Spughett

           You got a point. I can wait

  • Lord_Santa

    Daniel Chubb, brother of Peter Chubb. Did both of you conspire to lure unsuspecting GTA fans to your websites by publishing the “news” articles relating to GTA V? If so,then you should both be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Jessie

    A lot of people writing on this thread, seriously need to not buy any GTA titles and go back to school. What language are you typing? Get educated in English and then your comments may be taken seriously, at the moment you type like how niggers speak… Poorly.

    • Gay

      who is he talking to? rumors/CV/ fake rockstar north employee?

      • Tired

         Yeah tired of guys making up predictions

    • Gay111

       who is he talking to? rumors/CV/ fake rockstar north employee?

    • mrx

      Mate….. Who cares?????? If u don’t like it than be an English teacher and save the world. Who has the time to re-read on a comment page?? You need to wright stuff related to GTA 5 NOT lecturing people on how to speak/spell. Get a life find a hobby….

      • Hkhj

         yeah thats for the ones, which are rumors and jessie as well

  • Hallo

    wtf ps3 and xbox

    rockstar did not confirmed anything bout current consoles stop predicting

    its kind of odd? why rockstar didnt confirmed what consoles coming cuss they always do since gta 4

    • MRX

       They haven’t started making the next gen consoles….. how could a game maker, make a game for hardware not yet developed???????????

      • Dumby

        MRX.. watch your Grammar. He doesn’t get it or the people don’t get it. Wow Rockstar North can upgrade the Gta 5 graphics like Halo 1 and 2.

        People don’t believe/think anything until they confirm it.

        • Likeme

           cool story

        • mrx

           ur a tool f***k my grammar

        • Mrx

          my grammar is gay and I have no life

        • mrx

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      • Likeme

         mrx.. watch your Grammar. He doesn’t get it or the people don’t get it. Wow Rockstar North can upgrade the Gta 5 graphics like Halo 1 and 2.

        People don’t believe/think anything until they confirm it.

      • Companies get given a PC with the same specs the console will have. Just because a console hasn’t been made yet doesn’t mean companies don’t know what the hardware will be.

    • Sdsss

      true but we just dont know. people are so stupid for thinkin gta 5 was coming out may 24 or trailer 2 on may 24 and thinkin it will come out dis year but we just dont know yet

      tbh rockstar never give hints but they just want to surprise us and giving the count down time

  • Hugoharmony

    I wouldn’t pay for zombies. I mean I liked it on COD but GTA is a different type of game. I play GTA for the history, the story and the awesome activities. I loved the GTA IV DLCs because of the overlapping plot to the story. I’m not a baby and don’t need to shoot silly zombies to have fun. Undead Nightmares to me was awful to play as the games narrative suffered greatly trying to maximise on the zombies surge. One thing Rockstar are great at are it’s gaming stories, this zombie mode as a DLC to me would only hinder the feelings of the gta brand. You were let off with Red Dead Undead Nightmares, but on my beloved GTA, I would consider you a sell out.

  • stupid , why would u want zombies , jsut get red dead or what ever

    • Thankgoditstuesday

      So you can play who can hit the most zombies with your car! Duhh

    • Tohm Seizmoar

      If they go full out, they could have it set up with dozens of walkers shambling the streets of the outskirts towns, and large hordes in Los Santos for sure, with rare working vehicles that you have to sneak out for and get, while other NPCs or online player bandits try to kill/steal what goods you’ve acquired. In GTA V’s tech (RAGE and Euphoria) + the gameplay mechanics (I assume) are a perfect platform for a zombie survival simulation. Zombies would look perfect, perhaps better than Red Dead (Undead Nightmare)’s or Left 4 Dead. But look at the popularity of DayZ, and Arma 2 is arguably not that user friendly or mainstream of a game.

  • the masked middle finger

    No. No. No.

    Zombies are just…ugh. So boring. Almost everything throws zombies in there, and there’s too many zombie games. They’re just, done.

  • Dudenicefunhole

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    • Monarchco

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  • Funholez2

    If a zombie tried to bite me id fukin fuk it, right the funhole!

  • Funholezornot

    Can you also be allowed to play with the zombies funholes?

  • Toddfuqnrules

    I eat rocks

  • Shunth0le83

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  • dan why

    Can you guys seriously hop off R* jock and stop using GTAV in every singly article?

    • TonyG

      If they did not write this then I would miss my weekly read of something interesting surround GTA. While I want real news it is stuff like this that keeps me going, not to mention this is a great idea for GTA 5. So please don’t bother commenting unless you have something good to say, and on the note of zombies BRING IT please Rockstar as I would gladly pay for it.

    • Monarchco

      Just because you dont like rockstar, because GTA5 is going to bring COD profits to a hault when they launch near each other, doesnt mean that blogs arent going to stop writing about the best thing to come(and yes, most people agree with me, seeing as GTA4 has sold more than any other game to date, including ANY COD game)

      • Edmch3

        That’s not true although gta 4 did make a lot of money the last two cod games made over 1 billion dollars each. Figures other game makers can only dream of

      • dan why

        No ones arguing with you GTAV will probably be the best game ever crafted in all of time but these asshats annoy me with the useless garbage articles some of them even saying stuff like GTAV won’t be all that great 

      • Ill2down

        COD is nothing to GTA, period

  • Ricky

    Loving that video and as an Xbox 360 user that played GTA IV loads, this zombie mod should have been released as DLC for console gamers to enjoy and it’s good enough for parting with cash. I hope Rockstar do something like this with GTA 5, especially after seeing the success with RDR.

    • Monarchco

      errrm.. you do realise DLC’s arent mods? and you do realise mod creators own full rights to their mod(i.e. scripting, textures, meshes, etc), and that 99% of companies dont hire modders to do DLC’s.

      Anyways, this is but a small mod, the better off DLC, which has taken alot more of the mod community thus far, is LCPDFR, im sure youve heard of it, if not, go look it up on youtube or something.