Google Nexus 7 price may make iPad inadequate

By Alan Ng - Jul 5, 2012

Now that the dust has settled on Google’s monumental Nexus 7 tablet announcement, how do you feel about the device as a viable contender to the likes of the 3rd generation Apple iPad and the Amazon Kindle Fire which also sells for that crucial $199 price point?

It’s fair to say that the $199 price for the Nexus 7 is what is getting everyone talking at the moment. For the features and hardware that the device possesses, we could have easily seen a price on par with the $499 iPad. Instead though, Google has delivered on previous rumors suggesting that the Nexus 7 would target the Kindle Fire’s $199 price and from our point of view, the ball is really in Amazon and Apple’s court on how they go about countering this new threat.

For $199, Google is offering a quad-core Tegra 3 processor, the latest version of Android (4.1 Jelly Bean), a 7-inch LED backlit display screen and NFC capabilities. Buyers will also get a Chrome browser built-in to the device, while a 4325 mAh battery and a front-facing 1.2MP camera round out the features in making the Nexus 7 much more than just an enhanced version of the Kindle Fire.

While the new iPad still lacks that highly sought after quad-core A6 processor, it still trumps the Nexus 7 in the vast catalogs of music and video content that Google is still clearly trying to match. Google may have stolen the limelight for now with that very tempting price point compared to the iPhone, but Apple may come back fighting if they do show up with the rumored ‘mini iPad’ that may be no bigger than 8-inches in size.

If you are thinking of picking up a tablet this Summer, do you now see the new iPad as inadequate at $499, when Google is offering an arguably better package at just $199? Let us know your thoughts on the current tablet wars now that Google has entered the scene with the Nexus 7.

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  • Ordered mine last week. I went with the 8GB version since I didn’t see a reason to get the 16GB. Sounds like your pictures, videos and files will be hosted on the cloud and since I always have my MacBook with me, it didn’t make sense to spend more.. Exciting! I think the Google Now feature is the answer I was waiting for truly smart devices. I saw some videos/reviews on Youtube!

  • Kingojoe2000

    +233 246153838 OR

  • Frank Hsu

    Bought 2 16Gs. It is really a no brained buy. I have been using the Playbook for over 6 months and really like the former factor except for its buggy software and lack of apps. Looking forward to use the first jelly bean tablet.

  • Kyle Ritchie50

    The wife and I just ordered two. I came across it the day after if was on the play store, and told my wife about it. She ordered them within 5 minutes of me showing it to her. 

    Expandable memory is the only hitch I see in it, and even thats not that big of a hitch in my opinion. I can always watch my tv or stream music over the internet or on my phone like I have been doing.

    The lack of a rear camera isn’t a deterrent either as I have enough cameras laying around, not to mention the camera on my phone. So all in all, this tablet was a no brainer. Great price, amazing specs, and highly mobile.  

  • Guest

    Pre- ordered the Nexus yesterday. The price point, specs and size are what won me over. The iPad has always seemed too heavy for what it is. It feels like a brick! There are comments about content and storage are valid, but I already have my own content in the form of Spotify, Netflix, Comixology, etc. but then, I *believe* in the cloud!

    Apple are bringing out their own 7-incher in the 4th quarter, i think that speaks volumes about where they see the market going. SJ must be turning in his grave.

  • Matt

    I decided to bite the bullet and buy a tablet, I had the iPad in mind but after a little reading on Amazon’s discussions page someone mentioned the Nexus 7 so I did my homework and was sold, I’ve pre ordered the 16gb version so Google stole me from Apple’s grasp there.

  • Jay

    Oh yes, $200 will make this my first tablet. No rear facing camera though? That really sucks.