Are Square-Enix tricking us with Final Fantasy 7 PC?

By Alan Ng - Jul 5, 2012

We told you last month that a new PC version of PlayStation classic Final Fantasy 7 was on the way, and now Square-Enix has officially confirmed the game. A website is now live teasing the game in action with a preview trailer and a promise that the game will be available to download ‘soon’.

If you have already played the game though, there may not be much to get excited about. On first glance, it doesn’t appear to be any sort of remake or HD remaster. In the trailer shown, Square-Enix has sneakily avoided using any actual gameplay from the 1997 classic.

Instead all we see is some of the iconic cutscenes that are featured in the game, you know, scenes which actually show Cloud and Aeris with mouths. As previously leaked, the game will however bring some new features to the game, such as cloud saves, achievements and something known as the character booster.

We’re not sure why some players will want this, but you’ll be able to use the character booster to max out your HP, MP and gil with the press of a button. Surely that removes all of the challenge away from the game? There’s no indication from Square on whether this will be a free feature to the PC version, or if it is going to be a paid extra.

On the website, we have noticed something of interest though – a series of screenshots. These screenshots show HD scenes from the game, but you may spot that some of the images used are not even featured in the game as a cutscene. For example, we see Barret and his daughter in the flower church – we don’t remember that being in the game? We also see a lovely picture of Cid sitting on top of the Tiny Bronco overlooking Rocket Town, but that screenshot implies that the game has been given a HD upscale?

Are Square-Enix just misleading us to think that the game has been improved graphically, when actually the game has been completely untouched from the original? – Hence the reason why we didn’t see any actual gameplay in the teaser trailer. It almost reminds us when Square-Enix tried to pass off screenshots of Final Fantasy XIII on the Xbox 360, when actually SE got caught out photoshopping the images by just sticking Xbox 360 buttons on the PS3 images.

The company has promised to give out some more details on the game within 24 hours, so hopefully they will clear up the matter on if the game has been given a graphical boost or not.

Check out the trailer below and screenshots on the official website and let us know your thoughts on them. Do you agree that the screenshots are a bit misleading if the game hasn’t been remastered?

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  • Ianmann2

    While the screens do look like they’ve received a HD makeover, I honestly think it’s only because of the new site. Just to keep it all looking fresh, thats all.

  • DokiMcD

    Aargh if they are remaking FFX with the FFXIII engine why can’t they use it to make an HD version of VII?

    If this comes out as some crappy non event (i.e releasing FFVII basically as the SAME GAME) then I will hate them as a company even more.

  • Are they gonna use the PSone SPU sound font cause the original PC version used a really nasty Sound BLaster 16 sound font. Todays PC’s can emulate the Sony SPU in their sleep as well the Original PC version has trouble running on Windows Vista and 7 and 8  cause of low resolution (640P) while this version is for Vista,  7 and 8 and should support 720P and up

  • true on the original pc release some of those pics could be seen while installing the game…. that said with this move of releasing the game again with  change in gfx except for those ‘achievements and Cloud saves’ they will pis$ off a lot off fans and i will be one of them. i dont know who else agrees with me on this but i dont want cheap extras ect i just want to exprience this awsum title in a new gfx system

  • Cloudjackson

    Hello there, just wanted to add that those screens have been available since the game was released on the PlayStation. They are the pretty scenes you get when the game wants you to change the game disk.

    • Agreed.  Many of those screens actually were used as artwork in the original manual, press releases, and even as art displayed on the change CD screens.  There’s no indication that the game may have received an HD makeover.

  • Kyle

    Nope, unfortunately it would seem as though they have just added a few extra bells and whistles in the way of ‘achievements and Cloud saves’ all the images on the site I have seen elsewhere on the internet for years now, nothing remastered here, and like Nick said, is would be a HUGE selling point considering the amount of people craving a remastered remake!

  • Seems like if it was going to be completely remastered they would be pushing that hard since it would be a HUGE selling point.