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PS3 exclusivity pain with Resident Evil 6 demo

If you have an Xbox 360 and a copy of Dragon’s Dogma, now is the time to celebrate. You may have forgotten this, but your copy of Dragon’s Dogma also includes an exclusive entry into the Resident Evil 6 demo. That demo is now live as we speak, but unfortunately – PS3 players have months to wait until their first taste of the game.

There is a lot of pressure on Capcom’s shoulders to deliver with their latest Resident Evil game after RE5, but after seeing early glimpses of the game at E3 and other events – we’re considerably impressed with the way the game is shaping up. Resident Evil 6 is actually pretty unique as it gives you the opportunity to play three separate campaigns from the very offset, using three different characters.

Each character is different and offers a completely different style of gameplay and it is a great idea that Capcom has implemented to give the game a new lease of life and add that element of variation that the series badly needed after Resident Evil 5.

The demo gives you your first taster of this, as Xbox 360 players will be able to choose from either Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield or Jake Muller. Each player has a respective parter to join the adventure and in Leon’s case, we see a stunning cutscene featuring his partner Helena Harper right at the start of the demo when Leon has no choice but to take out the president who has now become a zombie.

For a demo, you have to say that the content that Capcom has put on the table four months before release is very generous indeed. We wouldn’t have complained if Capcom chose to just give us one of the three campaign teases, but to include all three is very nice of the developer.

Unfortunately though, it is a shame that the game has once again become subject to exclusivity agreements. Microsoft has partnered with Capcom to ensure that DLC arrives first on the Xbox 360 and it is a big blow for PS3 users who still have to wait until September to get their hands on this same demo.

We’re guessing that the fact that the very first Resident Evil game arrived on the PlayStation 1 before any other platform in 1996 counts for nothing now and the real deal breaker for many developers now is how much money they can manage to get from either Sony or Microsoft.

It sounds harsh, but that really is the reality right now. Another classic example is Activision putting the Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD remake on Xbox 360 first, when the series basically made its name on the PS1. It shouldn’t be a surprise though any more, especially with Resident Evil 6 since this exclusivity deal was announced a while back.

For now though, the demo remains exclusive on the Xbox 360. Have you played it? What are your thoughts of the new look game? We think it is looking rather impressive – would you agree?



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