Getting PS1 Classics right with PS Vita 1.80 update

By Alan Ng - Jul 4, 2012

We finally have some good news for those of you who currently disappointed with Sony’s stance on PS1 classics support for the PS Vita. News out of Japan is suggesting that this feature is finally on the way and will happen when Sony updates the system with a firmware update to version 1.80.

As most of you are well aware, this feature has been long overdue and just like Remote Play support – it remains a key point of disappointment on two areas that Sony have failed to deliver on, despite promising both prior to launch last year.

Better late than never we say though. The system has just got a very decent YouTube application that supplies Vita users with videos in glorious HD and now the Vita will be even more powerful when it can call upon the entire back catalogue of PS1 gems to kill a few hours.

Thanks to some brief details at E3, we know that Final Fantasy VII and Tomb Raider are going to be amongst the first batch of PS1 games that will be available once the feature is live. However, specific details are still unknown at this point, ie a specific date for when PS1 Classics will be available and also the crucial info on whether gamers will need to repurchase PS1 games from the store in order to make them playable on Vita.

Hopefully that won’t be the case though and it will just be an easy task of heading to your download section on the PS Store and re-downloading them direct onto the PS Vita. We also hope that this is the entire PS1 collection we’re talking about and not just a ‘selection of the best’. It would be nice to find that obscure PS1 game that you always loved and find out that you can revisit the title using the boosted visuals when playing on the Vita.

It’s a step in the right direction for sure though Sony, keep it up. Do you have a healthy selection of PS1 classics that you’ve already paid for? Let us know what games you are waiting to put on the Vita. Let’s not talk about Remote Play for now.

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  • chris

    id love to see spyro 1,2,3, crash,1,2,3, resident evil 1,2,3, tomb raider 1,2,3, and last revelation, medievil 1, jet moto 2, fighting force 1, rayman 2, legend of dragoon, oddworld abe’s oddysee, metal gear solid, grandia, parasite eve 1, breath of fire 4, cool boarders 2, legacy of kain: soul reaver, dino crisis 1,2, megaman legends 2. Thank You.

  • Bradsim2147

    i wanna see tekken 3 on the vita

  • guest

    also megaman x4, x5 & x6

  • arikado7

    resident evil 1-3, final fantasy 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9, parasite eve 1-2, castlevania chronicles

  • Tyler

    Yeah, just look at the minis games, thanks to PS+, I have TONS of minis games, and the ones available for Vita as well were all ready to be downloaded. It’s a nice feature, because the PS Store on the PS3 is a little faster when adding money to the wallet, so you can do all the purchases on the PS3, then download on the Vita. But all bought PS1 games will be paid for on the Vita already. Also, to noober suckston, PS Eye was out before the Wii, and PSOne Classics and Virtual Console were released in the same month.

  • Peronwalley

    yea man i cant wait to play final fantasy 7….. 

  • noober suckston

    Nintendo is the big idea makers and Sony and Microsoft are the idea copiers. Nintendo sparked up the idea of moving in video games aka Wii. Sony and Microsoft copy by making Move and Kinect. Now Nintendo has Virtual Console on Wii and 3D Classics on 3DS and then Sony brings up PS1 Classics which probably bounds Microsoft to do that kind of thing too. *facepalm* Why can’t companies be more original? No offense Vita owners, just pointing out what your Sony does.

    • wilDwillEeeeee

      lol Actually, Sony had the EyeToy for the PS2 back in 2002, so no, Nintendo didn’t “spark up” the idea.

    • Colbycheese3

      and the classics idea has been on ps3 for years. I think someone didn’t do their homework 🙂

    • Yalawnmower

       wtf man? you are so full of crap, these two guys just proved it sony has always been better then nintendo and always will be. just suck it up and stop bullshitting!

  • I have quite a healthy back catalogue of PSone games so hope they get them all working, I still love original destruction derby, although I wish they’d add battle arena toshinden. Even better would be PS2 support. I can live in hope…

  • Brad

    YES i have been waiting for this ever since before i even got a ps vita! Medievil, Abe’s Odyssey, spyro 1,2 and 3, crash 1, 2 and 3, crash bash and crash team racing. there are so many great ps1 titles out there! cant wait 😀  

  • i_aint_got_1

    Great news! Hurry and bring it so I can play Silent Hill, Resident Evil 1-3, and Metal Gear Solid. I love these games! Oh and hoping that it will support all PSOne games.

  • Chaz

    Of course you wouldn’t need to re buy them. They are like any other PSN download. Why do people keep asking this?

    •  there are a few anomalies, like buying films on psn in SD works on both, but if you buy in HD it only works for say the PS3 and you cant put it on your vita yet, unless you buy the SD/HD combo, but downloading both is a pain.

    • guest

       because sony always says one thing and does the opposite (sigh)