Evidence of Black Ops 2 zombies story mode

By Alan Ng - Jul 3, 2012

Black Ops 2 is set to be released on November 13, but we still haven’t had any hints of gameplay for the two main multiplayer modes. It’s already been confirmed that a new zombie mode is going to be coming and we may have an indication of what the main menu screen will look like.

The only official screenshot for zombies mode can be seen here, but apart from that Treyarch hasn’t even given a sniff of what’s in store to come. We know that Black Ops 2 is due for another reveal during GamesCom week, but that may not even turn out to be zombie related, but rather multiplayer only.

So with that in mind, cast your eyes on this mystery screenshot that has turned up over at the Se7enSins Forums. It appears to be the menu screen for the new zombies mode and if real it confirms a massive new mode – a zombies story mode. The sub heading there ‘you will understand everything’ implies that players will be able to go right to the beginning of the zombie storyline featuring the famous four characters and Sam.

It will also serve as an excellent introduction to the main Black Ops 2 zombie mode, where everything is now set in the future and we’re guessing the main character will be Sam as seen in the promotional image that Treyarch released not too long ago. Obviously there is no guarantee that this screenshot is authentic, but it certainly looks real and a story mode would be very logical in the context of the whole zombies storyline.

If Treyarch are really planning a storyline for zombies, who are you going to be playing as? Will it be a series of co-op missions with support for four players, ie – Takeo, Richtofen, Dempsey and Nikolai? It sounds like a really ambitious thing to do, but it also sounds very exciting at the same time. It also seems to be perfect shake-up that zombie mode needs for the new game, so we definitely hope this screenshot turns out to be legit.

Take a look at the screenshot through the link and let us know your thoughts on it. Do you like the idea of a co-op story mode to explain the whole story mode, before heading into the main zombie survival mode?

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  • Mr. Holiday

    They wouldn’t call the original zombies mode survival, because mw3’s horde mode is named survival

  • Nimrod

    Fake and it cam out a LONG time ago /:    On the bright side NUKETOWN 2025!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • matttheman

    shut up bashers

  • Xstatuexleftx

    This “menu” leaked in like april….and was quickly denounced as fake, people cant honestly take this as “news” 2 months later?

  • Tyrone

    there right go on google images and compare it to the black ops 2 logo the K is incorrect theres only part of a K in the real logo

  • Ahaevil

    There is no ‘k’ in the TREYARCH logo. . . what the hell are you talking about?

    • Kingbob

      Im talking about the black ops 2 logo, not the trearcn logo. As i said befote, in this screenshot it is not completely visible. Prehaps if you had actualy read my comment, you would have understood. But no hard feelings.

  • Kingbob

    Wait , im sorry its not visible in this screenshot. If you can find the original, the logo is completely visible, and you can see the k.

  • Kingbob

    Its fake. Look at the k in the logo on the bottom right. Compare that to the official logo. Trearch has already confirmed a story/campaign mode, but this menu is faked. A good fake, but a fake.