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Wii U not tempted by online subscriptions

We have some excellent news for those of you planning to pick up a Nintendo Wii U later this year. Although Sony and Microsoft seem to be slugging it out over exclusivity and subscription factors at the moment, it looks like Nintendo has opted against making their upcoming console the subject of paid subscriptions for online play.

After the company announced paid DLC plans for the likes of New Super Mario Bros 2 on the 3DS, a first for the company, many had feared that they may be tempted to extend these plans to their upcoming Wii U console. However, during a recent shareholders meeting, president Satoru Iwata has given some interesting comments that should make a lot of you happy.

In his opinion, be believes that making Wii U users pay to connect to the Nintendo Network ‘isn’t the best approach’. He actually thinks that software and hardware sales will be more successful by keeping it a free service, which is obviously great news for those of you fearing extra costs.

Since the Wii remains free at the moment, it would have been a bold step for Nintendo anyway, to change everything into a premium subscription for their next console. It works for Microsoft and Xbox Live obviously, but Nintendo feels like it isn’t the right move for them so they’re sticking to what they know best.

It will be interesting to see how that Gold Rush DLC mode works out for Nintendo. If it is really successful, don’t be surprised if it opens the floodgates for countless other DLC platforms on first party 3DS and Wii U based games. For now though, online is going to be free on the Wii U and long may this continue when Sony and Microsoft unleash the PS4 and Xbox 720.



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