Solid GTA V signals towards release

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 2, 2012

When Grand Theft Auto V finally gets a release date there will be a massive number of gamers saying goodbye to their social life, and looking at some recent news it looks like that time is almost here. Throughout the year we have heard little from Rockstar and most articles have been trying to piece together the facts, but in the last week alone we had our strongest signals that Rockstar are about to give us some solid GTA V news at last.

Last week we saw a video tease for Gamescom that included a couple of seconds from the first GTA V trailer, which you can see here if you missed it, and as you can see from gamer comments most people loved this news thanks to it being something solid at last. While E3 didn’t bring anything related to Grand Theft Auto, it seems that Gamescom will be very different and should deliver trailer 2 if the above tease is anything to go by.

If the above news is not enough to show gamers they’ll be finally getting some solid details at Gamescom, then hearing official comments from someone at Rockstar support could offer another hint. Most of our readers that check for “GTA 5 news” everyday would already know about this, and if you haven’t then see the screenshot below. The person that contacted Rockstar about the GTA V release obviously didn’t speak English very well, but thanks to them we got some signals towards the plans being made and what state GTA V is at right now.

The most important clue we saw had been the comment on “solving issues“, which means if they are focused on this for the “upcoming game” then Rockstar should be in a testing stage. If they are focused on glitches that could “impede on your fun” then this news would mean a lot more is very likely to come at Gamescom. The timing is right if they are in testing and this clue only supports the tease in the Gamescom teaser video.

Hearing the development for Grand Theft Auto V takes “little over 4 years” is another signal, which most of us already understand as fans of GTA, but obviously the person that contacted support doesn’t understand that development would have started around 2008. This means Rockstar support are telling us GTA V should release a little longer than 4 years after development starts, so if this prediction is correct then we are looking at 2012, or early 2013.

With so much focus on Max Payne right now you should expect some solid news at Gamescom and an early release in 2013, and most gamers have already commented along the lines of “Let them take as long as it takes“, so most fans will be happy to wait until early next year. It’s also obvious that Rockstar don’t need to worry about creating hype, although it happens naturally by keeping silent anyway, and GTA 5 is almost certain to be one of the biggest games for years.

These two clues from the last week are as near to news you’ll get, and if you believe them then we pretty much know what Rockstar are planning to do in the coming months. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Dvida

    HMV UK site has a release date now of 01/01/2013 best way to start a new year i think

  • People are shits. 

  • if you both claim to read up on it every day… havent any of you heard of the screenshots taken, and visuals from the actual release date?

    GTA5 WILL release in october.. want to know why?

    Because on that social media site for corporate companies and employees(damn forgot the damn again), a rockstar employee posted up to his resume “Grand Theft Auto 5 – October 2012”, This add was quickly taken down, but not before screencaps were taken, and it was splattered on blogs 2-3 months ago.

  • Adamravat

    Can’t wait to start virtually murdering people again. 

  • Shirmown_Brother

    Last January Rockstar North in the UK (Where the GTA games are made at) advertised in news papers etc for people to become games testers for £14,000 a year and to test GTA V.  They warned applicants that games testing isnt all the fun people think its cracked up to be and that while testing GTA V they would have to spend hours and days playing the same tiny segments over and over and over again looking for any bugs.

    So GTA V has been being tested since January.

    Here look….

    By Martyn McLaughlin Published on Sunday 8 January 2012 00:00WITH youth unemployment reaching record highs, this could be the most eagerly applied-for job in recent historyThe Scottish firm behind one of the most successful video games series has come up with a teenager’s dream job by advertising for gamers to test its upcoming blockbuster release.To some, the work will be repetitive and the pay modest – around £14,000 a year. But then again, it is one of the few jobs which allow employees to freefall from a burning helicopter or wield a machine-gun while driving a sports car at death-defying speeds.The company seeking testers is Rockstar North, which wants to ensure its Grand Theft Auto V (GTAV) meets the high standards of its predecessors, which have sold around 125 million copies worldwide.After four years of development at its Edinburgh studios, the eagerly anticipated title is due to be released later this year, and the award-winning team behind the franchise is in the final stages of honing its vast, virtual universe.

    • Joseph Hill

      A very interesting read. 🙂

    • Joseph Hill

      A very interesting read. 🙂

    • cough* cough* May I bring your attention to exhibit:

       A) ok, so this might be the case…. OR, this may be testing plans for the games AGENT which has been confirmed multiple times is still in active developement even with its rare news. B) This is not quite how rockstar’s recruitment system for testers works. C) Do you honestly expect testing to only take a short time? certain FPS’s stay in testing for 10+ months, let alone free-roam/sandbox games. 

      D) Rockstar north is not the only one working on GTA5, despite popular contrary.

      E) the more common tester base would come from Rockstar international, as reason to test as language versions of the game.

  • Mor9heus

    My biggest wish is for this to be released natively on the PC FIRST.
    R* has already proven to be  less adept to doing it the other way around.

    I wait so I may play…………….

    • Gabriel Kip

      This, if this was true, my dreams would be fulfilled !

    • why, exactly would GTA5 be released on PC first?

      1) you either get the game launching a few weeks before real planned launch, and you get 0 day updates.

      2) the game launches at its original set date, and just pushes back the other dates, giving no benefit to profits or the company, especially if its looking to release before cod, and other close launches.

      3) no console owner(pc), as noone owns PC in general, will be paying for it to come out on PC first.

      4) I own consoles which I rarely use, and a full topped off gaming PC, so no, im not anti-pc or pro-console, more the other way around.

  • Too bad GTAV was not made using Unreal Engine 4 and it is not a Next Gen title on a Blue Ray Disc, because if it were, OM! but until then, I will wait and see. Rage engine is old now. But yes, even still, I believe GTAV will be the best game ever (so far) when we finally get to play it. Can’t wait for all the new Youtube videos!

    • Attapi0

       Unreal Engine 4 couldn’t handle a game such as Grand Theft Auto 5 you nitwit.

    • idiot.

      1) oh, so you *KNOW* that GTA5 will not be blue ray? first off, most ps3 games are blue ray, PC games dont have to be blue ray as most are downloads, and a CD now a days will probably just give you a stored download project key.

      2) The reason GTA5 may be holding back for several months, and probably till gamescom to announce anything, is because next gen consoles, may be announced there.

      3) the trailer is old, and produced probably before the game was in its locked test stage before final, i.e. engine not fully tuned, and just for scripting purposes.

      4) unreal engine is crap now a days, it is old, outdated, and designed to run low memory on poor systems. 

      5) ofc rage engine wont be used! who are you kidding? rockstar is NOT activision, i.e. they do NOT recycle engines and games.

      • sheesh

         R* is not going to develop their most anticipated title for a console that nobody yet owns. Even if next gen consoles were announced this year and released next year, it would be another 3 or more years before next gen console ownership was high enough to match the sales that could be expected by releasing on this generation’s consoles. And on the next gen console tip…….the current gen consoles are still selling at a good pace.

  • Astley

    You were all just trolled by Rockstar Technical Support.

  • Davros

    Far out – I can’t get over the way people can’t wait for GTA V to come out. “I want it NOW NOW NOW”.  People who get angry about it are obviously either spoilt little turds who usually get what they want when they want it; or are the type of person who doesn’t have a F*CKING CLUE about life.  Byy this I mean they don’t understand multiple things about the world: how business works and what it takes to make something of true quality.  Chill out, go play something else, or betters still use this time to learn a musical instrument or something useful before GTA V saps all your time you impatient annoying weiners.

    • please take note, most of these people who want the game to be launched “now” are also the people who when BF3 released private rentable servers, they wanted everyone to have their own free server! 

      I mean, their logic is good right? they bought a 60$ game, so they should most definently get the power, the maintenance, along with the 10,000$ server.

      This is just an example to the average IQ of most gamers.

  • Anus poop



    Call of duty and assassins creed aren’t sandbox games

    • winter312

      assassins creed is sandbox, dumbfuck

      • Highman420

        no its not cocksucker

        • if you consider a large free roaming map with all manner of side quests and mucking around with out needing to do the story line then YES it is a sandbox game

        • Pat

          lol Dix

  • J3r3mysk8

    If a game takes 4 years then how does Call Of Duty and Assassins Creed release games EVERY year..?

    • They probably don’t take 4 years, but if the development times overlapped then as long as they started them a year apart they can release them a year apart. Logic?

      • logic…. logic…. your logic is blurred you fool. 

        1) yes it does infact take 4 years for a decent game that actually enhances textures and game engine, maps, storyline, etc.

        2) even if they overlap the games, than that means less people working on each one at a time(you either work on 1 at a time with 50 people, or you work on 2 at a time, each with 25 people – just an example.)

    • godmichet

      It’s simple, really. GTA is a game of quality so that’s why it takes that long to make. In Call of Duty it’s always the same story (We’ve got to kill makarov omg)

    •  Assassin’s Creed III tooks 3 years dumbass motherfucker!!!

      • UnknownUser28

        no need to be like that,

    • Billy Elliot

      Call of duty is hardly a game :]

      • loansta

        Yeah, it’s not a game….it’s an ADDICTION!!!!!!!!

        • ummm… no its not, when your to the point of going 30/0 in TDM, than it gets boring, you start yawning, and than you move onto RTS games, and games that update their engine more than once every 5 years.

    • skeighta4life_360flipping

      because infinity ward and activision don’t change the mechanics of the game… the view and way your character moves still reminds me of ps1 and computer call of duty way back in the early 2000’s. all they done is script story, and level design on the same pre canned animations. leaving gamers with a “new” but similar feeling game, they don’t haveta “suck” at right away, because, its just really the same as the old one.

      • Deathion

         the original call of duty was only on PC until it was recently ported to ps3 and Xbox 360

        • skeighta4life_360flipping

          ur right… getting visual memories of medal of honor ps1 games there. i was playing both at the time.

    • Deathion

       call of duty come out every year because there are 2 different developers:
      -black ops 2     = treyach
      -mw3               = infinity ward
      -black ops        = treyach
      -mw2               = infinity ward
      -world at war     = treyach
      -modern warfare= infinity ward
      -cod 3              = treyach
      -cod 2              = infinity ward
      -cod                 = infinity ward

      so that make actual development period time 2 years

      • May I make note to you that the firms assist each other with production, so no, its not a 2 year launch, they just wanted 2 specialties.

        The real way that it happens is that activision is concerned about the environment, so they produce the same game, with the same engine, and the same guns, oh, and now even the same maps, again and again every year to boost profits, and reduce costs.

  • Plus, be patient!!!! These guys are stuffing virtual world’s on to discs so we can pretend to be people we aren’t, lol. Let them do their job & bring the best product available.

  • Then again when you think about it, he contacted “support”, a totally different job than one of the developers or boardroom members. Of course he’d say that, he’s being trained/payed to. For all we know we could be right around the corner from a release. #NeverKnow

    • Richycity

      Don’t get their hopes up…

    • good thing is, its not unheard of companies to release games at gamescom or E3, even without mor than a single trailer from several months ago.

  • Jared rizardo

    I would say and October 23rd release or sometime in early 2013 like February. I am actually so keen for it to be released. Stop the codjobs get gtajobs haha 😉

  • flunk turd

    wow i actually never saw that picture and yes i do search gta v news everyday…

  • Rockstar North

    cant wait for gta v

  • Rockstar North

    Iv been saying october 23rd for the last year i know my stuff too, u should listen hahaha

  • Carr

    they wont give a trailer 2 but they will answer gta 5 question but talk bout consoles, and release date and how big and stuff.

    no trailer 2 maybe agent new trailer

    • i work at rockstar

       true rockstar never shown trailers at conferences only their website.

      they did announced gta 4 at e3 but no trailer was shown. pass it on people

  • Codmaster1271

    i also called gamestop asking a stupid question “is gta v out yett” they said no but it should be out this year and they also said it could be a dlc … so mabe the rockstar pass which is 29.99 could mean that gta v is a dlc because it said it gives all dlc content 50%off and 50%=1 half… and half of a brand new games price is .. 30.00..

    • JALAPENOfire

      The Rockstar pass gives you all of the Max Payne 3 maps, not half of GTA 5. Jeez how stupid can you get?

      • lol… he thinks GTA5 is a DLC…. hahahaha, I ran into a question somewhere the other day, with a guy who put in a game CD into his computer, and moved the files from the CD to the computer(did not use installer, simply copy/paste), and now wants to know how to play the game…

        This guy reminds me of that question….

    • Anuzi4u

      50% off is in ref to price of dlc as purchased separate with out the pass, which would mean all the dlc for max payne with out pass would be roughly $60 alltogether

  • Codmaster1271

    the gta v trailer was also part of the opening of e3 but we didnt see it also so we might not see it..

    • no, it was not in the opening to E3, it is in the opening to gamecom trailer.

  • Codmaster1271

    notice how they said ” a few months could also mean 8 months”… and that proves itl be in October like all the rumors because 8 months from Febuary is October 🙂

    • Kammzie

      Yeah kind of gives it away

      • LynchMaleIdeal

        I think they were just trying to prove a point – I don’t think they sublty hinting at an October release.

    • quazymodo

      it could also mean july seeing as the trailor was released in november, maybe we get some new info this month 🙂

    • JALAPENOfire

      For somebody who probably searches GTA V every day (as I do) you should really know your rumours a bit better. They did not say “the game will be released in a few months”. It wasn’t a rumour, they said in a press release “a few months” until new information comes out. So that would mean new info could be released any time up until October. Given previous rockstar games this would mean a release date of something like 6 months later than them giving detailed info. GTA 4’s first trailer came out 18 months before the games release. Red Dead Redemptions first trailer was THREE YEARS before the games release. And the game was announced even earlier. Everybody these days is too used to call of dutys style of announcing “Oh wow they showed a new call of duty trailer so we will get the game in 5 months!”. No. Just no. GTA games take so much more time. 
      Also two more points. 1. Why would Rockstar EVER in their lives bother to reply to some jackass who can’t spell to save his life, when they don’t even bother replying to international gaming news organisations. He is an obvious troll, playing you all for fools that believe rockstar would respond to an illiterate idiot over everyone else. Also, rockstar are a business, they don’t disclose any information, no matter how minor, to anybody but the media or business associates. People can be so gullible.
       Secondly, we are all nerds here searching the game daily, so why haven’t you all noticed this: In January or February, Rockstar posted a job advert for game testers for GTA V. The position was to last a year. This means the game will be tested FOR A YEAR not until October but until 2013. So we will not get a game until early next year. I’m amazed nobody has figured this out, because I see so many bullshit articles about OCTOBER RELEASE DATE FOR GTA V!!! Stop fuelling pointless hype, just wait until at least March 2013.

      • SHITonFIRE

        Also, L.A Noire’s Debut Trailer Was released FIVE YEARS before the games release….

      • coolstory

        I’m almost certain the 1st GTA IV trailer came out 13 months before the game’s release. March 29, 2007. And, of course, the game came out in April 2008. But that’s trivial anyway. I think it’ll definitely be released early 2013. Late 2012 at the most depending on what news we get in the upcoming weeks/months.

  • Kammzie


  • Lizzy

    this is nothing…. doesn’t give a hint at anything… stop writing stupidity and go kill yourself

    • Ricky

      There is a lot to take from the Gamescom teaser and what Rockstar support said, and you obviously show your age with “go kill yourself”. Enough said.

      • moejoe

        haha love it and strongly agree wiyh u Ricky haha

    • James_weir90

       lol funny girl