Relevance of Samsung Galaxy Nexus ban, S3 next

Samsung want to know more about the relevance of Apple’s Galaxy Nexus ban, and as expected they have appealed the decision by a US judge, which has not surprised fans considering this would cause a major problem for Samsung. Apple believes that the Galaxy Nexus is directly in conflict with patent 8,086,604, and as such is infringing on Apple’s patent that might relate to the iPhone 4S and Siri feature.

The actual patent covers a device that has a universal interface, which can retrieve information from a computer system, although this mainly covers filtering and search systems. You can see the full details for this patent via this article on The filing date listed is 2000 and the requested ban by Apple has only just been granted, now appealed, which is thanks to the harm Apple feel the Galaxy Nexus could do in the short term.

You can see an abstract for patent 8,086,604 below, so have a read a let us know what you think about this patent and if you think Apple were right to demand a ban of the Galaxy Nexus. It’s worth noting that if the ban isn’t lifted with Samsung’s appeal things could get a lot worse, and there might be a ban on 25 smartphones in the United States, which include the Galaxy S3.

Samsung are promoting the Galaxy Nexus as the first handset to run Android 4.1, aka Jelly Bean, so a ban in the US is the worse thing that could happen to Samsung. You can read more about the Samsung appeal in this article, which talks about 7 grounds of appeal.



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