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Capcom’s PS Vita mistake with Monster Hunter 4

It looks like the wait for a Monster Hunter game on the PS Vita is going to go on for quite some time. Nintendo has just put up a new trailer for Monster Hunter 4, confirming that the game is going to be exclusive on the Nintendo 3DS.

It goes without saying that this is obviously a major head-scratcher for those wondering what Capcom are up to and why they continue to be silent with regards to bringing their popular franchise to Sony’s new handheld. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd almost single handedly carried Japanese software and hardware PSP sales in Japan, but for some reason they are still not willing to extend the love to the PS Vita – six months on from the EU launch, or a staggering 9 months on from the Japan launch.

We take nothing away from Nintendo 3DS owners though as this is no doubt a huge coup if Monster Hunter 4 really is staying exclusive to the 3DS. It doesn’t make a lot of sense from Capcom’s point of view and we do wonder with all these under the table exclusivity agreements going on, if Nintendo has managed to prize Capcom away from Sony for exclusive rights on Monster Hunter.

For some bizarre reason, there isn’t even an English Monster Hunter game available in North America yet either. Right now, you can pick up an HD remaster of Monster Hunter Portable 3 on the PS3, but it is still the Japanese version and pretty much useless unless you have a good grasp of the language.

Saying that, only a Japanese version of Monster Hunter 4 has only been announced for the 3DS too, so perhaps we won’t even get an English version next year at the same time as when the Japanese version launches in Spring 2013. Are Capcom making a huge mistake in 1) not offering this game on PS Vita and 2) not putting the effort in to bring the franchise to EU and NA?

On a side note, those graphics featured in the trailer could do with a lot of improvement – let’s hope that it’s just an early build. If you have a PS Vita, let us know your opinions on the treatment you are receiving with regards to Monster Hunter.



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