Skyrim 1.6 patch for PS3 understandably late

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 1, 2012

Around 3 weeks have passed since we heard about the Skyrim 1.6 patch and still no sign of the PlayStation 3 update, which has caused some PS3 owners to feel they always get left in the dark. There are a number of reasons why some gamers desperately want Skyrim patch 1.6, and if not for the mounted combat and crossbow, it would obviously be for the bug fixes.

If you have seen the full patch notes for Xbox 360 and PC then you could also see a quest that has been fixed with this update, or even a bug you are experiencing right now when playing Skyrim. While we understand the frustration it is also easy to understand why Bethesda are making PS3 gamers wait, which is partly to do with the Dawnguard DLC not yet released on the PS3, although the PC has the 1.6 patch, and also to do with the cost of launching updates to games consoles. If Microsoft didn’t have a timed exclusive with the Skyrim Dawnguard DLC, then PS3 players would’ve had the new patch by now.

You will need patch 1.6 before being able to play the Skyrim DLC, so it is coming and considering you will need a patch for DLC trophies, we’d expect everything to be provided within one update later on this month. Bethesda would understandably rather launch one patch rather than two, so sadly this also means an extra wait for not only the first DLC but also the next patch. The release date has not been confirmed but you can expect the next PS3 patch from mid-July onwards.

The good news is some users are expecting a few issues with Skyrim patch 1.6, so PS3 owners might get a slightly enhanced version with more bug fixes, which is another reason not to think the current Xbox 360 patch notes will be the same for PS3 owners.

If you have Skyrim on the PS3, how do you feel about waiting longer for patch 1.6?

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  • microsuckhater

    I’ve known for years now how corrupt microsoft truly is, and its astounding. I’ve not purchased a microsoft product out-right since windows xp. I’ve been a loyal playstation fan since PS1 launch-day and always appreciative of the quality of sony’s products. Screw you Microsoft for punishing me for being a loyal customer to a more standup company. Atleast Sony didn’t invent spyware/adware, yeah, we all have Bill Gates to thank for that one, f-ing child molesting creeper, go to hel!

  • keller227

    this new update 1.06 messed my game up more witch i had no problems be for now all i have is lag and freezes u guys say your gonna fix it but u never did u maid it worst for ps3 im starting to think not to buy game for this company again.

  • y2j

    Well we Playstation users have something xbox nerds will never have the God of War series lol

  • Paradiseseeker

    I dont really care as long as I can get into Mzulft with my level 76 mage.  I have been discouraged ever since the first weekend it was out.  I have waited and have seen 5 updates and still cant get into Mzulft.

  • lukethenuke

    yeah, their WOULD be bugs when i hadmy hops up for the whole wait i had to go through

  • derek matthews

    I for one am very upset about this it’s not fair that xbox 360 players have dawnguard and probaly beat it already plus pc has the 1.7 updates so we ps3 users are left behind I hope dawnguard comes out today like it was speculated and not in september that is way too long

  • M’aiq the Liar

    Some say Bethesda will give Playstation players actual news. Some say M’aiq is a Liar. Don’t you believe either of these things.

  • Charles Buttner

    is anyone else getting the problem with daggers, maces, and axes making the sword unsheathing sound wen you draw it? 

  • david838

    i would not mind the wait if they would tell us any thing in stead of a blank stare when we ask why you screwing over ps3 users. we paid the same for skyrim as pc and xbox users.

  • Kilted_savage

    It’s a load of shite and we all know it. Bethesda does NOT care about the end user, especially those who use Sony. Elder Scrolls: Morrowind- Not available for the Playstation. Elder Scrolls: Oblivion- DLC not available for Playstation. Skyrim- Playstation users had to wait MONTHS to get the patch to fix the crap Bethesda put out and now this. It’s clear Bethesda is too big to care, much like their bed partners at Microsoft and while it’s not the end user’s fault, we have to take responsibility for putting up with it instead of boycotting, making calls to Beth. to complain on a daily basis and not contacting local consumer protection agencies after paying $60-$70 for a.product that didn’t work. Yeah, they suck, we suck and the game critics suck for prostrating themselves in reverent adoration for this “Game of the Year”, something Skyrim didn’t deserve with all of the issues it had. The auto industry doesn’t give Car of the Year to machines that can’t produce so why do it with a game. I may not agree with forget Skyrim but I’ll marry 10 of the hottest women on the planet all at once before I invest another dime on a Bethesda game.

    • David847

      I’d marry 10 of the hottest women on the planet all at once before doing nearly anything. I guess if things turned sour, I’d just divorce the ones I couldn’t tolerate. Unless you’re into dudes or something, this sounds like an inappropriate analogy

  • Guest

    Who really cares how long it takes for them to release the DLC? Bring it out next Christmas for all I care, ill buy it when it releases. Simple. Its not like Beth are the only dev in the world, and we all must wait impatiently for another patch/fix of DLC from them. Dont be slaves, buy another game and forget Skyrim! 

    • Aragoth

      ….FORGET Skyrim??…… Blasphemy!

  • King Hildebrandt of Lancria

    My problem isn’t exactly with the timed exclusive. This just means that while 360 users  get constant bugs we’ll probably get less. I don’t mind the fact that I have to wait for it. The thing that bothers me is that we as ps3 users don’t get any news and I know that many ps3 gamers feel the same (for example 3/4 of the comments here). But since I’m quite poor and Skyrim is the last game I bought because I’ve been a huge fan of TES series I haven’t got anything else to play besides free downloadable japanese dating sims (not that I don’t like them but they all are virtually the same) I’m a gamer and TES fan at heart and looked down disdainfully on diablo III saying i’d never buy it. But if Bethesda is going to keep us waiting in the dark chasms of Sovngarde, hell, I just might throw some more money on Blizzard’s giant mountain of gold….

  • Unka Phil

    Well what can you expect. Bethesda didn’t fix the Oblivion time limit on console platforms and the PC fix came from the community. Who knew anyone would want to play a single Oblivion game character for over 360 hours after all (less.on PC and Xbox.) As you play Fallout 3 you find loads of issues with strange storage list orders and as the game goes longer odd interactions with the world. With Fallout NV at least one quest is broken because you cannot get to an area and has never been fixed. And of course now with Skyrim you have a vanilla wrap game thats unplayable without all the patches — DO They HAVE Game Testers ??? or did the dollar sign outweigh the quality concerns? 
    They are using the Fallout 3 platform for Skyrim and you would think from all the feedback from the first game they could (should) have gotten this one right. Great game, lousy implementation. They should feel proud of the first and hang their heads in shame at the second.
    As a PS3 user I really don’t mind the wait. Let them sort out all the patch and DLC bugs first on someone else.

  • br0k3nh3@rt

    lame that they are witholding basic FIXES for the game – respawn timers, nirnroot glows, various ‘optimizations’

    Its total bull they haven’t released it and are completely silent. Who knows if they every will? You can’t get any information from them.

    They have abandoned the PS3 community at worst, and at best they are treating you like 2nd class citizens. This is ‘understandable’ ? Bull.

    If they don’t want to pay for extra patch releases, here is an idea – DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. There are still places you can barely walk through in the vanilla skyrim due to FPS drop outs.

    After releasing the game broken, which turns out they KNEW about, and then leaving all ps3 users in a cloud of ‘screw you’ until 4 months later they are now inexplicably dropping patch support for our platform.

    Not that their support was ever stellar before, since the community seems more competent to repair their product than the Bethesda development team themselves.

  • gamemaster432

    fellow ps3 useres add me (MwKcooldude)

  • guest

     Have to say feeling like ps3 user’s are not getting the loyalty we have shown Bethesda by purchasing their game. Standing in the freezing snow or waiting in the rain for release dates.  All we ask is we get our updates on time.  I understand that some releases get put out on consoles at different dates all I ask is to be told when I can expect to see it on mine.  Too much to ask? I think not.

  • gamemaster432

    i heard that its sceduled to come out some time this month 

    • Johnht5811

      There’s like 5 days left of the month they’re lying to you

  • Extech

    I’m starting to view Bethesda not as game developers, but world creators.  It seems like the quests and all are secondary whereas the world received the most attention.  There is no doubt the graphics are improved over Oblivion and Fallout.  But, the game content seems to be mostly fluff.  Their bread and butter is serving the modding community.  I wouldn’t doubt it if they have hired people that created the best mods.  All of their dungeons and what not seem to be examples of what you can do with the construction kit.  Otherwise, I think we’d be looking at towns that come to life as in Assassin’s Creed or Kingdoms of Amalur even.  People don’t seem to realize that they have been at this for 20 years now (The Elder Scrolls: Arena released in 1994.  I’m allowing two years for development).  For someone that has had access to the same game for 20 years, the graphics are pretty sub par.  Again, I point to the Assassin’s Creed franchise which is much younger.  That’s the difference in caring about more than just creating the world.  For those that were pretty excited about the dragons, you shouldn’t have been.  You’ve played long enough to know the animation is horrible.

  • Somawhirl

    I own both a PS3 and and an Xbox 360, and was pissed of when skyrim was released and I preordered for the PS3. The amount of unnecessary frustration that came with the game freezing up and crash got to be ridiculous, making what was a very enjoyable game nearly cost me $2000 when I almost chucked my controll at my flat screen due to frustration. ( I’m not a child and yes I am being sarcastic) I’d almost be willing to rent the game on gamefly and get the update for Xbox but I don’t want to deal with anymore bugs. Seriously can we just get what we paid for, and have it be a finished product without any issues. Bethesda is definitly losing stock with me and my future purchased.

  • Hstyle

    as we wait ill just run atound skyrim slaying dragons in the nude or stocking my cupboards with every book i can find in the game. then possibly redecorate my house in windhelm. also.
    for the user who said they will get rid of their ps3 for an xbox becuase of waiting. Your doing exactly what microsoft wants you to do so in a way its becuase of actions like that, that make them continue to do it. if nobody traded in due to launches then microsoft would no longer pay for timed exclusivity. its too big a waste of money.

    • Mraven456

      lol so true

    • Nimnimball

      that is right stay with PS3

    • Johnht5811

      Plus the dude trading in PS3 for Xbox360 that is just hassle deal with it and start bitching like everyone else.

    • Allen

      agreed screw Microsoft im getting a Mac

  • AwkwardTurtle42

    The only problem i have with this is that PS3 users are always left in the dark by Bethesda, it’s been weeks since we’ve heard any new news on patch 1.6, it’d be fine if Bethesda just said “Hey, we’re adding some more bug fixes to the patch, so it’ll be released a bit later than originally planned.” or “Hey, we’re trying to save money so we’re holding the 1.6 patch back so we can use it as the Dawnguard trophy patch as well.”

    Either of those, preferably the first one, would be better than Bethesda not telling us anything at all for weeks on end. :/

  • Benno

    i wouldnt have a problem with waiting or the patch and dlc to be released if bethesda just kept us updated with any information they could, i feel like theyre purposefully screwing us and toying with us by keeping us in the dark, fair enough that MS bought exclutivity (although its pointless because i like many will not buy a 360 just because theyve done this) but seriously, wheres the customer service? I payed as much money as anyone else for the game and im willing to buy their dlc even though its hardly had rave reviews, so the least they could do is keep us informed and not leave us to scour random websites for chunklets of gossip and information, its frustrating..

    • RC

      youre so right.

  • Khaos200611121

    Microsoft buys early timed exclusives because they have a sub par system. The Xbox 360 has very little improvement room left. Where as the Playstation 3 has potential that hasn’t been touched. Microsoft will have to develop a whole new system just to stay in the console competition for the next 5-10 years. 360 owners will have to buy a new system with in the next 2 years that will only have the technological potential to operate at the same level as the PS3, not beyond it. Come Christmas 2013 or 2014 what will be under the tree a brand new Xbox system full of bugs and a price tag of 500-600 dollars or a PS3 that’s been market tested now for years will continue to operate beyond any other system and only costs 150-350 dollars. Sony paid their dues when the PS3 came out taking a hit for every system that sold my strong believe is Microsoft is trying to curb any future hit by buying up as much exclusivity as possible…but that’s just my opinion

    • Shocky22_

      This is the truth and nothing more or less.
      So 360 fan girls, suck it.

  • Halleluja

    I think they should release it after 30 days, because waiting any longer seems unfair to me. Its feels like the ps3 owners are the “undesirables” that get everything later. I thunk 30 days is more than enough, and the bugs should be fixed with more updates…one thing they could do is allow you to delete quest missions in your journal if they aren’t marked as finished after the quest is done. That would fix many problems!

  • Slim4283

    i wouldn’t mind waiting the extra 30 days or maybe a little more as long as the dlc will be released in july because as a high school student id like to play my new skyrim dlc in my summer vacation. If there going to be fixing bugs in the game they should focus on the major ones and get them out of the way and release the dlc and fix the smaller bugs in later updates after the skyrim dawngaurd dlc has already been released for Ps3/PC users

  • Alexgray

    I love that as a ps3 owner if you get without bugs you get the full skyrim experiences while Xbox has more bugs then the amount of spiders in the first cave

  • Extech

    I don’t mind waiting on the patch if it means less overall problems and fewer new problems.  We have no idea how big the “Update” team is at Bethesda.  For all we know, it’s just a handful — maybe 12  (4 PS3, 4 X360, and 4 PC).  The rest we know are working on the next project — The Elder Scrolls MMO (I smell bug heaven).  Anyway, I’d prefer potential bugs show themselves on a different system and having a chance at verifying it doesn’t exist for the PS3, over having new bugs introduced.

    Regarding the water bug:  Skyrim includes version data in their save files.  If you have taken the action suggested by the company to resolver the water bug and still experience it, delete your save files — start a new game.  Ouch, start a new game.  I did and the bug went away.  I’ll also state I’m having a really hard time getting back into the game.

    Once you have earned all of your trophies and pursued all guild quests, Skyrim gets … well, stale.  I don’t think adding combat on horseback is gonna fix that for me. What??  I’m gonna get on my horse and attack a giant a few times and then go, “Now what?”

    I enjoyed Skyrim.  I really did.  When it was new, it was awesome.  But now, I see it for what it is.  All of Bethesda’s games turn into the same thing — skill up to Godly status (mainly because you don’t want to be bothered with it) and wade through enemies and quests.  PC gamers have us there.  They at least get to enter console commands to start their character how they see fit.  Console gamers have to “game” the system.

  • Joe

    as a ps3 gamer of skyrim i would like to say that it is not really terrible after all it’s all about money and deals =P

    Joe was here

  • Nick

    Does Bethesda realize that they may actually LOOSE MONEY by having a timed exclusive?
    Seriously, if you look around, a good amount of people are already angry at this timed DLC, and they’ll probably be utterly pissed if it’s released in august or september. They’ll likely just drop the game and not even play it, despite the “Oh, they’ll buy it anyway”.
    The only way that Bethesda can recover the potential loss is to have Microsoft give Bethesda money for every time a PC/PS3 user didn’t buy the DLC.

    • Elowan

      They won’t lose money because Microsoft I think it is (Xbox owners) paid half billion dollars for the timed exclusive because they wanted xbox to be 30 days faster with the DLC so I would be shocked if Bethesda lost money by the deal they had with xbox and half a billion dollars..

  • Dedewyrick

    I can wait if were getting bugs fixed but not long but i hope dawnguar comes out in july. But microsoft is so selfish they just waste thier money on games but i hope its worth the wait.

  • REL

    If Bethesda wanted to save on the cost of patching their game, they shouldn’t have released it with so many bugs in the first place.

  • Omarg2696

    Just face it, we feel like we don’t madder because we don’t only because we can’t pleasure every game company w/ money; if we want to madder to them we must pay them ourselves because no body else would, so unless someone pays them they won’t care even though we are half of every dollar they make   

    • Mraven456

      sony has the money to buy the companys they just choose not to sony is way bigger than xbox and better sony just doesent want to spend money on a game they will eventually get because they rather save their money i mean personaly xbox sucks they only focus on xbox sony makes everthing from gamesystems to dvd players so they rather save the money to make better systems and stuff than buy a game companys disc im just p!ssed we get a laggy game i can stand the wait but not turning my system off every ten miniutes

      • Lavalaugher

        Your a derp, dude I hate Xbox as much as the next guy but Microsoft owns xbox and they make more the the xbox

        • Mraven456

          yea true didnt think about that

        • Bobrus

          hate to burst your bubble. but xbox is owned by microsoft.
          they dont just make xbox. they make computers and software. and before you hate at me. I AM A PS3 GAMER. i hate xbox. i just want the facts to be straight

  • oGSpY

    Microsoft has a contract with Bethesda which gives them a 30 day time period to have the DLC exclusive to Xbox 360. I completely understand this, and I know it is just business. But the problem that I and most PS3 gamers have with this arrangement is that we haven’t had an update on anything. No release date for Dawnguard and not a peep about patch 1.06 which is already out on the PC, if Bethesda was really waiting to release the patch to save money they could at least give us a release date on the patch itself.

  • A person

    Give me the patch for PS3! I’m tired of getting off Shadowmere to kill a wolf!

    • FarHorizons

      Apparently “Charles Buttner” is so important that he needed to be separated from the other likers.

  • LepporFist

    Oh my god Oh my god i just stepped on a Cheerio…. Does that mean i am a cereal killer?

    • Nathanael Della Ventura

      No, just makes you a small troll who posts non-related things to articles.

    • Mraven456

      your so gay

  • Ty

    I’m realy getting sick of having to wait longer for everything just because I bought a ps3 why won’t sony stick up for its consumers? I’m almost ready to throw my sony out the window and buy an xbox

    • LepporFist

      ya those mother fuckers hey they should go choke on a whole jar a peanut butter for what they have done to us in the gaming world……….I mean its not like we are running out of mindless games and things to do anyway right. Just go grab your hunting bow and horse saddle up and go hunt some deer.

    • Mraven456

      dont throw your ps3 out the window thats what xbox wants you to do were eventually going to get dawnguard if your gonna throw a ps3 out the window because we dont have dawnguard then you have no life and you play way to many video games

  • Disclaimer: I own a PS3 and I am an advid console player.

    Smoke and mirrors. If the files are ready upload them to the PS network. Otherwise they are scrambling to get the expansion ready and its not. (So standby for more bugs if this is the case). This is exactly why consoles have destroyed PC games. (At least for now). This current generation has been looked at by publishers (not developers) as a micro transaction / DLC / and “exclusivity” generation. AKA high profit w/ no accountability for quality.  Developers at the end of the day, besides the “all platform” crap game companies like activision etc., just want to make a cool game for everyone. Now they need a gameplan to create DLC and upcoming “extras” while they’re making the game from scratch. The only chance we have left is if next gen for Sony and Microsoft consoles actually have reasonable hardware. PS3 had an interesting CPU but that flopped quick w/ the rush to program due time constraints. EX: PS3 exclusives vs. all console games like Skyrim. Look at Oblivion being introduced to consoles a year after it had been a PC game only. Now out the gate it was made for Xbox and ported over to PC and PS3. Basically, there perspective is XBOX is in more homes than other platforms and platforms = $.  

  • Insane Maniac

    i love skyrim i really do,but i don like being treated like a piece of garbage,if they delay the release for ps3 longer than 40 days im not buying it

  • Bethesda is the first company on my “HATE” list, for the bugged games (mainly on the PS3)  and the “we don´t care” attitude (I bought one game from Beth, sold it after one month and NEVER EVER will buy another).
    The second place is for CAPCOM (crapcom) for the on-disc DLC policies (both the releasing games with the DLC on disc and the splitting that DLC in “x” portions and making you paying the price of a normal DLC for each portion) (CAPCOM games i only buy used, so i am not supporting greedy companies).
    Third place is Square Enix for destroying the Final Fantasy magic, now it only means beautiful graphics and ZERO gameplay, and making things worse for releasing FFXIII-2 that nobody asked for and turning FFvsXIII in vaporware  (even if it is released, i don´t care much anymore). Not to mention the FFXIV fiasco…
    Fourth place is Team ICO…  6 years i´ve been waiting for The Last Guardian, 6 YEARS! and not even a f****ing demo is out!
    Fifth and final place is ATLUS: Releasing the first and only (for now) region locked PS3 game out of PURE GREED is disgusting, and again WHERE IS PERSONA 5???? Are you turning into another Square (FFvsXIII) or Team ICO???

    If it wasn’t for Naughty Dog and a few third party devs i would give up on my PS3!

    • Macravin

      Sorry to break this to you, but Altus and Team ICO are what really make the PS3

  • Rmstike

     Bethesda has made some of the most beautiful and engaging games I have
    ever had the pleasure of playing. I have to say it’s staggering that a
    company can develop something so wonderfully complex and intricate, and
    not finish their work. The sad fact of the matter is, they have their
    sales, and they’re already on to the next project. I used to labor under
    the delusion that game developers actually invested themselves into
    these products post-release. LucasArts is a great example, anyone who
    has played either Knights of the Old Republic game can attest to this
    fact, or (shudder) the awful lockups in The Force Unleashed. The most
    stable games I’ve ever played have come from Blizzard… Different games
    I know, but there’s something to be said for paying for something that
    actually works the way it should.

    I have tried to play Oblivion, Fallout3 / NewVegas, and Skyrim, but
    inevitably the game has fought against me. Yes the ‘delete game data’
    thing works, but damn it I work hard for my money, and when I spend what
    little I have on a game, I believe I have a right to expect a quality
    product, and I believe Bethesda, who is taking my money, should take
    some damned responsibility for the integrity of their product. Look at
    other industries… How long would a car dealership be in business, if
    they sold cars that went dead on the road after a month, and then said
    “Well, we’re not going to fix it!”

    We know they have the money to fix it, and I believe they have the
    know-how, but do they give a damn? That’s the part I have trouble with. I
    don’t think they do. Like many developers, they do just enough to get
    that game on the shelves and reap a profit, and then it’s “Your game
    doesn’t work? Sorry suckers, good luck with that!”

    This type of company policy does not last long. There are many people
    who have sworn themselves off of LucasArts, (me included), and I have no
    doubt that if Bethesda keeps dumping on the people who are keeping them
    employed, they’re going to regret it.

    The tragedy is, I love their games. It’s really a shame that the fact that I, and others do, is irrelevant to them.


    • Gordonfreeman

      you should totally post this on their fourums or on their facebook page if you havn’t already. They must hear your words that express what many are feeling.

  • WhiteStrike

    How long has the PS3 been out? How long has Bethesda been working on games on the PS3? You’d think AT LEAST ONE young hipster guy would know how to code (or whatever it is) properly on the PS3.


    I call my 2 systems the duststation and the dustbox, one exclusively plays it and one just collects it. the game xbox will never have DUST 514 thats right screw bethesda and your freakin game stupid updates and dlc.
    PC gets mods and mod tools and updates
    Xbox has dawnguard
    PS3 has no mods no dlc and a bunch of crap!

  • U KNOW



  • bullshit exclusives…

    F*ck you Bethesda for prefering money over fans.. gotta be careful, because u will start to lose people.

  • Hi and Yes I’m MaD

    We Ps3 users deal with this sh!t every month and we still wait and get the same as the xbox and pc users. I mean WTF, we have the most bugs and glitches, we have to wait a good 30 days before we get to enjoy what xbox and pc users have and we deal with this every month. BETHESDA For Crying Out Loud
    if we are going to wait as long as this why don’t you give us some extra stuff!!! Give us something that’s  exclusive for ps3. We Are Also A Gaming Communty, why don’t you take care of the people who pay money for Your game. I think we should get the whole dlc FOR FREE!! with all the things we are going thru now i think it’s only fair that you give it to us for free.   

     The game has been out in like 8 months and you have only released one dlc, ONE FRICKING DLC. The patches didn’t work out so well and Why do you release a game that is’nt completly done?!

    I read everywhere one the internet that we have to be patient and wait and that we will get something extra.

    One more thing, Even do ps3 users deals with this $h!t, We Will Never Give Into You Microsoft Corrupt System. They are trying to lure people into buying xbox. 


    • Guyjaks

      your damn right they are >.<

      • gamemaster432

        i would laugh if they released the beta for xbox and had an enhanced version for the playstation that the xbox usere had to pay for

      • gamemaster432

        and like he was saying they are trying to lure us into getting xbox360’s and i wont i just wont i had one and it broke after a year and i never even atempted to hook it up to the enternet i love my ps3 ive had the same fat ps3 since the first week it came out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Beet__Boi

          same 😛

        • gamemaster432

          im sick of all the stuck up xbox360 users……….

    • gamemaster432

      i feel the same i mean ps3 gets like no attention….. xbox360 users think there all that cause they have to pay for there internet on there platform…..there freeking saps paying for internet on there system when you already pay for it on your computor thats stupid

    • keller227

      omg ur are so true! like!

  • Omarg2696

    if ps3 does get an enhanced version of patch 1.6 then since x box is so special they will probably get it to and before us 

  • Ezel82

    ALot of bugs with Skyrim can be resolved by deleting patch 1.5 and reinstalling it. 

    • DeathPenalty84

      Tried that, and the game core data, to no avail. Farkas won’t fark off.

  • Mraven456

    i dont even bother with bethsda anymore even after the new patch theres gonna be even more bugs

  • Mustlovegames

    If you have the time and patience to read this from top to bottom, please use it for just that.

    I am a proud PS3 owner, and I will say, with extreme negative emotion, that I feel like a victim of prejudice. And it’s not just the fact that we PS3 owners are getting this patch last. We get EVERYTHING last. I am ashamed that Sony’s reputation has been absolutely sullied by Microsoft, just because everyone thinks that the Xbox 360 is better. i can prove two instances to question how true that claim actually is.

    1. The PS3 that was given to me had much better Internet access than my Xbox 360. On my 360, I had to download a YouTube app from the marketplace before I was able to watch it on that system. When my Xbox LIVE Gold membership expired, I couldn’t use the app anymore. With the PS3, I can simply choose “Internet Browser” from the main hub, and YouTube is on my TV screen. The video buffering is also much better than on my 360. Best of all, it doesn’t require any membership to access.

    2.There is only one game that I’ve put at least 6 months into. That game is Skyrim, and I only have it for the PS3. Despite all the bugs and glitches, it has always been an enjoyable experience for me. The patches simply made my gameplay experience a bit smoother. Hopefully, this patch will be available for PS3 before mid-August.

    Microsoft has tried to promote their material by waiting on all PS3 owners, trying to taunt them into buying the game for the 360. It won’t work on me. I’ll wait as long as I have to if it means that I’ll be able to have everything on my PS3 to match the 360.

    If you have the same feelings as me, like this comment, so that I know how many people share my pain on this grueling subject.

    • Guyjaks

      i do as well!!!! good on ya xD

  • Quinlan

    as long as you shut off all auto save options in settings and don’t forget to save when the time is right, almost everything runs smooth on my ps3. I just think I’m finally getting bored with the game. Either that or bethesda really is taking their time for the dcl

  • DeathPenalty84

    I am stuck with Farkas following me around everywhere because the Dragon at Mount Anthor won’t respawn. Does anyone know any way toget around this, or am I sucked in to wait for the patch like every one else. (I’ve tried deleting game data etc… no good).

    Shame on Bethesda. I was angry enough when they flat out said “No more patches for New Vegas, even though it was still buggy as hell. Now this?

    It sucks that they make such damn good games, otherwise no ps3 owners would buy their crap.

    Give us an UPDATE, or at least an UPDATE on the UPDATE you dirty swine!

    • wayofthepoop

      same crap i have with vilkas, try sleeping in 2 in game months is what i heard for the dragon to respawn, and if that doesnt work then hopefully patch 1.6 will fix it

      • DD

        Glad im not the only one having the same problem

  • mad we want it now i say if we wait it should be better then the xbox version i say.

  • George

    Why was this non-article even published?  

    “Absolutely Nothing New to Report… But We’re Okay With It!”

  • Omarg2696

    If this patch is to fix the weird freezes then why not just give it to us now ,or has microsoft bought that too?

    • Dovahlizard

      If you need to fix the weird water crashes follow these simple steps (When I fixed this I played as an argonian for the rest of the game )
      1. Go to the Game Data Utility folder
      2. Delete the Skyrim install data /and/ the Skyrim Update data
      3. Launch the game and re install the update and it should work now :)This doesn’t delete any of the game data so it will be exactly the same just no water freezes

      • Nick

        It’s true, I did it with the fallout game.
        Because it’s in the “Data” folder and NOT the “Saved” folder it won’t delete your saves, just the data.
        Once you start skyrim again it will have to re-install and get the patches back.

  • guest 7

    Im just upset that Bethesda hasn’t release any information at all! concerning if we are or are not getting the dawnguard DLC and the 1.6 patch I just want a simple YES or NO thats all..

  • Tjames000001

    Bethesda has lost my faith in them, this is just another in a long line of disappointments related to this game. With all the bugs and fixes they’ve already had to do i’m reconsidering the DLC, and even buying another Bethesda game again. 

  • Jacob_rohr97

    My Skyrim is Fine I just kept deleting auto saves and it was okaaaay… Till it foot to like 11mb size and the game froze a lot and whenever I opened a chest or searched a corpse it would freeze D: so frustrating. But I accidentally deleted that save so I just started again 😛

  • Emma

    All I can say is I really hope the Markarth glitch gets fixed for real this time. I’m tired of not being able to pay off my bounty as there are places around Markarth I need to go, and can’t go anywhere without being attacked, or caught in looping dialouge. -__-

    • Tristan

       I had a similar problem with a new game i started, so what i did was progress the main quest through to the meeting in High Hrothgar with the Imperials and the Stormcloaks, and gave the Stormcloaks Markarth. This reset my bounty (from $10,000) as it respawned all the guards as Stormcloaks, and they didn’t have a problem with me so my bounty was wiped. 🙂

  • skyrim patch

    Right now what PS3 users want is the patch 1.6 and information about it .
    Bethesda didn’t give any reason for the delay on the PS3. 
    The patch have nothing to do with Dawnguard DLC, so why the wait and why no info?
    Bethesda’s should at least give us some information about it. It have been three week now, and soon four.

    • Gordonfreeman

      has anyone ever thought that maybe Sony is still signing off and officializing the patch for release. It may not bethesda’s fault.

      • Unka Phil

        Actually — This is a very good question. But if so, Bethesda should inform the PS3 community of why the delay and an estimate of when it will be available.

  • Galundar

  • Galundar

    Uhm i have no idea what type of Main Quest line glitches you guys are talking about i have a few glitches yes but nothing that makes the game unplayable everything runs fine and ive passed thegame several times easily over 5000 hrs in and nothing that hugley drastic after what happened in 1.2

    • PopoPlatter

      As of this writing, there has been about 5600 hours that have passed since the game came out. Just how dedicated are you? =)

    • Lioscratch

      Have you not experienced the water glitch? That made the game pretty unplayable for me, seen as the whole playstation froze when I went in any water :/ But then I fixed it 🙂

  • Mendozamikey86

    when is coming out for ps3

  • Czekadam

    As long as i get all the dawnguard stuff im happy if not then no more beshesda

    • drd444

      dont go that far

  • Vampire Lord

    Dam,am a vampire lvl 31 I really enjoy playing as a vampire and now there is a vampire faction and you can transform into a vampire lord but I have to wait 1 more month! This is bullshit Beshesda

  • Jarrah

    I just want them to patch the college of winterhold questline. I’m fine with them releasing it late but Bethesda are probably fixing more bugs than PC and Xbox

  • Gavin C.

    Honestly, the wait for this stuff just isn’t fair. I got back into Skyrim because of this patch and the Dawnguard dlc, And now WE have to wait for a goddamned month because it’s XBox’s turn first. Absolute bullshit, Bethesda.

  • Guest

    Waiting longer than everyone else sucks, but it means that any problems that they’ll have with the DLC will be more likely to be fixed by the time we get it. And yeah, Bethesda’s games are super buggy. It’s kind of the price you pay for how they’re so awesome. Every update they give out has been helpful so far. We’ll get the patch eventually. It’s not going to ruin my frickin’ life to be patient.

  • Ps3stone25

    This is why I don’t buy Bethesda games anymore. After the pile of poo that was fallout I decided not to give my money to a developer so lazy they won’t even develop the game on ps3…if not for the john money from Microsoft they would develop on ps3 like they should, then give xbox a 5 disc game that actually looks and runs as it should

  • Jayson Wigley

    All good things to those who wait!  

  • Thisemailyou

    The biggest thing with the 1.6 thing is that Bethesda just won’t say a word about it…When you completely ignore people, what do you expect accept for them to get very annoyed? But also, having seen the mounted combat, I don’t really feel like playing untill I have what they already showed me it COULD be like (way too early). 

  • Mike

    Midnight 11.11.11 buyer here – This is frustrating that the developers released a game that was ‘ported’ from another native environment onto the PS3 platform, yes. That being said, I have enjoyed over 100 hours over 2 characters, going through and completing all the major quests. I feel that I have certainly received my money’s worth, even though the final draft of the game is half-baked.

    I will not buy Dawngaurd or any other pay-to-play content for Skyrim, or give any more money to Bethesda until they fix this issue and/or apologize to all of the fans who seem to have been written off. The game is great, the execution in cross platform was poor, and Bethesda’s name has lost steam with all PS3 owners.

  • Swims-In-Red

    I’m not happy. The water bug has ruined my whole game play experience. I’ve tried several bug fixes and none of them are giving me any results. Ever since 1.5 came out I’ve literally been unable to play. As many of you know, there is water almost everywhere. I’ve been unable to play my game for months. I want this damn patch already.

    • Monster

      you can fix this easily without a new patch…. you have to make to sure you delete the game file then re-download the current build. a simple google search will give you all the details i am sure. 

      • P****d Off Guy

        Do you know how f-ing long it takes to re download and re install the patch and the game!? Especially if your internet isn’t that great! Just downloading 1.5 took me three hours! Installing the game data originally took me nearly two hours! Over five hours of downloading and installing for a bug fix may be simple in theory but its a f-ing pain in the ass all the same! >:(

    • Leonardorio

       Man, this is really easy to fix! You just have to delete your GAME DATA but DO NOT delete your SAVES DONT DELETE THE SAVES! Only the GAME DATA, and reinstall the game.

    • lol

      i fixed it by deleting the game data then re installing it

    • Hbyftf71

      youre an idiot, the water bug is easily fixed by deleting all game data except the game saves, then reinstalling the game and the patch. this is all over the internet and i know for a fact it works

  • Not happy

    Don’t play the bard quest tending the flames . If the books not there your trapped in a cave for good. Lose your character to start again. Not good enough Bethesda.

  • JaiGuru

    There is nothing remotely “understandable” about this. Skyrim is what, eight months out?, and it is still realistically in beta on the PS3. It is so radically broken and often unplayably so that I cannot begin to justify spending a single dollar more on ANY content for Skyrim. I have glitches locking me out of main quest lines on every single character I’ve made. This should never have been released this way and waiting longer for fixes (that realistically wont even begin to address even half of the problems this port of the game has crippling it) is insult to injury.

    Someone needs to get a class action lawsuit going against Bethesda for stealing our money.

  • Hit007man

    every time i go into water the game freezes and crashes doing my head in

    • Jimbo

      You can fix that Hit007man, do a search for it on the web

    • uninstall the update then reinstall…..i had the same hassle

  • MATE

    I think its unfair. why not just release it on all platforms. everygame that does updates always do. I still think they should have just made the patch for everyone and xbox could still get there pressries dawnguard. besides they didnt say anything about quest followers able to mount on their own horses while continuing a quest wtf? you see your followers run all the way from whiterun or riverwood all the way to riften thats stupid. OBLIVION has the mount for followers to ride beside you so it doesnt make sense not to add that first in-game. plus there needs to be a place to rope your horses if there isnt any stable. I cant see how thats not there, have a looking at red dead redemption they made it perfect for roping your horses

    • Lioscratch

      There are no followers in Oblivion except for the Adoring Fan so there cant be Oblivion “followers” on horses…. Unless I am mistaken. Last I played Oblivion was maybe a year ago so please forgive me if I am mistaken

  • Sam

    I guess I’m more patient than most but then I do not play everyday so I’m probably on quests people completed months ago. Looking forward to not having to get off the horse to kill something 🙂

  • Thegreatdekutree

    It really sucks to have to wait for the mounted combat and dlc, good thing my friend brought his xbox over and we beat dawnguard. Its alright but it truly isn’t anything that special. I was really excited for Dawnguard but after playing it on the xbox, I know now I can handle the wait.

  • shark

    i cant get into mzulft with my higher level character and labyrinthian has the last dragon mask i need.  I am just pissed that i bought this game in november and still cant finish the first quest I started.

    • HI_DOOD

      god its only a mask get over it. its JUST A GAME!

  • M’aiq The Stander

    Not entirely sure, but I’ve been hearing rumors of an August (1st/2nd) release for Dawnguard on the PS3 so the patch may arrive a week before, again this is not 100% reliable information, this prediction may be wrong.

    • Adafs

       You cannot be trusted M’aiq!!

  • Kendall8701

    I’ve found a way to fly in my version of skyrim, serious no joke! After installing my last update I am no able to take off and move around in a flying position, at first I tout it was a glitch but since doing it when I take off its viewed by me as a slow motion action… I’ve never been so happy playin the game. I can also use destruction magic also, for reason on ice spear!

    • Kendall8701

      Sorry, a few spelling mistakes there, god damn ipad2 auto correct. In my last sentence I meant to say I can use destruction magic, but for some reason….only ice spear.

  • Guest

    At first, I did have some bugs (most notably the underwater bug). That was definitely something that I would have wanted fixed ASAP. However, someone told me to delete the update data and game data and reinstall that (about 10 mins). Now everything works fine and since I’ve had every trophy for several months, I just try out new builds and characters while patiently waiting for mounted combat and eventually the Dawnguard expansion. A month isn’t that long.

  • Contrivancekiller

    Too late. Dumping my copy of Skyrim for something that’s actually worth my time.

    • everyone YOU ARE CHILDISH!

      just for some update. people you are all CHILDISH!

      • Guest 007

        you try spending 50 pounds on some unfinished buggy game. It’s not fun. They released it too early just to get that iconic date, 11 11 11. Next time they should probably beta test their game, that would mean we aren’t being ripped off all the time. Great RPG, however ruined by the assumption we are blind sheep.

  • Guest

    At least give us the patch. Mounted combat and the bug fixes have nothing to do with Dawnguard.

  • BulbOfSalad77

    hmm how do i feel? well pissed     because as it says in one line  “If Microsoft didn’t have a timed exclusive with the Skyrim Dawnguard DLC, then PS3 players would’ve had the new patch by now”.

  • Guest

    Skyrim runs fine for me. Probable because it’s the only game I use my ps3 for. I just want that god damn mounted combat. And people that say our patch will be better: Isn’t coding (or whatever it is) different from console to console? I’ve heard that just because our patch comes out later that doesn’t mean it will be less buggy. Knowing that mounted combat is right around the corner is really limiting my enjoyment of the game. I have to limit what quests I do so that I don’t ruin the the experience.

  • Belubadub

    Yes, it is unacceptable.  PS3 players shouldn’t have to wait a month later than everyone else to get mounted combat.

  • MacVities

    LOL, so now it’s bad that PS3 version doesn’t need to be be patched as urgently as the PC and XBox versions.

    Seriously, can’t you see how this site is always spinning a negative story for the Ps3.

  • Yellariel

    It’s still unacceptable, if heavy rain runs without problems so should skyrim

    • Deadlyredly

      Heavy rain is a drastically different game than skyrim. How can you even compare them? Heavy rain is not open world, and to all intents and purposes a linear game.

      •  I believe the closest comparison has to be Amalur, i played it for 100h without any bugs, freezes, lags or broken quests. And it also uses a big chunck of hdd cache, but the difference is that this one works! lol