Google I/O 2012: Keynote, Nexus 7 and Glass Demo

If you are a fan of Google innovation then this week couldn’t have been better for you, which is thanks to Google I/O 2012 and the news revealed during the day one keynote. We know some of our readers are playing catch-up this Sunday, so below this article you will find a few videos with hours worth of footage just in case you missed it.

First up we have a massive 2 hours and 6 minutes of video footage from the Google I/O 2012 keynote, which provides more than enough information for those looking for news first hand from Google employees. You’ll hear about Nexus 7, Android Jelly Bean, and some games taking advantage of new features found on Nexus 7, which includes Dead Trigger as seen at about 53 minutes into the video. If you haven’t seen the whole Google I/O keynote then feel free to watch it in the first video.

The second video is a new promotional video about Google Glass and how life with your baby could be improved with Google Glass, especially when it comes to capturing the moment effortlessly. It’s fair to say these videos make everything look simple and amazing, but we look forward to seeing real world tests with the early products in the form of Google Glass Explorer that should ship early 2013. You can see the announcement for Google Glass Explorer in the third video below, and this includes the $1500 cost to developers and some key details.

What news did you enjoy the most from the day one keynote at Google I/O 2012?



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