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Skyrim Dawnguard visual review

As most of you are well aware, the first expansion pack for Skyrim is now available on the Xbox 360 exclusively. Dawnguard is proving to be well worth the wait and if you haven’t bought it yet, we have a selection of excellent videos for you to watch.

At the moment, we’re busy getting stuck into Dawnguard as well – the expansion is rather addictive wouldn’t you agree? Earlier this week we told you how to actually activate the first mission by visiting Fort Dawnguard and just hours ago we gave you some tips on solving the Dimhollow Cavern puzzle that you’ll come across later on.

If it is just video reviews you are after though – you’ve come to the right place. Dawnguard costs 1600MSP or $20 and many are still wondering on whether the new content is worth the price or not. CVG has posted a decent visual review of their general opinions on the expansion, while we have a feeling a lot of you will appreciate this detailed walkthrough on the new Vampire Lord as well which we’ve included below.

On a more controversial note, the visual review provided by TheGamerSheep actually implies that they were a bit disappointed with Dawnguard, with the main reason being that it only took them 7-8 hours to complete. Perhaps this was a bit of speed run though without exactly exploring every corner fully – also don’t forget that Bethesda claimed numerous times that Dawnguard would add at least 10-20 hours of new gameplay content to Skyrim.

Have you played through Dawnguard long enough to compile your own little mini review, or are you too busy roaming around your new environment with a 500 gold midget armored troll? That little guy is a boss isn’t he? You can purchase him from Gunmar if you’re interested, although you may prefer to enlist the services of free deathhounds as a Vampire Lord – more on that later.

Check out the videos below and give us your early impressions on Dawnguard. A lot of people are saying it is not worth $20, but do you disagree?



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