Real GTA V news at next event?

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 29, 2012

We have been hearing from our readers about the lack of GTA V news and how it’s becoming frustrating thanks to the lack of information Rockstar are providing, but it seems that our wait is almost over thanks to a Gamescom teaser video. The video below this article shows some GTA V footage around 1:50, which could signal that Take-Two and Rockstar will be at Gamescom to show trailer 2 for Grand Theft Auto 5.

The footage is nothing new but thanks to this official teaser and recent rumors surrounding the GTA V release date, it looks increasingly likely that gamers will have some solid details in August, which would make sense why nothing came at E3 2012, or even shortly before or after it. The event they want to feature the next GTA could be Gamescom if this official teaser is anything to go by.

Would you like to see Grand Theft Auto V on the show floor at Gamescom with real gameplay? The event starts on August 15th and runs through to the 19th. GTA 5 is the one game a lot of people are looking forward to this year, and while nothing is confirmed, this official appearance gives us hope for some solid news at last. If we do see the game at Gamescom it will be interesting to see what month the release date will land, which could be early next year or even as soon as October this year.

You might want to read about the idea of full relationships in Grand Theft Auto, which some gamers want to see this feature enhanced in the next game while others hated its presence in previous games.

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  • AbbaZa

    Why do gamers consistently copy phrases from each other more than any other subculture, “Say goodbye to my social life”. Since the release of Skyrim if I hear that one more time I’m gonna go crazy…

  • fcukyeahGTA5

    I don’t think it’ll be shown in August, I actually think a new trailer is coming Mid-July, and it will be released maybe at the end of October. However, I’m not sick of waiting any more, because the amount of time its taking them, means it isn’t being rushed, which means it should be an incredible game.

  • Puneetmehta96

    Guys believe me i have an explanation that Rockstar studios never releases the dmeo of their game like have u seen Demo Of max payne 3  NO!!! so while the 2nd tralier come on augsut 15th their will be release date as well as u have seen in Hitman absolution 2nd tralier it came with the release date so guys i bet it will be releasing between oct 15 to nov 29 and It will be awesome game 

  • Urbonix

    WASTE OF TIME….. there like a 3 second clip…
    12-12-12 GTA V,… BET.  Any takers?

  • Bob

    Screw the relationships in gta5. I want to buy realestate in online multiplayer 🙂

  • bob

    lol. that snippet of gta 5 was in the first tralier fyi…

    • Gimp

      actually bob it’s “for YOUR information” read the article before you post arrogant comments

  • breal

    December looks likely to me now. first article in a while on here that’s actually news on GTA5.


    When GTA 5 is released i guess i’ll say good bye to my social life and the outside world because i will not talk to anyone or go outside to i have bet the game 100% like i have done all the GTAS since GTA 3…. MUCH LOVE TO ROCKSTAR GAMES FOR THE ONLY GAMES I GET EXCITED FOR!!!!!

  • max payne 3 is now boring

    hey guys gta 5 wont be out till late 2012 early 2013 but where all going to die in december says thows stupied people i would the d word but they wont let me post it if i curse 🙁

    • Bigspokelocote

      the mayan calendar was made before leap years were planned so technically we are in july 2013 we should off died a year ago

      • Robert

        incorrect. Research your facts 

        • Gumby65

          The fact that you reacted to his statement with actual serious rebuttal tendencies makes this thread that much more lulzie.

    • Zodiac68

      Shut up

    • Firelord


  • max payne 3 is now boring

    augest trailer 2 probably thell have a game demo a gamescon and release in december

  • AAA

    I’m still a little worried about the damage/physics of the cars tbh. The scene in the trailer where a sports car sideswipes another car while being chased……some sparks fly but the car it his has no dent at all…..nothing. Also no impact physics like GTA IV, car just storms on like it hit nothing.

    • Deeeeez Nuuuuutz

      The trailer overall looked like crap. But I’m guessing it was an early stage of GTA V and the final version will be a lot more polished.

      • UnknownUser28

        ur crap

  • Gumby65

    I will stand here at the Francis Itnl Airport Terminal (I climbed in, you know the trick) shooting cops invisibly until I can get that ticket to LSX.

  • We need a GTA V map 🙂

  • Justin

    How will they release this game in october when the gonna show only the 2cd trailer!? This game is definitely not coming out this year..

    • Samkhas


    • unkown ;)

      gta 5 , will be a game that will change a gamer’s life. they are not showing any info on it  becouse they want to release the game when least expected, they have been working on this game, for about 3 and a half years already .this game will be huge, it will destroy any game that will come in its path, enjoy the wait, enjoy the excitment, becouse once this game comes out, we wont expect another gta til 2016-2017, with patience comes greatness, they will make sure thier is no flaw and gliches, and the online experience will blow your mind, to the point that any other game online will seem lame, or just not big enough. be expecting gta 5  soon, everything is closer than expected. p.s be expected to play as a, thug, drug kingpin, and a dirty cop’ .  ”unkown gamer”

      • UnknownUser28

        this game will be forever expected and anticipated until release

    • Bryan

       You don’t know that. For all we know, they’ve been silent for 8 months because they’ve been working hard on the game and don’t want to give new info or a release date until they’re sure it’s almost done. This is GTA 5, it doesn’t need very much advertising. A simple release date and maybe one more trailer is all it needs. The only thing that’s a fact is nobody knows except for Rockstar. We will all find out soon enough.

      • Firelord

        I would absolutely love them if they go to gamescom, show us the second trailer and then say, “OUT THIS FRIDAY!”

    • Sam

      On the imdb website if you look up gta v it’s being released on October 15th.

  • Jeff

    Rockstar is the best

  • ROCKSTAR is mystery

  • will

    E3 had  GTA5 footage on every commercial but yet seen nothing at the event so that means nothing 

  • Isauro1997

    We need screen shots and heavy details by Sam or Dan houser

  • David_sarpe

    ok i can’t wait for this event is gonna be huge 

  • Dj

    Too little too late,not buying it now,moving on to other things.

    •  That’s adorable.

    • Says the the guy searching google news for GTA news everyday. I’m sure you saying ”not buying it now” really really really shows R*

      • Also adding in the fact that he will buy it. That or he is so busy, his GTA V window of opportunity is passing, never to open again. I would love to see his schedule. “Hmmmm…GTA V? Nope. I’ve scheduled 4.7 months of Skylanders. I wish I could fit it in, but you know.”

        • AnthonyFerrall

          Lmfao thanks Evan, I couldn’t quite convey enough sarcasm and truth to his response so I’ll just +1 your comments. 😛

    • UnknownUser28

      sureeeeee ok

    • Daveysnakeye

       dj ur full of it… otherwise u wudent be on here looking when the games coming out lyk us all and id put money on it ur in the line at midnight waiting on shop opening to get a copy that night…
      people puting rockstar down all the time wont make the game come quicker if it comes this year happy days

    • The Joker

      I dont believe you. I am positive you will pre-order it the same week its available for preorder. I know I am.

    • Blah Blee Jonhson

       i bet my house you will buy it.