MW3 Terminal map still exclusive, PS3 release date wait

By Alan Ng - Jun 29, 2012

The majority of MW3 players are probably aware that a remake of Terminal is on the way to the game, but you may be confused as to whether the map will be arriving on all platforms at the same time, or if it will be subject to the same exclusivity shenanigans as usual.

Well, we have some additional information on this for you now and it is mixed news depending on which platform you are playing on. Terminal is on the way soon, but a few Tweets by Infinity Ward head Mark Rubin has confirmed that the map will be releasing on Elite first, and PS3 players will again have to wait a month to play it after Xbox 360.

Rubin specifically responded to a user question asking whether PS3 had to wait again for the map, telling him that although he wasn’t 100% sure, PS3 users will get it 30 days later. Has the excitement now turned to disappointment on PS3 and PC, in finding out that you now have to wait even longer to get your hands on arguably the best map from Modern Warfare 2?

Considering that the wounds are still fresh from the lack of Dawnguard on PS3, we have a feeling that PS3 users will be well used to getting shafted like this. At least Terminal is coming to the game for free though, so at least you won’t have to pay anything for it when it finally does arrive.

So there we have it – expect Terminal to land very soon on Xbox 360 Elite, and then 30 days later for PS3 users. Let us know your thoughts on the wait for Terminal.

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  • i dont see why xbox get it earlier most of the people who play on it are kids anyway

  • Jfreitas

    Its bs that the xbox users get the dlc’s earlier than ps3. Just another example that money talks and bullsh#t walks.

  • Legoman6986

    sigh… Microsoft already got ps3 shafted for Black Ops 2…

  • Johnny

    I would rather wait then have to pay for online gaming and have to pay for the dlc on top of it. xbox sucks. I bet its fun having your system and servers hacked by kids who rage because they suck at the game and cant get a kill. They make the game unplayable. You must be one of those kids whos balls havent dropped yet.

  • Muhibur Rahman

    shatt aap ! Ps3 iz the best and sony got everyone hooked weather u like it or not!


    does anyone know when july dlc is realesed or any information on what its going to have

    • Titosfragoso

      dlc will arrive earlier for xbox because microsoft has a contract with call of duty and why do you hate!! they are just games.

      • SOCCER 4 LIFE

        no in not hating but i dont like that, but i read the in BO ps3 and xbox will get the dlc same time

  • Rotomboy

    Microsoft always was a smart company, paying money for earlier release date’s GENIUS 🙂

  • Aron

    The most ridiculous thing ever, remember when gaming was just gaming? Microsoft is the worst company ever. Literally, the worst. They’re just scared that if they didn’t keep this up Sony will take over. Stick to Windows, you still have a lot of work to do there anyways.


      actually Sony is way better then Microsoft and they already took over Microsoft even if they pay money SONY is the BEST.

      • Amadaeus88

        Sony is not the best

    • Zquish3y

      That’s funny because Sony computers run Windows….


    hope fully in black ops 2 ps3 gets the dlc same time as sexbox oh i mean “XBOX”

    • Zquish3y

      They already said Xbox will still get DLC earlier.

      • SOCCER 4 LIFE

        why are they doing that man i hate it when its like that

  • Ijoc12

    The only reason Microsoft gets it earlier because they signed a contract with IW to offer them blow jobs monthly till a new COD releases.

  • Parent

    Xbox is the best



      • Yo Mama

        Yep it’s the best

        • Xbox BJ’s PS3


  • J_Sims04

    Microsoft is a money hungry company that had to dish out extra money for early release dates. Sounds to me like they’re afraid of a little old fashioned competition.

    • Jewboy

      sounds to me like ur gay


        Sounds to me like you’re 12

        • Lol

          Xbox rapes playstation period

  • Im awaitng the release!..still a month to go:(