Mario Balotelli celebration in FIFA 13

By Alan Ng - Jun 29, 2012

Football fans over the world are probably in shock right now as Italy and Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli sent his country through to the finals of Euro 2012 to play Spain, shocking tournament favorites Germany in the process.

The main talking point during the game though, was not the amazing second goal that Balotelli scored, it was another of his ‘non-celebrations’ after doing so which has everyone buzzing at the moment on social network sites.

Fans are now begging EA to put Mario’s latest non-celebration into the upcoming FIFA 13 game and it would obviously be a logical move for EA to do since it would then boost sales having his celebration in the game. His non-celebrations are becoming very famous now and it is a clear characteristic of the player – just like Ronaldo’s free kick taking.

Imagine playing with your friends and being able to perform the Mario ‘hulk out’ celebration after you scored, that would be pretty amazing if EA made that possible. Just to show you the demand for this right now, just type ‘Balotelli celebration’ into Twitter – you’ll see that there are already several requests to see this in FIFA 13, so EA shouldn’t really ignore this.

If they really want to be sneaky, they could include it as a pre-order incentive although some wheeling and dealing with Mario Balotelli may have to take place first if EA are going to pull it off. Do you want to see the Mario Balotelli non-celebration in FIFA 13? Let’s get EA’s attention folks.

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  • Allanranger7000

    Its a subliminal message, Freemasons  run the entertainment industry, they’re in-charge of the scripts and Balotelli just like most of the famous sportsmen and entertainers are their puppets, you want fame you’ve got to sell your soul, its the devils philosophy. I have seen Fabgrigas flashing the baphomet hand sign, i have also seen the characteristic baphomet hand sign celebration of ronaldhino, Rooneys goal celebrations, van persie’s goal celebrations, christiano ronaldo, i have also seen during Liverpool fc matches the Freemasons (illuminati) slogan “from darkness into the light/from chaos came order”, the letter ‘o’ in Euro cup 2012 logo is number 6, Jay Z talks about the three stripes in his video “run this town” etc, the 2010 world cup in South Africa witnessed 3 mysterious deaths during before its onset, one of the victims was Mandela’s grand – daughter who was turning 13 ……. it goes on and on

  • Asdfasdf

    It’s athletic tape designed to reduce pressure on that area. His back must be sore.

  • Moneyleash22


  • Imadavid93

    what is the 3 strips on his back ?