Valve moderators comment on Half Life 3 concept art

By Alan Ng - Jun 28, 2012

It looks like the first major evidence on Half Life 3 or Half Life 2: Episode 3 just got very real. A large quantity of concept images have been revealed for the upcoming game and some new evidence seems to confirm that the images are infact Valve’s own designs.

If you have already seen the images, you’ll know that there is a lot of debate going on right now as to whether the images, although they look very authentic, are actually just elaborate photoshops. When we first saw them ourselves, we too had doubts given the length that some crazed fans would go to.

However, we’ve spotted over on the Steam boards that a few Valve moderators simply can’t hide their excitement on the concept images, with two specifically confirming that the images are real. The images, featuring Alyx wearing Eli’s jacket can be seen in their entirety over at the ValveTime Facebook page – so no signs of any Valve takedown yet.

After the images were revealed, Valve moderator ‘Smash’ posted in this thread that ‘this is official art’ and that he is ‘shocked that this day has come.’ When asked to prove why he thinks it’s official art, he then went on to say because he knows the source who leaked the concept art, but isn’t willing to disclose due to ‘exclusivity reasons’.

Later on, another Valve moderator by the name of ‘Sierra Oscar’ decided to chime in on the same thread, again confirming that the images are real and pondered whether Valve will now officially come out and comment on the images. Just to point out to you, if the images are real, remember that they were designed back in 2008 and may not be an accurate look at how Half Life 3 or HL2: Episode 3 looks at the moment in its current state.

After a drought in HL3 rumors though – this is exciting isn’t it folks? Let’s hope Valve do decide to comment on them. Take a look at the full gallery and give us your thoughts on them.

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  • AnonyMoose

    i think this is all just a method of building hype, think about how info thirsty people are about this game, and then they finally drop the bombshell about its release and people go super batshit crazy and this game becomes the best selling game of all time. Well played Valve. xD

  • Maxakasinner

    Pics are 8 Years Old So Its Not Coming Out… See A Least Someone Will Say It VALVE+THE NUMBER 3=END OF THE WORLD!


    If is infact real and offically from valve then I do believe that it would have been “worth the wait”. It may take 9000 years to finish development of HL3, but seeing what valve has achieved during the past couple of years they won’t let that time go to waste: GO TEAM VALVE!!!

  • mixer

    How is it the ”
    first major evidence”? Episode 3 has been well known about for ages…

    • TheGuy

       It’s a joke around the internet. After Half Life 2: Episode 2, Episode 3 was announced, but then it kept going through like delays I believe and eventually, there was no say-so from Valve about Episode 3 at all. I mean no doubt it’s been in production the entire time, but with the massive time frame between Episode 2 release and now, people just assumed it was never going to get released, it was cancelled or otherwise. And thus tons of jokes came from it. Hope this helps explain it!

  • tron


  • Gerimax89

    Timing is everything, if you are going to build up hype you got to do it at the right time. Not let it peak, then not have a game ready for a really long time and then the hype drop and leave the game in the shadows. Good video game studios show extreme patience. 

  • Nuno

    Ramon, tell me (I don’t know if you’re a Valve fanboy like I am ;D) but, did valve EVER disappointed in any thing they ever did? I think Valve it’s the only game company that never disappointed it’s fans in any kind of way, and they already said it, all the time they are taking, it’s for having as much time as possible to do the game that will be the  best game of all time.

    • Actally they have disapointed there fans with all the lies they were told before Hl2 was released

  • This game should never see the light of day. It could never hope to live up to expectations- even if it came with a free blowjob.

    • magicman

       That would be pretty close though

  • Dynasty2201

    Whilst I have trust in Valve as they almost always deliver, I cant help but feel that if they havent been creating a new engine in the background for HL3/Ep3, and they release it on the same Source engine as Ep2, then Valve will be crucified for making us wait so long.

    I’m split into 3, as I also feel that, quite simply, it’s too late now.  We are too frustrated at the complete blackout of news, and it’s been so many years now since Ep2. 

    I mean, they made L4D2.  AND Portal 2.  While they are ace, by giving us NO reason as to why EP3 or HL3 is in the works, it’s gotten to the point where I, and I’m sure alot of other fans, have lost almost all hope we will even see a sequel.

    So unfortunately, whilst these photos may in fact be confirmed as art for a sequel, it’s too late for me to care now.

    • yeah should be on source engine 2!

      • Dynasty2201

        I just dont see why it’s so hard for Valve to say ”Yes, these pictures are for the new HL3/EP3 sequel.  We have been working on a new engine for a few years now, and we appreciate your patience.”

        Hell, even say ”We are working on a new engine.” is enough PR to SUGGEST something is coming.

        But to say nothing for, what 6+ years or so? 

        Come on Valve.

        Whilst L4D2 and Portal 2 are great, we havent been wanting them as much as new HL game, sort your priorities surely?

    • Irvin

      i dont know about you but as soon as hl3 comes out im gonna play it, i dont think that any half life fan out there wouldnt want to know who is the gman as surely valve is exposing him in the next game and yes hl3 graphics will be ground breaking to the year that comes out 

    • Andy Fonce

      I dunno, dude.

      When it comes to engines, I may not know a whole lot, but as far as I am also concerned, it would be more about gameplay than graphics, if engines are for graphics optimization. As long as I cna tell the difference between a bike and a person, I’m fine.

      But you do indeed pose a good point.