Samsung struggling with Galaxy S3 stock

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 28, 2012

Some of our readers might be expecting no problems with finding Galaxy S3 stock, although Samsung has officially stated that they’re having a tough time meeting the consumer demand for the latest Galaxy smartphone. Current sales expectations for the two months after the Galaxy S3 release is 10 million units, and Samsung believe they have enough stock to meet this demand but it has been a struggle,

Europeans have been enjoying Samsung’s Galaxy S3 since May, although the flagship phone is only just launching in the United States, which has seen Verizon have problems getting the handset to their customers soon enough. It’s also worth pointing out that the 10 million units Samsung has talked about in this article are those shipped to carriers and not sent to consumers, although Samsung expect at least 10 million to be sold within two months.

Samsung also expects the Galaxy S3 to be in 147 countries by the end of next month, which they hope gives the company an early advantage over the iPhone 5 that should launch this Fall with iOS 6. The worlds biggest mobile phone maker is Samsung, ahead of Nokia since 2011, but Samsung hope to overtake Apple as the biggest Smartphone maker and should reach 200 million smartphone sales in 2012, which is double their previous year.

Have you had any problems finding stock of the Samsung Galaxy S3, or are you waiting for another phone like the iPhone 5? You might want to read about some doubts with Gorilla Glass 2 after this Galaxy S3 drop test.

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  • Lord Vader

    I just Wish Samsung learns from Motorola
    Motorloa Razor Maxx has a 3300mAh battery which gives it 20hrs of Talk Time

    I only hope they make one with 3500mAh battery  🙂

  • Damon Aldora

    Type your comment here.It’s not surprising that Samsung is in short supply; the GSIII is one of
    the best phones you can get! I am just waiting to get mine. I’m looking forward
    to using the new LTE network because many of my Dish co-workers have LTE phones
    and love them. I am a big TV person, so I watch live TV on my phone a lot using
    the Dish Remote Access app. I’m sure LTE is going to make streaming a lot
    better since I stream from my Sling Adapter-connected receiver. Hopefully it
    gets here soon!

  • Lord Vader

    Only USA hype such news
    rest of the World always has no issue getting phone