GTA V reality without relationships

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 28, 2012

One thing we have loved about most Grand Theft Auto games is the open world environment mixed with small steps towards reality, which improve with each release and are likely to deliver the best balance yet in GTA V. You can expect the police to be better armed with tear gas, riot shields, and more to make the next game more authentic.

Some things from real life don’t belong in Grand Theft Auto V – it’s great making the open world environment more lifelike, but there are certain features we would hate to see in the next installment and this includes having a relationship. We’re sure most gamers will agree with us that the Skyrim-type marriages would not work in GTA V, but this has not stopped some gamers posting on forums asking for these features, and the thought of an in-depth relationship in GTA is almost laughable.

Could you imagine having a Skyrim-level relationship within GTA V? This forum is touching on this very subject, asking if girlfriends should be included in the next GTA, and the replies give you a taste of what the gamer wants to do inside GTA V, which couldn’t be further away from buying a house, settling down, and then having kids. These gamers would much rather go to a strip club and dance with a girl, which could then lead to some one night stand action if allowed thanks to an 18+ game rating.

We’ve played Skyrim for well over 500 hours and enjoyed buying a house and getting married, but this doesn’t belong in GTA V in our opinion, and we cant quite understand what some gamers are thinking when they want this level of reality within Grand Theft Auto. It’s fair to say that the type of gangster you see in this game could have a family, but most people are not going to want this experience within the next game, how could it be fun to have Skyrim-level relationships in GTA 5?

Rockstar please give us car customization, more hardcore police, and even better how about another trailer or the release date soon, but you can forget about certain aspects of reality like relationships. It seems for now the silence is some sort of marketing tactic, and constant news about Max Payne 3 shows that Rockstar are not ready to give us more on GTA 5 at this time.

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  • Sataylor2908

    the idea of an absolute biatch or a really good woman to choose from sounds good even better if the first part of the game is set in vice city then skips like ten years to “retirement” in los santos and depending on choices made you either have good kids and a loving wife or a wife who sells you out first chance she gets and little brats, maybe games aren’t at that stage yet but just saying would be good in my opinion

  • Lord Vader

    Wish we could fill Gas  in Cars it would be more fun & know which cars give better milage  🙂

    Also better Shopping Malls ;p

    & garages to customize cars  🙂

    we can only wish

  • Chucho

    Realistic. Pfft. I’d like to see any of you take more than, let’s say, three shots without even so much as a limp. If you want a relationship and all this lovey dovey crap, call a real girl.

  • Pretty boy swag

    I don’t give AF. Don’t go soft Rockstar…….. GO HARD!!! 🙂

  • johnny b goode

    i believe m rating is 17+, this guy sucks at writing articles, someone please fire him

    • PaT

       only US has 17+ rating, everywhere else in the universe 18 is the standard mature rating… ignorant kid.

  • Gram

    Why have full relationships in GTA? That’s what THE SIMS is for.

  • Suvam

    rockstar should give everything inside..healthy relations,unhealthy ones as well….:D  and then let the gamers decide what they are gonna settle down with……

    • dey dook are jwebs

      exactly. you don’t have to have a relationship in the game Im not really bothered personally its just something to do when im bored but at least you have to freedom to choose

  • im for the relationships and im for everything that is helping the game feel more realistic ..also you compare it to skyrim like they invented it duude GTA invented it lol

    • GTA invented relationships? you my friend, need to get a girlfriend

  • JKenney08

    I still think you should be able to have relationships in GTA V in my opinion. To me and im sure for most of the other gamers, it makes the game more realistic and rather much more entertaining to them. If not the relationships at least let there be the ability to purchase homes and safe houses which could come in handy for example as a safe haven during gameplay. But I ask you rockstar please to recall your decision for including this into the game and think about it more before publishing it permanently into the actual full copy of the game. Rockstar I also ask that you let the decision be made by your fans and I have the idea of having much rather a poll of deciding whether this ability should be added to the game. Im sure it would be a well put out argument to decide whether marriage and relationships should be added to the game or not.

  • GTA Diehard fan

    I agree, there just isn’t any need for a “marriage” option in GTA V other than maybe apart of the main storyline but the protagonist seems to be married all ready. Rockstar really needs to focus on the graphics, cities, driving/shooting physics, and cutting edge/ cliff hanger storylines. They’ve been great so far and I’m hoping GTA V and it’s era of GTA games will be even better.

  • …..any true GTA fan that I know would hate not having the option, if you don’t want to get in a relationship then DON’T DO IT. I actually like the relationship option because I, like most GTA fans, love the rpg aspect of the game. 
    I would actually want there to be more relationship options that include both random encounters, like in san andreas, and an online dating sort of thing.

  • Screen_x

    I’d like the option if it’s included. Personal tastes vary and you need to respect that. If you don’t like it, simply don’t have a relationship in GTA5

  • UnknownUser28

    rockstar already said in an interview that the relationship aspect of gta is gone

    • NB


  • For me who’s been a gamer since the Atari 2600 was king, I say this: Rockstar might have finally opened their eyes, and may be starting to merge the 2 technologies of the world’s two most popular titles, all in the name of sales. And having played both, I love them both: The other one being The Sims 3. Merging these two games, it becomes a do all game, the same way that EA SIMS are missing direct control now and cars that you can really drive, because they do not yet merged have GTA features into it. A game does not need to always have a gun to be awesome to play. So R*, shut up and take my money!

  • ElDiablo

    Should be able to recruit people to come with you, like Saints Row did in the first one. I want tougher police and more realistic chases so I can actually hide, i mean, many times have i ditched the car, jumped a fence and hid behind a wall but a police cruiser riding past seems to know i’m there? wtf? Need some type of splinter cell detection in the game lol Like you run down a back alley at night after killing someone and the police only see you go in there, so an officer walks with a torch into the alley cautiously but doesn’t automatically know you are hiding behind that dumpster. Back to the recruit part, I want to bring with me some gang bangers to shoot up the other gangs or police in a drive by. IT’S LA MAN! HOW CAN WE NOT!?

    • Thegamer

      WTF? What LA officer would whip out a torch to go down a dark alley?

      • maybe a flash light then lol

      • Jeff

         In some English speaking countries flashlights are referred to as ‘torches.’

        The More You Know…

  • Lizzy

    you’re basing your first paragraph off of a rumor from last year… stop… just stop… wait until Rockstar announces everything that’s new…

  • Rolloff67

    GTA 5 has to seriously good to get a shred of respect in the current Market. For open play games Skyrim is God. You can do just about anything in that game. For instance it is not a crime game but you can burgle any property you like. You can enter all buildings something we were all hoping for with GTA 5 but we will not see. To Rockstar that level of detail is not game vital and never will be. Rockstar need to perform with this game or risk being ‘has beens’ saints row 3 is not great but they are getting there. Rockstar really needed to do another San Andreas to really shine I just can’t see Los Santos being that strong on it’s own. Look at the Skyrim map huge.

  • Tim

    A Skyrim type of relationship in GTA V would not be too bad.  Not sure what level you take your Skyrim marriage to, but showing up at home every few in games weeks and picking up some easy gold is great.  “Has the store made any money?”, 2000 gold, out of there for another few weeks.  That type of easy money in GTA 5 would be awesome, just as long as there is none of that dating crap from GTA IV, that was a pain in the ass.

  • bruh man

    yall niggas need to leave rockstar alone til they feel like releaseing it its guna be good either we know wuts it about or not im koo waitin yall needa relax

    • Catibug88

      As you can see, intelligence actually translates to grammar. bruh man has just proved that hypothesis. 

  • Jaredmichaelh

    Another half assed, fluff article from Half Chubb.

    • Jinny

      You are the loser here, this is a great article with a valid point.

      • Lizzy

        no it doesn’t… it’s comparing GTA to other games and GTA is unlike every other game…

        plus he opens with info from a huge rumor sheet that has been discredited as a fanboys wishlist

    • Tim

      We all want real news but I for one love articles like this giving us things to read, so talk about relationships in GTA not slagging people off you troll.

  • Gumby65

    Tear gas? Really? Maybe author is getting mixed up with Grove St green spray paint? Tasers>Capstun anyway.

    • Lizzy

      he is basing that off the first ever rumor list that came from a supposed UK based PS magazine writer… yet all the PS mags there have said no one has seen the game… it has been discredited as a fanboys wishlist… along with that he said laser trip mines would be included

  • Brandon

    Give us a new trailer and more information please

  • Maaaannnnn

    I dont care much about this post, i only get satisfaction that theres something new to read about gtaV, makes me want to believe it is worth checking news about gtaV 50 times a day..
    Please Rockstar, post dat 2nd trailer soon

    • Lava lamp

      You and every other person who is going to read this.

    • Raytrain

      This and all articles like this should be called “reaching for straws the GTA EDITIONS”

  • Lava lamp

    What? Hahaha these articles are getting worse and worse

    • Sharpz

      Its a forum blud not a news article

  • Shaniqua

    As much as I hated them, I think they will return.

  • Jim

    Uh it woild be easy to imagine relationships in GTA5, since relationships were in the past two console GTA games… I doubt they are going to exclude relationships in the next one, homie

    • Curtis

      hes saying in depth relationships like buying a home and getting married not taking her out to the cluckin bell and the having coffee afterwards homie

  • Chocago

    Weak ass argument

  • Jamie

    GTA San Andres, GTA IV (Both had relationships which were fun and intertaining.)