Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update hopes

By Alan Ng - Jun 27, 2012

It looks like Google are definitely going to be announcing their highly anticipated ‘Nexus’ tablet at Google I/O this week, and it looks set that we’ll also see the world premiere for Android Jelly Bean as well.

In traditional fashion, Google has just been spotted putting the official mascot figure outside their campus and thanks to a picture already released, the figures for Android Gingerbread, Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich now have a new friend to play with.

In a shock twist, it turns out that the official Jelly Bean man won’t actually have a face! We’re guessing that the picture shown above is the final outcome of the Jelly Bean figure, but it seems that Google has decide to not give him / her any facial features, instead focusing on the contents of his stomach – actual lifelike Jelly Beans in a variety of wonderful colors.

The best thing about this particular reveal, is that most of the features of Jelly Bean have been kept a secret. We haven’t had any major interface leaks about the next version of Android, meaning that it should be a great event to tune into to see the new software demoed live on stage by Andy Rubin.

The Nexus tablet is odds on to be the first device to ship with Jelly Bean, but the big question that most of you are asking now is – will my current smartphone or tablet be getting an update to Jelly Bean as well? Considering that many smartphones are still without an Ice Cream Sandwich update or have just received one – you shouldn’t get your hopes up about receiving one before the end of the year.

We’ll probably get the usual line of hardware not being compatible with the latest version of Android, meaning that older versions of Android handsets will more than likely be crossed off the list. The Galaxy S3 is one device which you can guarantee will be getting an update, but what about say the Galaxy Nexus and the Droid RAZR / RAZR MAXX?

Considering that the Droid RAZR is only just getting Android 4.0, we would imagine that the device won’t be getting an update to Jelly Bean. It is all ifs and buts at the moment of course, but the slow nature of carrier software rollouts doesn’t exactly make us confident that a large number of handsets out now will get Android 4.1.

How optimistic are you about getting an update to Jelly Bean? Does your future now solely rest in the hands of places like the XDA Developers Forums, or are you now thinking about upgrading to the Galaxy S3 or the Nexus tablet, to ensure that you definitely get a helping of Jelly Bean? All eyes are on Google I/O this week – stay tuned.

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  • Pikeing-74

    I just hope Htc one v gets a update only just got it with ics not buying another handset will wait

  • PCCare247

    Google Nexus is for all those who wish to keep their Tech gadget collection up to date. Looking forward to using such a neat work of experts.

  • P Braley

    As a G-nex owner, I should hope that Google gives me the update pretty sharpish after release, otherwise what’s the incentive to go for a nexus device on release as I did, rather than wait and get the S3

    • Don’t hold your breath regarding any updates in a timely manner. Just move on and get the S3. I waited on HTC with a 3D Evo and what was a Q1 release has turned into a release to Sprint in June or July and then after Sprint tests the update it will be released. I am talking about an ICS update.  My point is what was first a March, April time frame is now a August, September roll-out. BTW.. I bought the Evo 4G LTE a month ago so I no longer care about my ICS update. Just buy the S3 and you will feel the same.