20 minute Skyrim Dawnguard gameplay for PC, PS3 users

By Alan Ng - Jun 27, 2012

As most of you are probably aware, Dawnguard has finally arrived for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It has been eight months in the making, but Skyrim players on Xbox 360 finally have their first piece of post-release DLC to enjoy.

PS3 and PC players on the other hand, simply have to wait or perhaps in PS3 users case – drool. PC players may not be too bothered about Dawnguard for the moment with so many mods to enjoy, but there’s no doubt that PS3 users are the ones who are mostly feeling the heat and still scratching their heads over why this isn’t out at the same time across all platforms.

Nevertheless, Dawnguard is out on Xbox 360 only for the time being and early impressions are that it is highly addictive and very fun to play. We do have something to ease the pain for PS3 and PC onlookers though – notably in the form of a 20 minute walkthough video courtesy of VG247.

The video gives you an idea how you can first start the Dawnguard quests, as you’ll see that you’ll automatically initiate conversation with Durak who first informs you about the Dawnguard and the vampires, which he asks you to help them to kill. You’ll then be asked to go to Fort Dawnguard to find out more, which is located in south east of Riften.

The gameplay will continue all the way up to the point where you begin conversation with Serana, a mysterious female vampire who first asks you to help her get back to her family’s home. Is this the sort of content that you want to pay $20 for? This is just a taster of course, but we will have other walkthrough videos for you during the week.

If you are playing Skyrim on PS3 and PC, let us know how you are coping with the fact that Xbox 360 players have access to Dawnguard at the moment and you don’t.

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  • DeadlyFart50

    WOW they are just shoving it in the ps3 users face by showing a 20 min video when you can just go to youtube and view a 1-2 hour video of gameplay a**holes

  • Bergioyn

    It sucks balls that xbox peasants got the DLC before PC.

  • Bethesda you failed us ;(

    Does anyone know when patch 1.6 comes out for ps3

    • Jeremybassham

      Patch 1.7 will come out for all systems next monday, betheseda decided to skip patch 1.6 for ps3 but don’t worry you will get your mounted combat

  • DL53

    I hate the wait, but if it means less bugs the better. Skyrim already has a lot of bugs and glitch for the PS3, so the less the better for me since I’m a PS3 user. Oh and I can’t do that slow montion bow thing on my game lol, okay with a warrior, can anyone tell me why because I love using a bow.

    • Neenam

      It is a skill on the archery perk tree. It’s called steady hand

      • DL53

        Lol no, not that, I meant like when you kill someone with a sword when their about to die. It either grabs them and or cut off their head in a slow montion movie. I really don’t know how to explain it but I seen videos of people doing it, even noods that have level ten archery. I have 100 on archery and all it’s perks, but still can’t do that slow montion last hit thing lol… Understand?

        • Shane93

          its a patch 1.6 that added archery kill cam moves if thats what you mean

        • Hoganshannon1977

          U need to down load the patch then then use your bow but its pritty random when u get a kill cam iv gotn kill cams even when I miss lol

        • DL53

          Lol thanks, guess it’s time to take out more money -.- fun…

  • Billy

    shitbox owners need to die

  • Bolag Mal

    If you need proof that Bethesda has lost touch with its fanbase, inexplicably and immediately following one its most universal successes, look no further than their next TES release – TES: Money For Us Online. Its an unfortunate reality that there is much more money to be made in MMOs, especially those with a good license like TES (See SWTOR). Selling out PC users for Microsoft dollars makes no sense to me strategically, so I think this is a money play. Anyhow, this is a bitter pill for me, if only because I can see the next pill…

  • Neenam321

    I am a ps3 skyrim player and I am at the edge of my seat still waiting on any news about the release date ! Personally I can’t wait. I would love to have some fellow skyrim players as friends on psn so if you want to discuss skyrim or ask tips or anything like that add Neenam1 🙂 hope to speak to yous soon.

  • Hi and Yes I’m MaD

    WHY did Bethesda devolop this dlc for XBOX???! Why could’nt they do it on the pc?! It’s more easier to patch bugs (ehmm mod communty) and it’s MUCH easier to convert this to ps3 and xbox. What Were They Thinking?! the xbox is a lot harder to patch bugs and it’s even harder to convert!

    If anyone disagrees or if anyone could explain my why they didn’t make this dlc for the pc, i’d be a little happier. 

    • liam farley

      Seriously, windows is microsoft so how can they sell it out.

  • AryaStarkKillerOfTheFatBoys

    PS3 user and pissed. Summertime would have been the perfect time to release Dawnguard for all systems. Better for us, (summer vacation, more time to play without feeling the stress of school) and better for them, too. Oh well…

  • Torres9green

    I think since there making pc and ps3 users wait longer we get it cheaper

  • guest 8

    i hope thay make it for ps3 or i am just going to buy the game for xbox 360

  • dahhhh. who cares? ill play the game in a few years, when all the bugs are fixed. i just finished elder scrolls 3. soooo many good games and mods to play 🙂

  • Pmysta

    as long as it comes out for the ps3 during the summer holidays then i wont be too annoyed with the extra wait. However, i will be really annoyed if it comes out in September (after the hols) as i will not be able to get it until next year because i dont have the time to go on the ps3 during university semesters.

    It would be nice to get it soon, ps3 users have had to put up with a lot of lag and many glitches and we dont have a console to get round these things like the pc version has.

    So summing up: the sooner Dawnguard comes out for the ps3 (and PC) the better

  • gsol

    what armor is he wearing?

    • Mrbearmoney

       forsworn armor, you get itno forsworn along the main questline:)

  • Pancake

    I play skyrim on a PC and im just as pissed as all of you are but this is business therefore the person who pays the most money and invests the most money gets the “make all the other people super pissed cake” in a business you never say no to a bribe where all you have to do is release the DLC on one platform then release it to the others such as PC and Ps3 users trust me i hate this just as much as you guys do but this is business

    • Brianwulf

      A business like bethesda, which makes a ton of money off of one game, does not need, in any way, the bribe from microsoft to get the content first. If they cared about the fans, you know, the ones who pay the bills, especially the pc users, which seems to be their biggest market, they would not do this. Playing on ps3, cause my c is down at the moment, I dont even have mods to hold me over, so yeah, I call shenanigans. Where’s my broom?

      • Mharmon

        I paid the same price for Skyrim that 360 users did. I will not be “punished” for paying for the game in the first place. When the DLC is released on the PC, I will pirate it. It would be asinine of me (or anyone else, for that matter) to reward Bethesda for behavior like this.  

  • LJ

    I am ps3 user and ive really been looking forward for this add on !!! i cnt wait til it comes out 4 ps3, iv hav bin cheacking ps3 updates everyday just incase it comes out but they could of at least said tda dates its coming to ps3, coz its driving me crazy tht i might just buy an xbox so i just cn play it.

    • Pappasmarcos

       its either on tuesday or 26th

  • BloodStar

    The only thing Im not too crazy about is the hours long update Steam will make me do when it comes out. XD

  • Robin-andre

    I like how xbox 360 purchase the lisence first. This is the good thing about playing on a xbox 360 boiiiis!

    • ihatemicrosoft.

      dude. f**k you.

    • PCGameingisbetter

      woop u get the content first who cares i got Mods boiiiiiiii… 

  • Billybobjonestyler

    I’m p’d of that xbox always get the dlc’s first. its not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Joshreynolds 47

       Microsoft pay extra to the companies so that Xbox gets the content first

  • Izzykei

    Why would I want to watch someone else play it xD its like dangling a cookie in front of me but not letting me have it. I knew xbox would get it first. All it does is up the rivalry i see between ps3 and 360 users. I’m annoyed but eh. Its ok, Ps3 will get it soon enough. Probably a few months. Until then I will grit my teeth and continue playing the same quests and caves.

  • Nathan

    I don’t think it’s fair that the x-box users get Dawnguard first. The PC users get all the mods and all of us PS3 users only get a Skyrim background. Bethesda should have released Dawnguard to all of the systems at the same time.

    • Anonymous

       yes but we get free psn and more skill and fun!!!

    • Xanatos

      To be fair, you unwittingly gave a very good reason why PC gamers like myself should have to wait for Dawnguard for PC…because PC has mods. 

  • mark

    Lie….this is not PC gameplay

  • Thornton

    Man, DayZ is sooo much fun. 

  • Rockeh900

    im not too concerned, i still need to save up money to get the DLC. I still find the fact that Xbox gets exclusive rights, but im usually late on getting DLC for any game haha *cough* call of duty *cough*

  • Eventine83

    so stupid that Bethesda has yet again screwed us PS3 owners but giving Microcrap access to the DLC first. just proves that they don’t care about their entire fan base just the companies that are willing to pay for exclusive rights to first release. They gave us the better graphics and sound they could at least give all three platforms the DLC at the same time. makes sense to make all that revenue at one time so they can make more DLC rather than give the small number of 360 players the sole realease so far.

  • Atrox

    I’m trying to go to Fort Dawnguard..but near a gate it says “You cannot go that way”….what do I do?

    • Roesmeister

      I have the same problem, i just got it on pc and I can’t get pass the gates. Did you solve this problem? and how?

  • the best jr

    dude why cant they just put it on the damn ps3 its not that damn hard to put it out on all platforms this is going to relly piss off all players but damn xbox. all because xbox pays to get the the dlc first its not right

  • Hrman


  • Holden Zenator

    Their just putting it on Xbox first coz no one is buying them…

  • guest 8

    Whyyyyyyy must us ps3 users wait to play?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?! It looks too awesome to wait for 😛

  • I’m on PC and the fact of not having Dawnguard yet doesn’t really bother me. I have a mod that gives me freaking lightsabers. Lightsabers. The truth is, we’ll get Dawnguard eventually, they’ll never get mods.

    • Oskar

      Actually it’s been discovered that Xbox and pc uses the same dlc files. So you can currently get it if you buy it on xbox and take the files from there or go to less legal sites.

      • Meanie

        Don’t be so expert nerd here because what you say won’t work clever guy.

    • This is actually a very good point that I never thought about. Oh the joys of Mod packs and console modding on PC. Oh and the added love of supreme Graphics!! 😀

    • This is actually a very good point that I never thought about. Oh the joys of Mod packs and console modding on PC. Oh and the added love of supreme Graphics!! 😀

      Sorry about the post below this. My mate was logged in on my facebook at the time :/ FAIL

  • Fugiogi

    im ticked off them xbox  360 players get to play it first i heard on a news site its gonna come out tmmrw  we’ll see……..

  • Kolbyak

    Just get it for ps3/ pc soon.

  • guest


  • kieran

    ps3 and tearing up as i write this

  • guest 7

    I have a ps3 and ive really been looking forward for this add on! im a huge lycanthropy fan and i really want that werewolf skill tree! This add on is amazing! it’s creative dark,gothic and I already made 2 save files so i can play as a werewolf and a vampire. i don’t care if xbox gets it first BUT they could of at least said that its coming to ps3. all this uncertainty is driving me mad! :/

  • Panikprk

    im on pc… im pissed

    • Dovahlizard

      The PC has mods to keep ’em busy. I have both ps3 and pc… My sister practically own the PC, so I’m pretty ticked that us ps3 players have to wait at least another month to get he DLC and nothing…