20 minute Skyrim Dawnguard gameplay for PC, PS3 users

By Alan Ng - Jun 27, 2012

As most of you are probably aware, Dawnguard has finally arrived for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It has been eight months in the making, but Skyrim players on Xbox 360 finally have their first piece of post-release DLC to enjoy.

PS3 and PC players on the other hand, simply have to wait or perhaps in PS3 users case – drool. PC players may not be too bothered about Dawnguard for the moment with so many mods to enjoy, but there’s no doubt that PS3 users are the ones who are mostly feeling the heat and still scratching their heads over why this isn’t out at the same time across all platforms.

Nevertheless, Dawnguard is out on Xbox 360 only for the time being and early impressions are that it is highly addictive and very fun to play. We do have something to ease the pain for PS3 and PC onlookers though – notably in the form of a 20 minute walkthough video courtesy of VG247.

The video gives you an idea how you can first start the Dawnguard quests, as you’ll see that you’ll automatically initiate conversation with Durak who first informs you about the Dawnguard and the vampires, which he asks you to help them to kill. You’ll then be asked to go to Fort Dawnguard to find out more, which is located in south east of Riften.

The gameplay will continue all the way up to the point where you begin conversation with Serana, a mysterious female vampire who first asks you to help her get back to her family’s home. Is this the sort of content that you want to pay $20 for? This is just a taster of course, but we will have other walkthrough videos for you during the week.

If you are playing Skyrim on PS3 and PC, let us know how you are coping with the fact that Xbox 360 players have access to Dawnguard at the moment and you don’t.

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