WWE 13 nWo roster possibilities

By Alan Ng - Jun 26, 2012

Excitement for WWE 13 is as high as ever, particularly since THQ has yet to reveal the full roster that will be featured in the game. There has been leaks galore though as we’ve informed you already and one great new rumor hints on possible roster slots being taken up by the members of the nWo.

The nWo doesn’t really need an introduction. In wrestling folklore, they were one of the biggest stables around during the heydays of the WCW and also WWE when Vince Mcmahon purchased the company in 2001. Kevin Nash was in WWE 12 after his recent return to WWE programming, but Scott Hall and Hulk Hogan are two guys who you wouldn’t expect to see in a WWE wrestling game again.

However, Captain Starball has spotted the use of an nWo t-shirt in one of the official screenshots for WWE 13 that THQ put out for promoting the appearance of Mike Tyson. You can see the t-shirt clearly above (bottom right corner) and it could be a major hint that WWE are willing to put the famous group back in the game as part of the exciting ‘Attitude Era’ campaign mode.

Could we really see deals for Hogan and Hall though? Unlikely we say. One more likely scenario is just having all of the materials in the create a wrestler mode so that fans can use nWo attire for their own wrestler if they decide to. The ball is in the WWE’s court though, not Hogan’s or Hall’s. You may also remember that Kevin Nash used the nWo theme during his WWE return, so Vince McMahon definitely hasn’t killed off all links to the stable just yet.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you like to see three roster slots taken up by Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash in their nWo attire?

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  • Gizmotomcollins

    yes it  would be cool to nwo in wwe13 but why just them why not sik/ x pac

  • Gizmo_55432

    nWo Red n black Wolf Pac was better

  • JordanT or J10

    I got  antoher comment  you should  create or own  attire in the create like have ower own custom  your own superstar and create or comeback in WWE13. then could bring back rey mystercio and make the royal rumble a little bit beter like make us be able to come out the ring.

  • Richardlancaster

    yes i would

  • chevy

    They werent even in the attitude era   the NWO  didnt kum to the  WWF  until 2002, by then the  attitude era was over  and  soo were the monday night wars. Yes the  Nwo  was popular in the late 90’s  When WCW was still alive, wayy before the monday night wars even started. 

  • Scott_guesty

    “The ball is in the WWE’s court though, not Hogan’s or Hall’s.”

    thats not strictly true, the ball is very much in each parties court. WWE can’t use the likeness of either wrestler without their expressed permission, (presumably a paid contract would be worked out). in the case of Scott Hall, the guy is addicted to more drugs than i care to think of, so he probably needs the money. Hogan on the other hand, still has plenty of money (despite loosing much in his divorce). however they may still work something out. look at Ric Flair going into the hall of fame, the payback for TNA on that count was to have christian turn up at a PPV and cut a promo.

    you only have to look at the ultimate warrior being cut from smackdown here comes the pain, to know that without being given permission, the best thing that THQ can do is implement the design patterns, ring walk and move sets of these wrestlers in the CAW feature.

  • John Brown

    yes i would NWO would be good to have them in wwe 13