Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD is a sell out

By Alan Ng - Jun 26, 2012

When we first heard that Activision were planning to remake the amazing Tony Hawk Pro Skater games, we presumed that one of the main reasons for this was to give something back to those retro fans who played all of the originals. It appears that we were wrong.

It turns out that just like a certain other Activision FPS, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD is the latest victim of Activision’s timed-exclusive schemes and it results in the game releasing a few weeks early on Xbox 360, with PS3 users being left in the dark.

While we’re certainly not surprised to an extent given today’s fierce industry, it is a major disappointment that Activision can’t put their contracts aside and just give the game to everyone at the same time. After all, if the game really is about ‘giving back to the fans’, Activision will be well aware that the franchise became famous on PlayStation, starting with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 back on the PS1 in 1999.

THPS1 was an amazing game, but was arguably bettered by Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, which arrived the following year in 2000. Once again, the game arrived on PlayStation first before arriving on other platforms and the THPS2 made its name and fame on the PS1, sending developers Neversoft and publishers Activision into dizzy heights with amazing success.

But, Activision appears to have forgotten that unfortunately. We’re not sure how much input new developers Robomodo had in this, but the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD remake is coming to Xbox 360 first on July 18. We’re well aware that this may come across as a bit harsh towards Activision, but after being loyal servants of the original three games on the PlayStation, we felt that this really needed to be said.

What are Activision’s motives for wanting the game to come out on Xbox 360 first? Do they have a personal vendetta against Sony these days that we don’t know about? We don’t like these timed-exclusive releases as much as you, but when a classic game is supposedly being remade for ‘the fans’, this is probably the worst scenario that Activision could have conjured up.

There will also be a lack of split screen mode in the game for those that are interested. What a shame.

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  • Sexpistol

    For me it’s sad to see this go to Xbox first when all the old school online players still maintain a server for thug 1 thps 3 and 4 and beyond on ps2. We have kept the true game alive at heart and now they do this sht. No recognition of the true fans.

  • and people still think games get created so that we have something nice to play.
    well, put down your pink glasses, get out of your nursery and start realizing what species you belong to and what world you are living in. way too many people are deluted when it comes to reality.

  • Sndmespam

    I myself have never owned a microsoft game console, but these “exclusive” time windows really push me farther and farther away from ever wanting one. Mircosoft, pull your head out of your ass and make exclusives… not windows. (skyrim dlc window REALLY pissed me off btw)

  • Civ

    Yeah, this is the lame world we live in today. People try to justify this like this like “oh u mad bro”. Well…yeah I’m mad. And, other ps3 owners should be mad too. This is one reason Activision get no money from me.

  • Miggy820

    Stupid thing to be upset about. Business is business, Activision puts a price on things and Microsoft pays. There no love loss when it comes to Sony. You could even argue that the THPS series helped sell PS systems.

    • Gam3rsd3light

       its not stupid to be upset for this. business is business but shady business isn’t cool. Microsoft is known for doing shady things . just look at that whole motorola scandal. I think its sad Activision is doing the same. Theres no reason for them to be greedy about it. They know sales are going to be good regardless. pfft and companies wonder why ppl are pirating games these days. why would ppl want to support companies like these. lol look at capcom with there dlc scandal.. ppl need to have soul once in while.

  • Curtwhitlock

    Does this really matter? You said it arrived first on Playstation when it was first released several years ago and now the same thing is happening today but on another platform. Are you really upset about the timed releases or are you just upset it wasn’t on Playstation first?

    • Jerry Curlan

      Well, isn’t it obvious? It’s both. It seems like every time this happens, all the PS3 owners get all whiny about it like it was something new, but Microsoft’s been paying for timed releases for years now. It seems to me that instead of bitching Microsoft out for paying Activision off for a timed release, they should really be bitching to Sony about not trying to do the same – this is business, and money talks, and if Sony ponied up the dough I suspect it could go the other way. Anyways, whiny crybabies as usual.

      • Civ

        MS has to pay because they aren’t creative enough to put out original content. That’s why they have been doing it for years. 

        • SnackPackGUY

           Microsoft has released as much original content as Sony if not more. It seems as though people are complaining that it’s coming out for Xbox first and not PS3, but if it came out for PS3 first they would all be happy. Sony needs to stop slacking on the creative front and start leading the industry because they certainly have the power to do so. I’m not siding with Xbox because I’m an Xbox person because I actually own a PS3, I’m saying this because it’s true.