Skyrim Dawnguard under map glitch appears

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 26, 2012

After installing the Skyrim Dawnguard DLC we went to Whiterun to meet a guard, which is how you start a trigger for the Fort Dawnguard quest, and we met a certain bug for the first time on our Xbox 360. When we walked towards the blacksmith hut we noticed the ground had gone where you normally start smithing, and then guards started falling under the map. This glitch only happened after installing the Dawnguard DLC, and while we cannot confirm if it’s related it is certainly a coincidence.

We have included some quick screenshots on this page, which show what we mean by “under the map“, and this is right after Dawnguard had been installed. It is also worth noting that our version of the game has the latest patch, so this is a bug that is unfixed to date. If this is not related to the Skyrim DLC then we wonder how many users have experienced this issue and if Bethesda are working on a fix, although if it did happen thanks to the new add-on then it will be interesting to see if we find more bugs during our review.

After saving and restarting the game it went away but we have not played for long after this restart, so it will now be interesting to see if we keep falling under the map since installing the add-on. We’ll keep you updated, but in the meantime it would be good if our readers could leave a comment with any glitches experienced since installing the expansion.

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  • Nativeamerican1077

    i recently purchased dawnguard installed it after several tries on and offline and a few updates i finally got the past the title screen freeze now im n game noone mentions the dawnguard n the inns or guards until i was approached n riften bye an invisible man telling me about it but when i trie to go to fort dawnguard to meet the leader noone is there and the fort is off the map and i cant walk to it whats up with that

  • Stilgar

    It happened to me a few times now only it is the sky-forge ( so i can get to the vender chest and jump out of it on the other side of the building.) I wouldn’t complain about that thought added bonus in my book. But I am getting a looooot of freezes, that does bother me. So i keep saying “new save” before i hit a loading screen and turned the auto save off. That help with the load freezes, but not the i am waking and it cant render so it gets choppy and freezes even if i stop moving when it is choppy. So i just say Quick Save, and most of the time i can save and it forces the render ( The textures and barriers ). Also with DG, when i am at fort DG and play around the water fall some times i get halo reach propelled on top of the water falls. Luckly this does not kill me, and only 2 times it happened during the render choppy. So the barriers where not in place and i got to look around at the top of the mountain. Not for long though because my game froze about 3 min after i got there both times. the other times i just sit on the water fall with a week bow and arrows and take pop shots at the guards of said fort. This does not kill them but makes me laugh.
    all and all im having fun and that is why i bought it.  

  • Very uncommon thing if you are PC user of the game (like myself) and have conflicting mods running.  Some will cause this kind of graphical disappearance issue.

  • Madman Mongo

    Happened to me as well, after the first patch came out I think. It was a fairly long time ago…

  • Unknown gaming

    Should I get dawnguard or witcher 2?

  • Alex.W

    just to tell you i dont have the dawngaurd add on but when i was in whiterun i also went under ground and could get out of whiterun so i dont think its the add on and just an occasionall glitch in the game and this happened to me about 4 months ago

  • Alduin

     Good job trying to deface a developer by showing off your bugs in one of the most successful games of this gen. Your article sucks kid.

  • Peteh

    Its a coincidence, that happened to me a few weeks ago. In Whiterun, right?