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Samsung Galaxy S3 Verizon release update

With Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile customers already expecting to get their hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S3 sometime this month, many customers on Verizon Wireless are wondering when Big Red is planning to announce their big launch date.

If you head to their website now and proceed to pre-order the Galaxy S3, you’ll see that an estimated shipping date of July 11th comes up. For those planning to buy elsewhere though either online or in-store, the date that you are probably going to have the best chance of picking one up is July 12.

US retailer HHGregg seems to have jumped the gun big time over their excitement in stocking the device, as they have plastered a lovely new banner on their website revealing that they will have the Galaxy S3 available from July 12th. This date falls on a Thursday just so you’re aware and that is also the usual day in which Verizon launch new smartphones.

While the disappointment for Verizon being the ‘last’ of the big carriers to get the Galaxy S3, you may be interested to know that customers on AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint are also receiving delays on when their pre-orders are expected to arrive. It all points down to the Galaxy S3 being one hot device indeed and imagine the madness if it was just exclusive to one carrier.

Are you waiting to pick up the Galaxy S3 on Verizon right now, or are you perfectly happy with your Galaxy Nexus at the moment? Take a note of the July 12 launch date as that is looking pretty solid right now.



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