PS3 update 4.20 live, new browser MIA

By Alan Ng - Jun 26, 2012

As promised, Sony has now released the latest firmware update for the PS3. Version 4.20 finally adds a few notable features aside from the usual security updates, but unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be any major maintenance on that below-par web browser.

Ever since the news broke that Microsoft are looking to bump up the Xbox 360 functionality with an Metro style Internet Explorer 9 browser, PS3 users have been crying out for Sony to make some much needed improvements on their own browser.

Although Sony didn’t mention this in their patch notes, we’ve noticed that the 4.20 update does actually include a few improvements to the web browser, mainly the fact that you won’t be greeted with so many pop-ups any more when trying to view pages that require plugins.

It is by no means a revamp though, as playing simple Flash videos on the browser still remains a painful chore. It would be nice to be able to jump on the PS3 browser and view the daily news and sports videos from the BBC. However, this is still not possible as the videos require a later version of Flash and trying to play the videos just brings up the stressful message ‘The device you are using currently has the latest version of Adobe Flash Player that is available for your browser’.

In other words, Sony is living in the past. Browsing from sites to sites is still very slow and trying to use YouTube on the PS3 browser isn’t exactly ideal either. Sony are in the final stages of bringing a YouTube app to the PS Vita, but how hard would it actually be for the company to provide some simple updates to ensure a smoother experience when wanting to check out the browser?

At the end of the day though, it is nice to see Sony providing some actual features now to their firmware updates, rather than just security updates each time as we mentioned above. Are you bothered about improving the web browser now in the PS3, or are you more interested in waiting for next-gen. We all have our smartphones now after all.

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  • Pkgrip

    I was using the internet browser and it was fine, but after this patch the browser keeps freezing and youtube links redeircts me to the youtubexl version with a broken link that doesn’t work, and some image thumbnails stopped loading in facebook, their browser downgraded A LOT with this new update.

  • Video consumer

    I want to use the web browser but its awful..I don’t want to browse web pages as such but to stream content such as Crackle on demand movies, thats a Sony web site ! , Google Play, BBC news etc etc that don’t have a PS3 “app”.   Also why cant Sony create a “marketplace” that developers can create and sell apps for the PS3.  I don’t mean games I mean really useful apps such as an alternative web browser, skype etc . They could make money ! 

  • SpiderBiskit

    I see to be in the majority here… I’m not asking for a major re-vamp to the browser or anything just one tiny little thing – a Flash upgrade, that’s it just 1 little thing… please Sony!

  • I don’t use the browser and 80% of ps3 owners are the same, who would wanna turn a console on for the web when cellphones are as good as computers for browsing these days

  • guest

    If you want to use youtube, use youtube xl, it’s designed for tvs. It’s not brilliant, but it works

  • James Lenoir

    The PS3’s browser is really a non-issue. We can effectively browse the internet on a multitude of devices, and a number of them give a much better browsing experience. Do I care about the PS3 or even the xbox 360s browser… No! Why not? Because I can browse the internet on my iPad, or my laptop or even on my PSvita.  I’d rather they focus on releasing content that improve my gaming experience, rather than superfluous nonsense like a web-browser or a twitter app.

    • Mfs6278

      if you have fully functioning browser you have another computer that can watch movies play games and it on a big screen. Just added value in my opininon. Make those other devices less relevant

  • PCFriendly

    Do I really care about browsing using my PS3? Uh….No. The PS3 does certain things but I may web browse a whopping 2-3 times a year. I’d rather they focus their energies on doing this that the system is designed to do.