Hints of Black Ops 2 multiplayer custom emblem editor

By Alan Ng - Jun 26, 2012

Earlier on this week we told you how Activision were continuing to be very secretive towards their upcoming PS Vita game, Black Ops Declassified. Now though, they have decided to give out some brand new screenshots for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Treyarch has teased that we’ll finally be getting a multiplayer reveal at GamesCom, but in the meantime Activision has released two screenshots of the game which have been taken from the single player campaign.

More specifically, the screenshots appear to be another look at the Strike Force missions that will be in the game and we’ve found out that this particular mission will be in Yemen in the Arabian Peninsula. The graphics on show are nothing special, but perhaps the most interesting aspect of one of these two screenshots, is the appearance of a gun emblem.

Treyarch may have planted this inside the screenshot to specifically reveal that custom emblems for weapons will be making a return in the multiplayer mode. This was a great little feature of the first Black Ops game so let’s hope that the skull-like logo seen in the image above is an indication that the custom emblem editor is coming back.

GamesCom doesn’t start until the middle of August though so we’re really hope that Activision are planning to give us a lot more than just these two screenshots. The zombie mode is still completely unknown for the time being as well, so we’re going to treat these screenshots as the first of many exciting reveals to come.

On a side note, have you managed to work out what weapon the soldier is holding in the screenshot above? Don’t forget that the game will feature futuristic weapons this time around, so we may see some very interesting weapons indeed.

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  • I don’t think that’s a player emblem.  Why would it be on the magazine and not on a location on the gun the player would be able to see?  Every gun emblem in Black Ops was somewhere where the player could see it while carrying the gun.  I think this is just a design on the magazine for the gun.

  • Ghgugif9f9

    Weapon looks like the PKP Pecheng (LMG)

    • BooberStump

      That’s the MK-48 LMG.