BF3 DICE Dog Tag hunting begins this week

If you have always wanted to get your hands on those elusive DICE dog tags for Battlefield 3, now is probably your best chance to do so. DICE has announced that they are holding a series of events, allowing Premium members to play with the developers during this week.

For those of you that are not aware, each member of the 100 strong employee team carries a set of unique dog tags stating their personal username and also another tag which proves that they’re a member of the DICE employee team. The only way to get hold of these rare artifacts is to knife these employees and if you don’t have the PC version of the game, you probably have never seen an employee in-game on your travels.

The good news, is that DICE will also be having an event with Xbox 360 and PS3 members. As detailed on the Battlefield Facebook page, the PC event will be starting today, Tuesday June 26 at 8am Pacific Time. The event will last for three hours and players are advised to keep checking the Battlefield Blog for further details on how to join.

As for PS3 and Xbox 360 members, your event will start at the same time on Wednesday and Thursday respectively – for the same three hour slot until 11am Pacific Time. We were hoping that DICE would have other events planned for Premium members aside from just Double XP every time and this is a great start from the company.

We’ll certainly be diving in to join the BF3 devs if we can, will you? To give you an idea of the fun that can be had by hunting for DICE dog tags, just check out the video below. On a side note, let us know if you have already managed to knife a DICE employee!



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