Skyrim Dawnguard: DLC has clear release time

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 25, 2012

Some people thought the Skyrim Dawnguard DLC had a clear release date, although this information had been up for change depending on how the beta progressed, which following a recent tweet from the official Bethesda account, we now know everything is set and Xbox 360 owners are lucky enough to get their hands on the expansion first thing tomorrow.

The Skyrim Dawnguard DLC has a clear release time if past Xbox Live updates are anything to go by, and this would predict that the Skyrim DLC should land between 6AM and 7AM Pacific Standard Time, which is around 9/10AM EST and 2/3PM in the UK.

If you are planning on buying Dawnguard on the Xbox 360 then it will cost you 1,600 points, although as we reported earlier today it seems that this exclusive doesn’t include any language other than English, so you would have to wait another month for other languages. If you are on the PS3 or PC then you should expect the download to fall around one month later, so be ready in July and keep your eyes off YouTube for words like Skyrim if you want to avoid spoilers.

Those of our readers that want to see some gameplay the moment Skyrim’s Dawnguard DLC launches should see our earlier article, which details the live stream one popular gaming website is offering, and also a little teaser video that gives you a taste of what to expect. You can also watch an 8-minute hands-on with the add-on here.

Are you looking forward to playing Dawnguard tomorrow, or are you one of the Skyrim gamers waiting another month, which in this case we’d love to hear what you will be doing if you cannot play the downloadable content right away?

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  • Elite Keller

    whene it will come for pc the new dlc ?
    infor me in my email…

  • B Rad_jeezy

    best dlc ever i have it its amazing 

  • Rai DeRaps

    Another month to wait *cries*
    I guess I’ll just have to go through Skyrim again while waiting D:

  • U srs

    Darn it..going to have to wait a month before it’s available on PC.

  • nse1998

    its 4:20 where im at. haha 4:20. anyway idk if its worth staying up till 9 or just falling asleep then playing it when i wake up at like 12 or 1.

  • guest

    well i wait anothor  3 more hours till i actually play the DLC

    • Slais Damon

      well if you live in america itd be about 6-7, seeing as how EST will be at 9-10 and its only 3:42 in EST

  • death lotus

    people have to learn that the price is pretty good. the shivering isles expansion for oblivion was 2400 Microsoft points, so I think its a good deal

    • BadBadDom

      It is a good deal, and this may hint at more dlc to come too. Fingers crossed eh

  • Logan K.

    I have HughesNet and need to download between 1am and 6am. I guess it’s tomorrow night for me.

  • Russell Gorall

    I am thinking of either waiting for the price to be slashed, or for reviews. For twenty bucks and a max of twenty hours it should literally be better than Skyrim.

    • Jmaturrell

      dont wait for price to slash it wont it is timed DLC so if u dont get it in the certin time window the DLC will be gone

      • Person

        That’s not what timed DLC means…

      • Brandon Abell

        It’s a “timed exclusive” which means it’s exclusive (to the XBox, in this case) for a period of time.  They’re not going to just pull it off the market and say “LOL, too late slowpokes!”

      • Ryeguy1996

        that is most certainly not true

      • Dude

        HaHa plonka. 

    • Anon

      Considering the Shivering Isles DLC for Oblvion was 30 bucks for around the same amount of time I wouldn’t be complaining. And judging off of that Besthesda really puts heart into their DLC

    • DerivedMinds

      Funny enough, I think you’re being a bit unfair on expectations of the DLC, if you looked at what was available in it, that should be enough for you to buy it, and i think it is a fair deal for the price judging on what you get and it’s a bit extreme of you to expect it to be better than the original game which has a stupid amount of hours of gaming in it, i mean seriously.

  • Troy The HardCore Gamer

    Wow.. Whatever me and my friend are gonna have absolutely no lives for the rest of the sumnmer now… THANK YOU BETHESDA!!!!

  • Rharley1

    It’s gonna be a little crimbo in the morning

  • Tom-chilled

    gunna say this is wrong as dlc is always avalible for me at 10, 11ish (AM) and i live in UK

    • Jamesdlol

      i hope so coz i am so excited and time is draggin 🙁

  • Bob

    just wondering but what is in this dlc

  • Noway

    I have to leave on a one week trip tommarrow gues I’ll half to wait till after 🙁

  • Bro Mcduderson

    This info should be right on Xbox Live, there should be an Upcoming section that shows you next weeks releases and has a counter counting down till you can buy it. You could even mark items you were excited for and a counter would go up on the upper right corner of your dashboard for you to watch and if you were in a game you’d could set an alert that would tell you when you could buy the new content. That’d be so awesome, make it happen Microsoft!

    • Heinrich_steven

      Wow what a great idea. I hope they do something even remotely like that in the future.

  • Fiona

    Nooooo. This is the only time I’ve cared at what time a DLC is released at lol

  • Cynthia

    Unfair for players that have jobs! I was looking to download it at midnight and at least get in an hour of gameplay. Guess not till after 5pm for me

    • Rick

       This may be a shock to you, but not everyone works 9-5. Even professionals.

  • Matt Apple

    I’m pretty glad to see that this is coming out before 12pm GMT, I’d worried that it would be released mid-afternoon in standard pacific time

  • Captain Jeff

    I was hoping that they were going to do a midnight release for EST but I guess not! At least I don’t have to wait up all night waiting now lol

  • I was actually just wondering to myself what time it would come out tomorrow.  Thanks a ton for the answer

  • bethesda love to troll

  • Nicksykes1990

    I live in New Zealand it’s already the 26th haha I wanna play now

  • Right Meow!

    I was really hoping for earlier than 9am est. Thats how bad I want to play this.