Shocking MW3 Terminal gameplay preview

By Alan Ng - Jun 25, 2012

Terminal is definitely coming to Modern Warfare 3, but at this current time Infinity Ward still hasn’t released it. So how would you explain the map already in possession of one user, who has just uploaded some gameplay of Terminal running on MW3?

We have no idea how this happened, but we’re guessing it has something to do with hacking into the PC version of the game and somehow managing to transfer the PC file over to the Xbox 360 version of the game, which we clearly see in the video.

YouTube user IHCJames is the person responsible for the video, who has made no secret of his intentions to make his achievement public. Activision hasn’t even removed the video yet, so it seems they are not too concerned this being online either, which is a bit odd for an unreleased map.

As for the map itself, it is the same old Terminal that we know and love from Modern Warfare 2. All the usual locations are there and Infinity Ward has basically kept it exactly the same as before, so there isn’t any notable new places where you can go. Will it turn into a grenade launcher fest like MW2 though and will players still be able to get on top of the plane?

Just to remind you if you didn’t read our previous report – Terminal is going to be a free download, even for non-Elite members. Hopefully IW will release it sometime this week, as it is clear the files have already been put onto the PC version via the latest patch.

What are your thoughts on this? A bit shocked that this user has managed to hack his way into the map already?

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  • Ttgverb

    Ummm all of this is wrong you have to have an unbanned dev kit Xbox on pnet and the terminal map is there for mw3 that’s how he got it he is a hacker who got passed tu7 mw2 and brought back xp lobbies stupid people these days it is on a dev kit

  • D3

    I’d like to see more maps from the past!! Bring Rust to Face-Off!!!! And allow Elite content to work with MW2 and Black Ops levels!! The more the mash-up, da bedda!!!

  • Brad

    He probably got the old map files and put them in mw3 somehow. That makes more sense.

    • Mr. Douchebag

       Watch the video. There are some noticeable differences in the structure of the map – most notably the bookstore in the center of the map now seems to have a glass ceiling to make the air support more effective on this map.

  • Richard

    I hate Terminal it’s one of the worst maps in MW2! All it had was campers, noob tubers, Riot Shielders, and perfetic Sniper Noobs!!

  • there is some legal issues with marketing elite or dlc content as new when it is a old IP and already owned/paid for. releasing old mw maps is not only legally smart but it is also good way to boost sales and give people more content which in the end boost sales and lowers game re-sells.

    the map is already there hidden..

  • JamesMatthewEverett

    So maybe they listened to Robert Bowling when he argued they should release some old maps for free?