Samsung deletes Galaxy Note 2 evidence

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 25, 2012

The image below shows a smartphone that Samsung call revolutionary, although owners of this phone claim they would only upgrade if the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 arrived, and it seems that this wish had been given concrete evidence 4 days ago when a tweet landed on the official Samsung Arabia Twitter account.

Nothing had been said directly about a release date, specs, or in fact that a Galaxy Note 2 would be coming soon, but widespread reports claim a tweet asked followers what phone they were most excited about, and one of the devices mentioned had been Samsung’s rumored Galaxy Note 2. We checked the Twitter account, found here, earlier today and at first it seemed there has been no such tweet until we dug a little further.

You could then see replies spreading across Twitter about this tweet, which shows that it’s hard to cover your tracks if an official posts something they shouldn’t have. One reply said, “While you are on the subject of Note 2 what are the specs?” which the official Samsung account replied, “This info is not confirmed yet“.

Did you see the tweet from Samsung asking if you were excited about the Galaxy Note 2? Also what do you make of that tweet being deleted from the Twitter account, and could it be that someone is about to get a telling off from the powers that be? You might want to read our earlier post about the rumored Galaxy Note 2 specs, which are currently unconfirmed at the time of writing.

Will your next phone be the Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

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  • andrew1953

    I am now putting the Note 2 at the top of my want list for a replacement phone. Concerned re stories of cracks being found around camera and in frame of S3’s.

  • John


  • Queenbella06

    i just bought the Note so it’s gunna suck if the Note 2 comes out anytime soon!! take your time Samsung!!

  • The Samsung Galaxy Note is a real masterpiece.