GTA V silence is intelligent marketing

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 25, 2012

There is a thin line when it comes to companies holding back on the finer details of a new product or service, and with Grand Theft Auto 5 it seems the frustration some gamers feel while trying to be patience for new details, like GTA V trailer 2, could be a type of intelligent marketing Rockstar are using. We see this in other industries like what Apple does with details on the new iPhone 5, which rumors are rarely ever confirmed until moments before a release date arrives.

It’s fair to say that gamers need to be patient and we’re sure the true fans will wait as long as it takes. We’ve seen a number of games spend as much on development as they do on marketing, which can result in a launch that fails to meet high expectations. The silence on real GTA V news could also allow for your expectations to not be so high, which would make them easier to meet, although having played most Grand Theft Auto games we cannot help but expect a lot for the next installment.

Our readers have pointed out to us before that they check for information on GTA V several times a day, which this shows both desperation for something solid and also how this type of intelligent marketing is creating increased hype about GTA V. Silence can sometimes be the best type of marketing if you have a big following, although we do wonder if fans deserve more details than they have received this year? We welcomed the trailer, but how many months should we wait until the next one to stop fans becoming angry?

Some hints drop from officials over the course of time although these are not meant to be official statements, but rather smart journalists dragging details out when interviewing. This includes the fact that GTA V will be big, the idea of an annual release not good from Take-Two’s perspective, and how the focus is well and truly on Max Payne 3 right now and until this stops we are unlikely to see any details for the next GTA game.

The Bottom-line: We’re unlikely to know the larger details about GTA V until a few weeks before its release date, so if you love this franchise you should be prepared to wait a while. One gamer stated that we “had to wait 12 years” before Blizzard launched Diablo 3, although we laugh and hold our breath at any possibility of a longer than one year wait for GTA 5.

Grand Theft Auto silence: Intelligent marketing to create speculation and hype, or do you think there’s more going on with Rockstar/Take-Two?

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  • DeeezNutz

    If this was such Intelligent marketing from R*, then y did my man Alex had to resign???????, we all know they made him resigned or they could have fired him if he didnt resign. Dont be fooled, their is a lot of TURMOIL going behind closed doors. MaxPAYNE 3 sales havent made half the sales of L A Noire in the first month, so far it made less than half the sales of LA Noire. MP3 was an 8 year project that is apparently a FLOP by sales

  • DeeezNutz

    If this was such Intelligent marketing from R*, then y did my man Alex had to resign???????, we all know they made him resigned or they could have fired him if he didnt resign. Dont be fooled, their is a lot of TURMOIL going behind closed doors. MaxPAYNE 3 sales havent made half the sales of L A Noire in the first month, so far it made less than half the sales of LA Noire. MP3 was an 8 year project that is apparently a FLOP by sales

  • Asbo

    what? i saw this article on inentertainment???

  • scottymac

    I’ve been reading some recent rumours that GTA V may be a launch title for the xbox 720, which is currently expected around christmas 2013. I can kinda deal with lack of info re release dates and lack of trailers, but it would be nice if we could have at least some information about which gen of console it will be released on.
    I, for one, have been stupidly excited about GTA V since I saw the first trailer and agree that it is very intelligent marketing on R*’s part but now, fearing it may not even released on the 360, have a sense of impending doom (previous experience has taught me not to buy a console until roughly 2 years after its launch due to early bugs and also in the knowledge that the price drops by around 50% after this time).
    Please R*, put me out of my misery!!!!

  • Roman

    After GTA 4, I vowed not to be excited again until the game was actually released. That way I could read player reviews to see if it was good for me before shelling out. I feel like I contributed to the misperception of GTA 4’s opening success by buying a game that wasn’t for me. And when I sold it to Gamestop four weeks later, they gave me only $6 for it, citing how many they had on hand, explaining how their customers had described limited replay value. I could only nod in silence.

    BUT, since finding out it’s taking place in San Andreas, it’s been hard not have possess some… anticipation.

    • UnknownUser28

      Gta Iv was a different approach. 

  • Chrispressley50

    This is a absolutely marketing at its finest, and a Rockstar trademark. I myself am a gta fanatic, and pretty much anything Rockstar from gta3 on. There are a couple of exceptions, but nothing is so beautiful as all of my R* titles lined up in a row. Of course I experience the frustration of not knowing every detail they have planned, but it only adds to the anticipation. When GTA V is finally released, it’s gonna blows our heads off like always. The best marketing they can possibly have is the success of their previous titles. They know this. Therefore they can afford to hold back. Be patient and continue to play the same games that we’ve all loved for years, and R* will once again prove that they are the best developer by far

  • Jon

    Intelligent marketing? Yes. Have Rockstar possibly run into dev problems with GTA V after Max Payne 3 and LA Noire’s freezing/crashing bugs, and need an unforeseen amount of time totry and iron them out as this is the arguably most anticipated game of all time? It’s very likely. I trust Rockstar to make an amazing game,  and if they make a game that won’t be blighted with such issues, I’ll wait for as long as it takes

    • Roman

      It seems like every sandbox game I play these has those bugs. I’m not saying it’s cool, but it’s starting to seem like a fact of how these complex games mingle with the HW. Take the PS3 for example… 256MB of RAM? Seriously?

      I’ve made the move entirely to the PC at this point. Yes it will have its own quirks, but it will get more frequent and realistic updates. And I can tweak the system myself.

  • Sean.L

    they could at least give us a release date :/

  • Martin

    Tbh i’m a big gta rockstar fan. Imho this is a dumb move it might generate buzz but its negative people are losing interest which means they will lose sales on the first day infact might lose sales altogether,i’m
    Starting to grow tired of searching google for new news of the game. I’m
    Not saying i’m not buying it but rockstar are’nt doing a very good job on this game i’m afraid, least when halo 4 was announce there was plenty of info to help create buzz for its release
    In november

    • Sliderlives

      If you buy the game you have zero grit to stick to your whinning guns

  • No Limit Inc

    If people want a good game, they have to wait. No doubt people usually love whatever Rockstar throws at them, but until then, we’ll have to stay enlightened with mostly fake rumors that copy off each other. I wish, like everyone, that more information would be released. But until then, I hope everything is going well with the development and us consumers will receive a highly polished product that will be playable years to come.

  • Willy

    is anyone here a little bit annoyed in the likely character selection either Albert De Silva or the Black guy in the convertible, I really felt that in light of some of the movies that have been released recently a character like Ryan Goslings in Drive would have been ace saying that if Albert De Silva turns out to be like Tom Cruise’s  character in collateral i’ll be over the moon!

    • Martin

      I’ve been thinking the exact same thing a character like Ryan Gosling in Drive would be amazing for GTA V. I’m even hoping we will be able to wear that scorpion jacket and chew a toothpick. Funny you mentioned collateral too, Drive and Collateral are my two favourite movies set in L.A.

  • Hazelfatstrat

    People always complain that their was so much more ‘to do’ in San Andreas and IV is moving in the wrong direction but there wasn’t anything to do in GTA III and Vice City other than standard GTA gameplay and we still love those games. With IV they at least gave us a physics engine we could actually explore instead of watching Tommy pop revolver shots the same way over and over and watch the policeman fall the same way for hours. San Andreas was the only game to rely so heavily on things ‘to do’ and these things weren’t even that great. Most of the time it felt like novelty anyways. I hope GTA V has plenty to do and is huge and filled with features, but those things have never been the focus of GTA anyways.

  • Adrian

    Let’s face it, there are two groups of GTA fans, those who preferred San Andreas and those who liked IV. And no matter what they do, Rockstar will have to disappoint one of those groups. That’s why they won’t tell us what the game actually is until it’s released. If they did then half of the people would be disappointed and tune out. Without any information everyone can fill the void with their expectations and they is way more likely to buy it. It worked with GTA IV; if we had known what it was any earlier, it wouldn’t have sold nearly as well.

    • Roman

       Well said.

    • UnknownUser28

      why dont they just combine both, a good story and a lot of stuff to do. Problem Solved

  • beast

    Also they know release date( tba) to be announced (tbc) to be confirmed so its confirmed when r they going to announce it

  • beast

    I think they should not show more details in the second trailer which i think should be in july or around and they shouldn’t tell much the surprises and answer is in the game be patient but we do need a release im going to preorder i would have but gamestop said no release date

  • Roman

    Why doesnt anyone else ever say it? Fine, I will will.

    San Andreas (by far, my favorite) was released Oct ’04. R wanted to design a new game engine for future releases, so they went back to drawing board for GTA 4. The creation of this engine supposedly took the lion’s share of the development time, and GTA 4 was finally ready in Oct’ ’07, 3 years later.

    What’s that you say? It released April ’08? Why yes it did. But your memory is short if you don’t recall that the game was ready in Oct ’07, but they bumped it to April so that it’s release sales numbers would be reflected in the following fiscal year. Purely financial number shuffling, and they stated it directly. So when I ponder a GTA V release date, I consider the actual completion date of GTA 4, the fact that GTA 4 took 3 years to fully develop, and that GTA 5’s engine was ready right out of the gate. It didnt even occur to me, that 4.5 years later, we would only possess scraps of information, much less the game itself in our greedy mitts.

    As you imagine, I’m not a fanboy of Rockstar, from the numbers game that made us wait a half year for no reason, to the despondently lacking sandbox content of GTA 4. Yes indeed it looked and felt great, but it felt like it was on rails for the lack of my ability to create my own fun.

    * Real garages?
    * Chop shop customization?
    * Innovative talk radio (Gardening with Maurice, Wild Traveler, Tight End Zone)

    We had bowling, street walkers and pool, and the occasional intentional jumpsite (but not nearly as many as San Andreas). I expected a heck of a lot more, but I excused it in the development of the new engine. I THOUGHT that it would take 2-3 years and we’d end up with a very polished game using GTA 4’s engine. I sure hope we don’t end up with another game that actually encourages us to take cab rides and to not thieve cars.

    And for those that feel like bashing me because I thought 4 was boring? I already know I’m not alone. I know it’s not a real sandbox game (a real one being fallout 3), but for me it was entrance in that style of gaming. I expect it to be expounded upon.

  • ElDiablo

    GTA IV wasn’t as bad as people say it was. The only reason it took so much out was because GTA IV was the first GTA game on the new gen console, meaning it was a stepping stone for much greater things. GTA IV didn’t have that much extra stuff going on but look at Red Dead, that game was amazing. You can’t go all out of the first game of a new console because it’s pretty much a test game. The next GTA to be on ps4 or 720, don’t expect it to be amazing, it will be good but it will just be there to test the mechanics and graphics. I agree though, as much as I love Rockstar and think they without a doubt make the best games ever, they are milking it a bit. Clever marketing? maybe. But can you just tell me if you can buy a house or customise my character with clothes and jewelry please? then I will wait another 5 months

  • Unrequited love for R*

    Why are the ”patient” fans getting so self righteous. It’s attitude like that, that allow companies to behave in this manner. Fans set the standard, as the sales dictate the behaviour of the company. If there was any real threat to sales due to the lack of information, the marketing campaign and information policy would alter immediately.
    Majority know and respect the fact that R* don’t follow the traditions of most game houses. But to jump to their defence like the child of an alcoholic mother is juvenile. Both groups of fans want the same thing. The smallest morsel of info, to stave off the gta hunger pains. So keep defending R* mercilessly and continue to be treated in this way.


    Lol Rockstarrrr…. At least show us the front cover of the game 😀

  • Scooby

    ‘intelligence marketing’ my ass – its called exploitation of target market 

  • Bus_is

    8 months since we last heard anything? Maybe we should all wait 8 months when the game is released to buy it. We’ll show our interest and put it on wishlists and back order. Come on. Some info please guys. I’ve read Take 2 recon the first trailer was released far too early. Lol, the publisher thinks this before the game launch. Wow.

    Red dead – too easy
    LA Noire – too linear
    Max Payne 3 – Not max Payne
    Gta V – probably just another gta

    Maybe rockstar are losing it. Gta 4 wasn’t that great. They took too much out.
    These guys are the masters of free roam but everything that’s goes up……

    • fcukyeahGTA5

      Not to sound negative, but i think it might just be another GTA, and this wait will be for nothing but I’m also hoping, this wait, is going to bring an incredible game, and prove us all wrong.

    • UnknownUser28

      complaining too much

  • fcukyeahGTA5

    I also agree with being patient, which is okay for a few months, but half a year, is kind of ridiculous, but none the less, I can’t wait for the game, and all this waiting, makes me think the game should be better than I expect.

  • fcukyeahGTA5

    I have a feeling we’re going to get the second trailer in mid July, I also think, it will be released either October or the end of November, they took a while with GTA San Andreas too, but honestly? I check everyday and this is getting quite boring waiting for more information.

  • Darren

    I think it’s great that they aren’t showing us much, I know from previous Rockstar games that I should expect a lot and know it will be delivered. Plus I’d rather them take their time a give us a flawless game.

    People need to calm the hell down, if you don’t like their style then piss off and play Saints Row

  • Guest

    Just release a second trailer … at least T_T

  • Scruffboy

    The person who wrote this article should resit their English exam.

  • Viven1125

    i don’t care how long rockstar delays the gta 5 game,all i hope is that there are alot of clothing stores in the game and clothes should be a whole lot better than the ones in gta 4

    • indigo

       agreed. clothing options were depressingly limited in GTA 4. what excuse is there for that?

  • Rsa1se

    GTA IV was trash, and on top of that, this “marketing strategy” just adds to the blatant and disgusting lack of respect for the business-consumer relationship on Rockstar’s part. I’m going to buy this game, but this bullshit that Rockstar is pulling will be the deciding factor on whether I’m going to return it.

    • GastricBypass

      It is just plain ignorant to say “GTA IV was trash”. Just the sheer quality of the game alone, the groundbreaking physics, meticulously detailed open world, deep story with meaningful characters, the superb voice acting and dialogue warrants it at least a 9 out of 10 even if you don’t find it fun. All this shallow grabage that people complain was missing, like working out, getting haircuts and tattoos, riding bicycles… I mean, seriously? People tend to ignore all of Rockstar’s incredible accomplishments (the sheer amount of care and attention they gave to every tiny detail) with the game to complain about that pointless crap? It just shows the juvenile mentality of a large portion of GTA’s “fans”. GTA IV is a cinematic masterpiece and the highest rated game of the last DECADE with a 98 on Metacritic.

      • Rsa1se

        The “shallowness” you refer to is actually the mass-missed RPG element which made San Andreas a masterpiece. GTA IV’s physics were phenomenal, but the story was distastefully dry. The fans don’t want a Saints Row, and they don’t want another Max Payne either.

    • UnknownUser28

      gta iv was not trash. you just too immature to pay attention to the story. 

      Chill bro, 


    Thumbs up if your just getting frustrated now!

  • John

    Don’t know if its clever marketing or not! R* always keep things quiet before a GTA game – its always the way, so I don’t know why people keep writing pointless articles like this! We will get another trailer, then a definite release date, and then a launch trailer – then the actual release. That is all.

  • Airgunner

    Excuse my spelling and grammar, I just read over it, I was trying to be quick.

  • Airgunner

    I agree it will sell loads they always do but they are taking the p*** now it’s nearly a year this is getting beyond a joke if they weren’t gonna realese it this year then they should of not said anything or atleast kept us entertaint every mouth with info. I am a massive fan and will buy it no matter what but they are takinking the mick really! just stringing us along no woundering max Payne done crap when we all just want and are waiting for this, maybe if they told us Somthing about gta so we could all relax then there would have been more interest in max payne.

    • John

      How are they taking the piss? They ALWAYS release a trailer LONG before the game comes out – and they never release any details, they are also never at E3! So I don’t know why you guys are all up in arms about this – this is what they always do – they are not media and fanboys whores like EA, Microsoft or Activision! Just be patient, the next trailer will most likely have a release date.

  • Noob

    They did the mistake of releasing the first trailer, it was released far too early for a game set to be released in 2013.
    If it was October this year i think we would have had known it.

    • John

      Mate – its NO mistake – Rockstar know what they are bloody doing – It’s the same cycle for ALL GTA games. This not COD or some other cheap ass franchise!

  • beast

    I agree with mkerr1998 for a game like that u cant imagine in my opinion gta san andreas was the best gta game ever this is going to sell like water

  • Mkerr1998

    No. It’s been 8 months and fans are getting disappointed and bored, losing interest. We need a new trailer very soon. Rockstar doesn’t need a marketing technique. This game will sell massively no matter what. 

  • Guest

    I think they should be more careful

    • UnknownUser28

      its gta, they dont need to be careful -_-