Datel software after Xbox 360’s June system update

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 25, 2012

If you own an Xbox 360 and one of Datel’s game controllers you might have had a few problems since the June 20 system update. This software made some minor changes that are being detailed by one YouTube user in the video below this article, so take a look at that if you are not sure what got changed.

Following the latest Xbox 360 system update Datel contacted Microsoft in relation to these issues, and explained that the problems include the WildFire 2, TurboFire 2, and EVO game controllers. If you have another type of controller that has had problems since this Xbox update then share a comment below, although we’ve already heard about some issues with one steering wheel (Super Sports 3X).

Exact details were not given of what incompatibilities are taking place, but Datel state users should download a software update direct from their website here, or if you have another problem then you should contact Datel’s customer service department.

How did your install of the June Xbox 360 system update go, and if you own one of Datel’s controllers let us know if the software update fixed the issues? Do you have a wish list for the next Xbox system update? What do you think the Xbox 360 needs to take the software to another level?

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  • Imasterac130

    I have a Datel TurboFire and it stopped working after latest Xbox System Update, i know they posted a solution but there is not fix for TurboFire controllers and that really pissed me off.

  • Drummerof69

    I have now purchased and returned 4 Datel controllers since June 25th 2012. The first refused to work at all, totally dead. The second, from another supplier, activated when having batteries inserted, but then would not sync with my Xbox. After trawling the web for a few minutes, I discovered the “incompatibility issue” due to M/soft’s recent update, and then logged into Datel / codejunkies site to update the firmware.
    The response from Windows 7 on my PC was “device not recognized” when plugging in the controller to perform the update. I contacted Datel’s help desk, and after 4 days received an email directing me to the firmware update site!  I then purchased the EVO version of the controller, went straight to the update site and received exactly the same response. The last attempt was yet another EVO controller this time purchased from Amazon. This one had a warning sticker on it’s packaging, informing buyers of the problem and supplying details of the web site update. By now I am very wary, but not being the faint hearted type I carry on and go to the update site. Aha, a measure of success at last!  My PC responded correctly when the controller was plugged in, offering me the choice of updating the firmware. I clicked “yes” , the controllers numerous led’s flashed and twinkled and the download/update started. That was the limit of the success.  About 6 seconds into the download an error message popped up, — “The device connected has malfunctioned and your computer needs to be restarted” etc etc. That was the end of that controller. I restarted the PC, plugged the controller back in etc etc and was greeted with the familiar “device not recognized”. Also, the controller appeared dead, no lights etc. I immediately contacted Datel’s customer service dept. and now 6 days later am still awaiting a response. The controller is back with Amazon and I am awaiting a refund. Oddly enough, I am not going to try again with another Datel controller.
    I believe that some people have managed to get them to work with the Xbox in the past, prior to the June update, but I have no knowledge of the current situation.
    I didn’t purchase the controller to cheat at gaming, as is the popular opinion of many gamers. I actually wanted the ability to remap the “turbo fire” function to other buttons. I am very arthritic, and a couple of games that I own require a lot of “button mashing” in order to complete them. I just cannot do that, so am unable to finish the games, — hence the idea of “turbo assistance”. So it is back to the drawing board I’m afraid.
    I would be interested to hear about anyone elses experiences of Datel controllers with the Xbox, and also their not so helpful customer service.

    Thanks for reading,