15 minutes of Amazing Spider-Man ‘sequel’ gameplay

The Amazing Spider-Man game doesn’t officially release until Tuesday June 26 in the US, but it is clear that some of you have already got your hands on the game early. If you are on the fence whether to pick this up, we have the first 15 minutes to show you, detailing the game’s intro and storyline.

We’ve said before that The Amazing Spider-Man is finally looking like a worthy superhero game to coincide with the movie release. Not for the first time, this game will be out before the movie in most regions and you may want to think long and hard before picking it up at launch.

If you didn’t know, this game is actually a ‘sequel’ to the events that take place in the film. We’ve seen the whole intro and first chapter and it does somewhat spoil some key elements that we’re guessing happens in the film. It’s pretty clever how Activision and developers Beenox have set the game up, but also a bit surprising that the game isn’t releasing after the movie, as that would make much more sense.

Anyway, if you are not bothered in potentially knowing about some key details from the movie by playing this game first, then you’ll probably enjoy this intro. It starts off in Oscorp towers with Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker and you’ll find out a lot more about the cross-species beasts that become out of control following on from Dr Connor’s initial research.

That’s all we’re saying as you can watch the clip to find out more. We have seen some shocking Marvel games such as Thor and Captain America which really deserved better, but this game by Beenox is a fine effort indeed. Check out the footage and let us know what you think of it.



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