Microsoft Surface: High tablet price lacks 3G/4G

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 24, 2012

You would have thought that the new Microsoft Surface tablet included 3G/4G at the rumored price, which looks like it will land at around $799 for the Microsoft Surface Pro and $599 for the standard version. Apple charge a higher price when you buy an iPad that supports mobile networks, although if Surface has these prices once we see a release date then it could meet with failure.

Microsoft will release tablets with 3G and 4G at some point in the future, but this report claims the first models released will be Wi-Fi only. One of the reasons for this is thanks to Wi-Fi only models being more popular, although it is also stated this will help to keep costs down, which we find hard to believe considering such a high launch price.

We have seen a number of specs for Microsoft Surface tablets, but these are by means the full specifications and a lot more needs to be revealed. Microsoft will have problems battling the LTE equipped iPad, especially with the high Surface cost to consumers, but then it could be that Microsoft have a plan to market the Surface tablets to people that want a highly mobile notebook replacement, which can be used in most locations with Wi-Fi. The user will find typing easier as well thanks to the full sized keyboard that doubles as a protective cover.

What do you make of the rumored Microsoft Surface pricing, and also the lack of 3G/4G models at launch? You can watch the official teaser video via this article.

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  • TYardley

    I’d buy an intel powered surface with W8 Pro tomorrow if it was available … As long as it had 4G 😐

  • Rod720

    a tablet sized computer is what it seems to be. if that is so how about a bigger hard drive or whatever they are using for storage. if the widows phone 8 launches around the same time- why would I spend that much when I can have the smaller version with a built in phone and an internet connection? heck, who knows, since they a few different company making the new phone it may be the size of the galaxy note. now if that happens it is a no brainer of which one will sell better. none the less I would still love a windows 8 tablet.

  • Billw001

    No air card needed for the iPad.
    Hell, Microsoft can’t even make a good web browser…

  • immovableobject

    Not only is the Surface still vaporware at this point, but its price is too.  I wish people would wait until the dang thing is on the market before declaring how it will fare.

  • Rfrapp

    An airtime card can be used with the usb port on the surface