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Nintendo 3DS XL stupidity, it’s for adults too

We have heard some stupid things from bloggers and mainstream media over the years, but hearing certain bloggers stating the new Nintendo 3DS XL is only for kids is completely stupid. This is the opinion of a number of reporters, which state the 2012 3DS XL is made for kids or very young adults. We strongly disagree with this view, and it seems that some reporters believe that adult gamers aren’t real adults.

The new Nintendo 3DS XL has a release date set for July 28 in the UK, and a few weeks later in the US, which should see the XL version launch on August 19. Users will be happy with the extra battery life that should last between 3.5 and 6.5 hours, and extra screen real estate means it will be much easier on the eyes when gaming for longer periods.

We have also included a video below this article that will talk you through the new features, and while the UI is presented with large simple buttons that some people say are designed for kids, this is also a pattern we’ve seen with a growing number of operating systems, which even includes the latest Apple TV OS that became simplified in a recent update.

There are a number of adults we know, and you might know a few too, that will buy the 3DS XL thanks to the screen being much bigger. It still shocks us at the stupidity of some journalists that are small minded enough to think the 3DS XL is for kids only, which brings us to games like Pokemon, Mario, and more that plenty of adults love and will buy this machine for such games.

Do you think the Nintendo 3DS XL is designed for kids only, and if not why do you think some reporters are so ignorant? Watch the 3DS XL reveal below and share a comment, also what are your favorite Nintendo games?



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