iPhone 5 specs bashed until release date

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 23, 2012

When you reach the top of any market then you got to expect a lot more criticism, and this has certainly been the case with Apple thanks to their success of launching products that climb sales charts. We have seen a long list of wanted features for the iPhone 5 since the 4S saw a release date, and even though a majority of users ask for similar iPhone 5 specs it seems mainstream media will always try and spin the news to create a negative headline, because for some reason negativity sells more.

One of the most popular dissatisfactions with new iPhone buyers has been Apple’s connector, and some people have wondered why Apple didn’t have a Micro-USB based connector system like the majority of cell phones? This would allow for a lot better 3rd party support, and while those of us that have owned every iPhone generation, as well as iPads and iPod touch, know the Apple 30-pin connection well, should they really make this change after all this time?

It’s fair to say a Micro-USB based connector would be better, but if all the recent rumors are correct about moving to a 19-pin charging connector then this could cause big problems with existing accessories. This has led to most mainstream media outlets bashing the iPhone 5 that should see a release date in Fall 2012, and they have published negative headlines in newspapers and on news channels, because these sell of course, but is it really all that bad considering this is the connection most people wanted?

We would have liked to see this change a long time ago, but if Apple does bring a Micro-USB based connection to the iPhone 5 what could they do to help older connections? We would expect an adapter in the box at least, which could attach to the bottom of the new iPhone 5 in a flush manner. This would still allow for the new 2012 iPhone to drop into docks and connect to older accessories. Share a comment below with your ideas for backwards compatibility, a change in charging connection, and how most mainstream media like to sell with a negative headline. Is it really that bad?

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  • Ira

    Simple (maybe not so simple, but not that hard) solution….
    Leave the present connector where it is and put a micro USB connector on the side somewhere….
    Think of the possibilities…. you could use BOTH connectors at the same time.

    • ITfactor

      You obviously don’t know much about hardware development.

  • Whatever

    Who gives a **** about a connector really? What a hyped up waste of server space. Can’t wait to see what the iphone 5 has to offer.

  • Orthdoc

    been waiting too long

  • Shaneridgegrove

    I am really excited about the iPhone 5 I think that the micro USB is a great idea but without an adapter it would be very annoying for every previous iPhone owner like myself, I am sure that the majority of iPhone owners have at least one iPhone accessory. The problem is if apple do release the iPhone 5 with a micro USB will they consider the customers and give us an adapter or will they use it’ll as an angle to make more money?

  • Louisekbetts

    New adaptors don’t worry me cant wait for the new phone