GTA V postponed 5 months for MP flop

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 23, 2012

Many gamers have thought of May as a great launch window for new Rockstar games, and considering certain teases hinted at GTA V getting a release date then, some of us were a little disappointed to see Max Payne 3 grab that slot instead. It seems that a certain gaming analyst also agrees that the lack of success for Max Payne this year has shocked them that GTA V had been postponed 5 months for that game, although this is expecting the game to land this year in October and not next year.

You can see a copy of the tweet by Michael Pachter below and he states Max Payne 3 has been “a flop“, which he finds it hard to believe that Grand Theft Auto V had been “put off” for this game. We would love to hear your thoughts on his comments, especially considering some of us have enjoyed Max Payne 3 but the wait for the GTA V trailer 2 is getting ridiculous. We’re happy to wait as long as it takes considering the enjoyment we’ve had from previous GTA games, although some gameplay would be nice Rockstar.

Do you think it’s fair to say that GTA 5 has been postponed for Max Payne 3, or is this just Pachter showing his frustration on Twitter? You can also read Take-Two’s CEO comments on annual games here, how Saints Row 4 wants to be big like the next Grand Theft Auto, and you can see we’re not the only ones that want the next trailer and game as soon as possible.

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  • Legion

    R* Are awesome. They have done nothing wrong. I will wait for 50 years and GTAV will be the best game ever. Anyone who is dissapointed or upset with the wait is probably a pedophile. You should all just bend over like me and wait until its release date. Who needs more release info or a trailer? I’ll just prey silently to my R* shrine and hope my masters delliver salvation within my lifetime.

  • wilDwillEeeeee

    Max Payne 3 was a beast of a game.
    It was in essence a smart move of R* to postpone the game, all it’s doing is giving them time to polish and tweak the game futhermore.

  • TyroneK

    I find it hard to believe that Micheal Pachter one of the most respected analysts in the industry came out and said MP3 was a flop. It sold well, better than diablo 3 and was a great game in my opinion and also in gameinformers who gave it a 9.25 out of 10. If Max Payne 3 was a flop then La noire was a flop too that game didnt sell well and also delayed them working on gta 5 i thought LA noire was a ok sometimes boring game that they couldve done more with. Also people who were fans of the series had been waiting for this for years so that is unfair to say. With a compelling story and amazing bulletime features and a addictive multiplayer mode I think Pachter is definetley wrong hes probabaly mad because his original prediction of a october release for gta is wrong and was stupid anyhow because if you followed rockstar you would know that they always release big games in the spring because they always skip E3 ex Gta 4 Red Dead La noire Mp3, also they like to let games run their course and milk out sales and dlc not have multiple games competing against each other. So saying that GTA 5 would come out in October knowing that MP3 would release in may, that they would only release one tease trailer by july and that they would skip E3 is just plain stupid therefore, pacter is a dumbass.

    • PutAQuarterIn

       You do of course know that GTA is usually an OCT release right? The only exception is IV, which had an original expected date in OCT before being delayed due to PS3 issues. I agree OCT this year isn’t likely to happen,  but saying R* wouldn’t release games like GTA in OCT is asinine. It’s just a line people use to pretend they been into to game longer than they actually have.

  • freddiebeddie

    So many spoiled children. Have patience, you won’t be disappointed.

  • NiCk14AlPhA

    To be honest all these ‘analysts’ dont really know much, do they? 
    Most are saying October this year. Well you can cross that out. 

    Rockstar usually make their big releases in May, before E3 steals most of the pre-orders.
    They did it with LA Noire, and they did it with Max Payne 3.
    Plus, do you really think Rockstar have built up enough hype at the moment for October?

    If you ask me, i think we will be seeing another trailer late July early August, for a May 2013 slot. THATS when we will be able to properly Pre-Order it.

    They are still pumping a lot into MP3, and they will do until they release the new GTA.

    Nothings been postponed or anything. Rockstar wanted to give a heads up, “Hey were working on GTA V, dont worry.” That built up hype for MP3 after they “Let slip” about the gangs system and all. And they are pumping MP3 as much as possible, and then soon it will go quiet for a short time and we will get a new trailer.

    GTA V will NOT be this year as much as we all want it to be. Releasing only one trailer for an October release? If they wanted the hype and build up like Rockstar do, then we need one today. It will be next May we see GTA V.

    • Will256

       your an idiots. almost all the previous GTA have been released in Oct. Plus, if they make us wait for another year, a lot of people will get pist off and not buy it.

      • CD73

        Then it will be their loss not R*. $60 out of Millions, oh well.

      • If you think people will get pissed and not buy it after waiting so long for it you must have never heard of Gran Turismo 5. Do you know how many times and how long that game was delayed?? Yet who sits alone on top of the best-selling PS3 game of all-time? Gran motherfucking Turismo 5. So go ahead and don’t buy GTAV. I’ll be enjoying it with everyone else. Sounds like your the “idots.”

  • this guys weekly comments are always amusing to read to see what his latest ”opinion” on gta5 is he needs to get a real job lol

  • Cedr98

    Agent is also a threat that can grab the slot from GTA V.

  • Shamzrayz

    I’ll give back max payne 3 and £1000 for gta v. max payne 3 was a major flop.

  • Cooleycoolio

    Rockstar will release gta5 just in time for xmas ,sell like buzz lightyear when it was all crazy, cause all those wollybrains who said they will not buy this game are kidding themselves, the temptation will be too extreme. If these forums showed no interest, rockstar wouldhave to release something just to get
    Us slightly moist. Hype is a money machine.

    • Jd

      shut up

    • no

      You get a like for using the term wollybrain.  I haven’t heard that term in about 20+ years

  • cassius67

    Just a thought…What if Rockstar is taking more time so this Game can run on a lower res on this Gen..and optimized for the new machines coming up? They dont have much time before the release of next gen….Im sure they dont want Gta5 DLC to only last a couple of months….your thoughts? 


    Sorry, but I don’t believe that GTA V is postponed for 5 months

  • Coop866

    In what way did max payne 3 flop? It sold 3 million copys in the first week.

    • It sold less than half a mil in it’s first month. Shipped is not sold.

  • Jack Johnson

    Micheal Patcher needs to shut the hell up. Many fans such as my self have waited almost a decade for Max Payne 3. Also the sales counted for Max Payne 3 are for console only and many fans waited to play Max Payne 3 on Pc because that’s where the series started. Besides i’m sure Max Payne 3 sold more through digital sales because NPD group doesn’t count digital sales. 

  • Jaico Rave

    Pachtee’s a knob’ed anyway

    Full of rumors and speculation, his ass is jealous of his mouth with the amount of sh!t that comes out of it!

    On the other hand, I am really looking forward to new info with regards to V

  • Tia

    While it would be nice to see a bit more about the game, I’m actually happy it’s taking forever. I feel it’s going to be THE best game ever. So everyone that’s complaining, just think of it this way, they are putting everything us fans want. It’s basically going to be a super epic San Andreas. Im pretty sure they are going to have add ons like San fierro and las venturas. I think they are working on all that good stuff we want and I damn sure don’t want a half a** game. I loved gta 4 but I just didnt like the fact that it was missing everything that San Andreas had. They went for a serious more realistic type deal but come on, it’s a game, you can’t kill like thousands of police officers and never get caught lol. So I like the silliness that SA had. So everyone just think of it this way, they are making a new SA with everything the first had and much much more. Which makes me extremely excited and all I have to say is that I absolutely cannot wait. I know I sound real homo right now but I’m a chick so before anyone says anything….

  • Pete2

    Whats with all the people not buying MP3 because they’ll wait for GTA 5 instead. If GTA 5 comes out in October i’ll probably have played another 5 or 6 games by then. What do you people do, play like 1 game a year??? OOOoooooohhhh. BTW I aint rich or nothin

  • Max Payne 3 flopped? Huh? What world is this guy in?

  • Jon

    Max Payne 3 is a great, great game, apart form its freezing/crashing issues (which also dogged LA Noire). Personally I don’t care how long I have to wait for GTA V, as long as they take the time to eradicate such bugs because I almost take it for granted the game itself will be incredible.

  • Riley Sticka

    the guy who tweeted that sounds like a douche bag.

    he’s mad that they worked on Max Payne because…it didn’t sell well?

    Is he implying that only things that are good sell well?

    That must make Britney Spears one of the top greatest artists in history, and The Velvet Underground one of the worst.

  • Nick

    I liked Max Payne 3. It was really good. I would want to play GTA V instead though.

  • Jakuff

    Since most gta games get delayed even after theres a release date i hope the time between trailiers insures theres no delay later

  • Talbotcolin

    OOh well, atleast we could be possibly playing gtaV in october :D, don’t want to build my hopes up too much though 😛 ROCK* ……. ROCK!!



  • Dunksgaz

    I don’t mind GTA 5 being put off for max Payne 3 to come out, they have done this so that GTA 5 won’t take sales from MP3 but the lack of information or a second trailer 7 months after the first trailer is ridiculous and is getting a lot of fans agitated. Rockstar needs to release some information soon.

  • MikeBarber

    the first max payne was ok but it should’ve ended there. i bought it for pc way back when, still have no interest in mp3, wish gta 5 was in brazil lol..

    • Fooby


      • MikeBarber

        sorry to disappoint, but it’s my opinion. you have yours, have fun with that..

  • Davidkearney85

    I’m not surprised Max Payne was a flop. I got the PS3 magazine months ago when GTAV was announced and it also reviewed Max Payne and basically said it was crap.

    • Pookalini

       it wasnt crap, its actually a pretty fun game. just because no one bought it doesnt mean it sucked. financially it was a flop

    • Xadec

      MP3 got 9.25/10 by gameinformer, your sources lack professionalism.

  • Hazelfatstrat

    I hope there is enough time to play GTA V before next generation. We’ve been playing IV for four years and I don’t think we’re gonna have that amount time for V. I don’t want to be playing GTA V on last gen consoles in 2014. That’s not long enough.

  • Dymez

    Here comes the truth: Max Payne 3 didn’t sell as well as Rockstar wanted because the majority of Rockstar’s fans today are GTA crazed, and/or young and don’t know the story of Max Payne. All they want from Rockstar is GTA or something like it (Red Dead Redemption) and some don’t even want that. Most original Max Payne gamers hated the changes of the game; like Max’s weight gain, shaved head, the neo-noir like style being eliminated from the game, and the location change from New York to Brazil. In actuality, it’s really a great game and the multiplayer is very strong, to say the least.

    People saying they didn’t buy Max Payne 3 because of how Rockstar “treated” them by not releasing a 2nd trailer are just bullshitting on the Internet in desperate hopes that Rockstar reacts to it with new information on GTA V. In reality, they weren’t buying the game to begin with because it’s not GTA. Those people who are saying they aren’t buying GTA V when it releases are even bigger bullshitters because they know that is all they want. They spam the GTA V YouTube trailer each and every day for hours on end, demanding information, a second trailer; insulting Rockstar. You don’t go through that much every day for 6 months, hours on end just to end up not buying the game. Most of these people are like spoiled brats who think video game developers have to cater to their every want, being disrespectful and ignorant in not appreciating how much hard work and dedication (and money) goes into making these games. These guys (Sam and Dan Houser) are mega-millionaires in their early 40’s, living that great New York life. They don’t have to do a single game anymore, they don’t need the money. They’re just doing it for the love of it, now. They could just get sick of the backlash and call it quits after GTA V, then what.

    • Ashmusicman3

      Great post Dymez, some common sense and reality, Sam and Dan Houser have done great for themselves and should be commended for it, for making something of themselves from nothing, rather than have ignorant youngsters whove no idea how much time and effort, manpower and passion go into making big budget modern games! It comes out when it comes out, and I’ll no doubt love it when it does, because I know that Rockstar will deliver!

    • StoppedNever

      Gta 6

    • Legion

      Nah, i literally didnt buy Max Payne because all i care about is GTAV. I dont really care if R* see this message or not. I wouldnt make sweeping generalisations like that.
      Oh, and is GTAV going to be free ? Damn your right. I should respect the developers more. Oh wait the game is £50? My heart bleeds for them 🙁

  • rob

    It kind of makes sense. They didn’t want to release a juggernaut like GTA so close to May Payne and hurt the sales of their own game.

  • max payne 3 is now boring

    i feel bad for people with no pacitens like me ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gamplay please!

  • Swanseajack62

    Even thought the wait for new GTA V has been long winded, it does build for the anticipation!!!, Personally i am not a fan of the MP series but since news of GTAV they brought the GTA games to the App store for MAC, 
    Wanting to get my GTA fix i downloaded them all and spend the last few weeks playing the series again with my own ideas of what i would like to see in the new one, (plus lining the pockets of the powers to be at R*) 
    This brings me to a point of if anyone had heard about news of a HD upgrade for the GTA 3, VC, SA games for Playstation 3 /XBox 360. I think this would generate a bit more cash for the R* and keep up again giving our GTA fix,

    I am still frustrated by the fact things are taking so long with a new trailer/game play footage, or even a story line. and makes me think if R* even had a GTAV finalised when they released the trailer, (thinking back to the PS3 announcement days with the CGI footage of the getaway and other games that slipped off the radar).
    Maybe a marketing plan was in place with regards to MP like other posters say, but even though R* are good at what they do, i wonder if a statement will be released to answer all our questions as to why!!!!!!!

  • Bouncer

    Rockstar are going to be shocked at GTA V sales figures, i think how they have handeld this whole thing has upset many fans and many fans have turned on them.  Also Rockstar has obviously forgotten that many of its fans/gamers are now in their late 20’s to 30’s, people this age dont fall for all this hype nonsence and have simply got bored and moved on to somthing else.  Also many fans got so excited when the 1st trailer released in November last year that they rushed to play through all their GTA games and now after many months playing through them their all GTA’d out.

    • Riley Sticka

      many of it’s fans are in their late 20s and 30’s?  lol. This isn’t like a band, bro. Kids will pick up any new game that looks good, and GTA IV is one of the highest selling games in history

      • Bouncer

        Many GTA fans like myself started playing GTA back in like 1997 when we were like 17, we have grown up with GTA and are now in our 30’s. We are the ‘original’ GTA fans. All games developers cater for their ‘original’ fanbase and like to keep them on board. When us original fans were teenagers and in our early 20’s we used to believe all this hype crap around games, now were older and wiser we know its all crap hype and dont take any notice of it. Hype doesnt sell games to older generations as we know better.

        • Gefroan

          Are you stupid… ? What does it matter if you didn’t get the game in 97? What does it matter if you were 8 not 17 when you got it?! You think kids won’t buy gta? Get on gta four and play online and tell me how many kids you hear? Games, movies, music it doesn’t matter they can jump generations just as easily as I jump over puddles on a rainy day!

  • ready_teddy

    I refused to buy Max Payne 3 because of how badly we have been treated over GTAV. I wont be buying GTAV either unless it launches this year.

    • Steady, Teddy

      How badly you’ve been treated? Bizarre comment. Do you expect romance or something? They’re still slaving away on the game, not sitting on their asses, and all that work will be to your benefit when it’s released. Geez.

    • UnknownUser28

      yeah right

    • Ryan Lavin

      Get a grip, my money is on all whiny bitches like you buying the game when it’s released after your little soap-box caves under the weight of your wanting to play the next GTA.

  • Prophetless

    I agree with Max Payne 3 being a flop. But I disagree with GTA 5 being delayed for it. Max Payne 3 was supposed to come out Fall 2009 but was constantly delayed until May 2012. With Max Payne 3 being a flop, Rockstar needs to release GTA 5 or HD releases of GTA 3 and Vice City later this year to make up lost revenue. Being a Rockstar fan myself, I don’t even have Max Payne 3. The constant delays turned me away from getting it. But I’ll be getting it next Friday for my birthday to have something to hold me over until the Ratchet & Clank HD Collection, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD, and Jet Set Radio HD all come out in September.

  • dompa

    it will come out when it comes out, I have got to laugh at the ones who claim ther arent going to buy it what a load of bull. (It will come when it comes)

  • Gta 5 cheats

    i heard the next trailer is supposed to come out in two weeks so lets hope we will get better information

    • Ghettopoopstick

      And you heard this where?

      • Gta 5 cheats

         i asked rockstar games support

        • Edmch3

          Yea that sounds True. They told you that and no one else in the industry

        • Gta 5 cheats

           i know im just saying

  • Jasonreid06

    why cant they just pull there finger out off there arses give us a second trailer with a confirmed release date then they can continue adding to the game for improvements etc.. everyones a winner were happy rockstars happy

    • Guest

      Why a trailer whats the point in seeing it not like you can play it. Personally I think you and anyone else that is pushing for a trailer is sad, Im happy to wait for it to actually come out as much as I am looking forward to it.

      Im here to actually find out when its coming out not to see trailers and after wait months to play it trailers suck.

      • Dylan

        Why is it sad?….Part of enjoying a game is anticipating it, gettin’ excited about it….Debating online or just with friend’s about what would and would not be cool in the game….Yeah, it’s a long wait but, the gaming community is one of the only communities who activily talk about and share their own expiriences of games with friends or whoever else so, that’s why we enjoy the trailers….It’s a much more social industry than people expect….I understand what you’re saying, yes, I can’t wait to play it either but, seeing a new trailer is just another way of building that excitement….Like Christmas as a kid, it’s all in the run up to the big day y’know?….Just watch the current trailer, and anticipate the next trailer and just enjoy it as it teases you with what’s to come, we all hate the long wait but, Rockstar are good at two things….1, GTA Games and 2, (Though probably no one will admit it) Building up anticipation for a video game!!….Open up a bit more dude, it’s much more fun!! 😀

        PSN ID: MJPamuru
        Location: Dublin, Ireland.

    •  Because it will affect the sales of Max Payne as many people will hold out for GTA instead. I think that’s the motive behind their behaviour.

      • PeteHuffington

        It already affected the sells off mp3. They should have gave us a release date with the first trailer thus giving people a mangable time frame so they would kno that they could by mp3 and play it alot before gta came out. Not try to trick us into buying mp by baiting people in with a gta trailer and no info

  • Ted Dead

    I never trust or believe anything a Wall Street analyst says.  They all have an agenda, which seems to be to convert your money into their money.

  • Brandondaprodigy

    rockstar should have announced gta 5 after max payne 3 was released

    • Jasonreid06

      they couldnt because this is a risky process due to sails and everything they shouldnt have released max payne 3 yet they got 50 percent less sails than LA Noire and that took 8 years to make

      • xSGTxD_n_Tx709x

        Its SALES smart one

  • Guest

    Although i do agree that GTA V should be released this year and not next, posponing MP for GTA V would have literally killed the MP franchise. Who would have cared about MP after GTA V? Not me. They did it right. Showing us the trailer for GTA V to create some sizzle for the upcoming MP3 release. It worked for me becasue I went and bought MP3. And i for one am not a big fan of it, just needed a R* fix…after seeing the trailer! Genius marketing

    • Ashmusicman3

      Why would anyone buy a game they’re not a fan of? Just for a “fix”? That’s like buying a bands album you’ve never heard of cos of the latest single? Do some research, rent the game, read reviews, I’m one for checking out games on a game by game basis, it doesnt bother me who makes the game, I’ve not checked out half the Rockstar games, cant understand people that would buy a game just because its by a certain company, sometimes companies do different types of games, I’m a big uncharted fan, about to get the plat on the second game to get all 3 uncharted plats, but I’m not gonna splash out on The Last Of Us when it releases, use technology, read reviews, play the demo, rent the game maybe, serves you right for buying a game just cos it’s Rockstar and you’d seen the trailer, therefore it’s GOTTA be great right???

      • Jon

        very strange point.

  • Anon

    I doubt Rockstar were expecting great things from Max Payne 3, it’s certainly not on the same level as Red Dead and L.A. Noire.

  • Bryan

    I can understand being a bit frustrated over the lack of GTA 5 info. But honestly, Max Payne being released first is better in the long run. Think about it. If GTA 5 came out first, everyone would be too busy with that to care about Max Payne (sure, the true MP fans would still pick it up, but it would likely be in considerably less numbers). Releasing MP first means that more people can spend their time with that while waiting for GTA 5. As it is, the game hasn’t exactly been a huge success. Rockstar probably knew that to begin with, which is why they’re coming out with Multiplayer DLC until the Fall to attempt to keep it alive as long as possible, since it will be far less active by the time GTA 5 comes out. And there is also the fact that crews in MP can be carried over to GTA 5, which should act as more of an incentive to spend time on MP before GTA 5. And in the meantime, this also gives Rockstar more time to make GTA 5 as good as it can possibly be. Compare this to how terrible MP would have done if it came out after GTA. I doubt Rockstar would intentionally sabotage the sales of one of their own games. Lets also keep in mind that GTA doesn’t need to come out in the Spring, because unlike MP, it’s a huge well known franchise that will give the other big titles such as Halo and Call of Duty some serious competition. So assuming that GTA 5 releases this Fall, the way they did it benefits everyone.

  • efex 172

    He is doing what all analyst do and that is guess but to say he was right he has to guess lots of scenarios that way when something happans he can copy paste what he said before and then get paid still…well i think that how it works…..

  • Argh

    There’s no proof it was postponed and pachter changes his mind so often he should be a female trying to work out what to wear, I mean how many times has he changed his mind on gta v info.