2012 iMac to lack visual tweak

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 23, 2012

The iMac is all about saving you space and packing everything into a slick desktop computer, and one thing we would expect from Apple for the 2012 iMac is a visual upgrade in the form of a Retina display. This seems logical considering the latest developments with Apple updating various devices with Retina displays, so it shocked us to hear a new rumor pointing to a lack of this visual tweak in the new 2012 iMac.

When we look further into the details of this report it becomes more clear on what Apple might do, and it seems that we would get an iMac refresh this year like the Mac Pro did following WWDC. Then we would see a new Retina display added to the iMac in 2013, which also confirms our earlier reports when Apple’s CEO spoke about a completely new Mac Pro rather than a refresh.

Would you buy the refreshed iMac in 2012 rather than wait for a Retina display in 2013? While we sit here looking at how much clearer our 3rd generation iPad screen is when compared to the 2011 iMac we’re typing on, it seems even more shocking that Apple would wait until 2013 for this change.

The bottom-line: You can expect a refresh in iMac specs this Fall and then a new iMac in 2013, which will include much greater enhancements and of course a Retina display. What other features would you like Apple to bring when they completely revamp the iMac next year?

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  • Jutequinter

    Really, do you need retina display on a 27″ monitor. Just update the graphics card and CPU already. It never ceases to amaze me how slow Apple can be to update the components, and yet people still buy them. Apple’s profit on the iMac must be through the roof as they continue to outfit it with year old technology and selling it for the same price.

  • Scottie03

    I don’t care about the Retina display at this time. I am ready to purchase a iMac now and am waiting for the  Ivy Bridge!

  • Omshiva

    Definitely would get a partial 2012 updated iMac (ivy bridge with usb3, faster processor, faster ram). Don’t care about the higher dpi (retina) screen. Give me speed/power to run heavy pro apps. Bring it on Apple.

  • Rockman

    Pul-eeze keep the optical drive!!!

  • Paulkaos

    Imac screens are boring they havnt had a good update on its looks since the lamp one they did which was the imac g4 they need to change its looks