GTA V not good annually, FIFA 13 debated

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 22, 2012

We could never understand why anyone would want GTA V annually, but Take-Two’s CEO has gone on record to point out that setting a release date every year for a Grand Theft Auto game would stretch the franchise and burn some gamers out. The boss of future games Grand Theft Auto V and BioShock Infinite said he’s not planning on launching annual releases anytime soon, and while “competitors” have seen problems bringing a new game each year, it’s his opinion than more value is found in giving titles a rest for a few years.

It’s fair to say if you wait for things longer it can create a bigger desire, although with games you need to get the balance right when holding back the “next release“, because some people can get hooked on other franchises, which is why DLC is a great idea to keep gamers involved in ageing titles. We have loved most GTA games and the next title couldn’t come soon enough, but knowing the quality GTA V will likely bring it is well worth the wait in our books. You can read exactly what Strauss Zelnick said below, or take a look at some analysis in this article.

We think GTA V is an exception to the rule with some titles needing a yearly update, and this includes the upcoming FIFA 13, which we look forward to hearing some new commentary after playing many hours each week and hearing the same old phrases. There will be a lot of improvements within FIFA 13 and we have touched on these before, but could we wait two years between FIFA game updates?

The comments on GTA V being given more value if there’s a longer gap between releases might make sense for most games, especially when you take DLC into account, and if you consider the improvements that could be made to FIFA 12 via DLC then this could’ve been a better option than releasing a completely new game at a higher cost. While we personally long for the FIFA 13 update thanks to investing a lot of time in the current game, it seems likely that the developers could have given us a few updates throughout the year to create less tedious commentary, and added a lot more features throughout 2012 rather than launch the new FIFA 13.

Would you prefer to see some annual release games given better features within DLC, and then wait 2 years between new titles? Grand Theft Auto 5 still lacks a release date, but when it finally arrives you will see why waiting a little longer is worth it, although our patience is wearing thin when it comes to checking multiple times a day for the second trailer. How many times a day do you check for GTA V news?

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  • Dajackman

    this will suck, I rather have this game take place in vice city!

  • El Chupacabra

    I don’t know why Rockstar pissing us off with lack information of GTA V.When GTA IV announce,we don’t have to wait this long for information.Now when Grand Theft Auto franchise have so many fans,no information?

    • UnknownUser28

      dont worry, there is a reason for everything

  • Why does this site post daily speculation about GTA V? Not to mention that Daniel Chubb has horrible grammar in everyone of his articles. Internet journalism sickens me.

    • Ding King

      speaking of horrible grammar, “everyone of his articles”? Every one of his articles.

  • PawnShop

    i actually agree with him, if they release GTA games annually, it would end up like COD, besides, GTA is a game that you can play for around 2 years and still fun

  • Awesome

    gta cant be released every year, theres too much to do in it, but for fifa and other sports games it makes sense to recycle the game every year coz all hardcore sports fans want a new game for the start of every new season

  • Jamal Blackman

    I’d prefer if Rockstar Games released early 2013 becauae they can add extra elements inside the video-game so the game will keep the fans more entertained and the game can be a pleasure to play.

  • Miguenoria

    I check every 3 hours but it’s useless! But at the end will be worth waitin for

  • Sgre

    Not talking GTA, proper excited though. FIFA is a money grabbing whore like CoD. Why can’t there be a stand alone FIFA and when the new season starts, you download an update, for a nominal charge. £40 a pop, every year, for basically the same game is a joke and an insult to fans.

    • Drew11

      I honestly don’t mind, I play each title so much that I really appreciate the significant changes.

  • Benperez69

    I check ever second lol jk I check two tImes a day and agree wit the FIFA thing it should get updates like every two months and a new game in two years would be great.

  • It would be impossible to have an annual release for GTA. It’s the most complex, detailed video game in the world. You need only look at the credits to see that. The cast of developers, voice actors, motion-capture artists, etc. is extensive. I would much rather wait for the next installment, than have an annual, watered-down release. The proof is how much activity is still going on in GTAIV multiplayer. The race lobbies (my thing) usually fill up rather quickly. And this is over 4 years after its’ release. I doubt there are too many other ’08 releases with this much online participation, if any. I’m anxious just like everyone else, but I know it will be well worth the wait. Rockstar is planning to reward us for our patience, they will not disappoint.

  • Derp

    Annual DLC untill the next one please.

  • loansta

    I check DAILY!  Please, just 1 more trailer!…………………..

  • David GTA V Fan

    Lol I check for gta v news 3 times a day morning, afternoon and evening. I personally think this will be the best and biggest game R* have ever made, They are cutting it short for a release date this year the only period of time I think they can release information is in august (gamescom event). Take two are there and only showing 3 games over the space of 4 days which means R* could easily get evryone exicted if they released a 2nd trailer with a release date, personally I think if we have no knew information about gta v at gamescom we can forget about a 2012 release date.
    P.s iv got my bets on a october 2012 release date
    Email me at if enyone hears any juicy rumors about the game cheers

    • Awesome

       yeah, delaying the release date and not keeping fans update can kill the hype for the game ie GT5, but if they release it early then the game might not be as great as fans were expecting ie halo reach, but still, i always want games to come out sooner rather than later coz i can live with the small glitches and stuff

    • Twiggystardust78

       IMDB Had GTA 5 Listed for an october 15 2012 release. 

  • AnthonyFerrall

    I check at least 3 times a day.+1 for the lack of small titles of take two and R*. This will be worth the wait *glares at flamers and ‘boycotters’*.

    • Stonewall

      **annual titles
      Damn Swype