Final Fantasy 7 on Steam should disappoint PS Vita owners

By Alan Ng - Jun 22, 2012

If there was one big disappointment for the PS Vita from what we can see, it’s the fact that there is still no big name RPG titles out for the system. Final Fantasy X HD is still light years away from releasing it seems, while there still isn’t any official word on whether Monster Hunter is coming to the system or not.

While there is already a nice variety of genres available on the Vita, RPG titles on Sony handhelds fit perfectly – just look at Crisis Core and Monster Hunter on the PSP for example. Square-Enix are obviously very busy at the moment sorting their own affairs with regards to Final Fantasy XIV, Versus XIII and so on, but imagine our surprise when we heard that they may be plotting to re-release one of the best RPGs of all time – on Steam.

We’re talking about Final Fantasy 7 of course and leaked information has revealed that not only is the game coming to PC, but with brand new features as well not included on the PS1 original or any of the various platforms that the game is available on. You can visit a Google Cache page here to see the whole thing blown wide open – Final Fantasy 7 on Steam will include extras such as achievements, ‘character boosters’ and even cloud saves.

That’s great news of course for PC owners, but what about PS Vita owners? There are probably many Vita owners who bought the PS1 original who are thinking they should deserve this new version of FF7 as a priority over PC. It is not the FF7 remake that the whole world craves for, but this new addition with brand new functionality certainly seems like it’s worth re-purchasing.

How much time and effort has Square-Enix put into this game, knowing too well that they won’t be making it available on PS Vita? The website also reveals a £7.99 / €9.99 price for the game which isn’t too bad considering the new features. It is very likely that the original FF7 game will arrive on the PS Vita in the form of a PS1 classic, but would you want this version instead?

Let’s hope that Square-Enix answers these questions soon, or possibly at Tokyo Game Show where we’re praying that they have some footage of FFXHD to show off.

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  • wtfwtfwtf

    I don’t know why the author started talking about Vita. PS3 has FF7 as well downloadable for PS1 but still there is not a direct link as to why either one should be brought up. 

  • Chucklejunk

    I’m not sure what all the hype is about. FFVII was originally released on the PS and PC. Granted the PC version was released a few months after the PS version. Either way, the game is already available on the PC so why is there an issue with Steam being able to release it to the public?….

    • Marcmam2

      Well, I’d say that the physical version (CD) of the game is not so easily found and is, generally, overpriced. So a downloadable, global and fair-priced version is more than welcome.
      I’ll  buy it the same day it’s released!

    • Buzzkiller

      The PC version was released a long time ago and does not run very well on current operating systems. And I’m sure lot of PS3/PSP/PSV owners would like to have the character boosters and achievements as well. I know I do.

  • Platoon

    Best Game Ever.