Expendables 2 gameplay lacks Chuck Norris

Last week there were some initial whispers that an Expendables 2 game was coming out along side the movie and that it would be developed by Ubisoft. Now though, some gameplay has slipped out and it looks like Stallone and co will be coming to the Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network.

After Ubisoft unleashed Assassin’s Creed 3 on to the world, you may have been forgiven for expecting big things for any of their future titles. However, the nature of this game may disappoint you as it looks like it won’t be a full on console experience type of game.

Instead, from the gameplay we see – it’s an all-action arcade style 4-player co-op shooter, similar in the mold to a Marvel Ultimate Alliance layout if you like. The good news is that is looks like Stallone’s real voice is included in the game, but the bad news is that the game may become boring very quickly.

The players on offer are Stallone’s character Barney Ross, Yang played by Jet Li, Hale played by Terry ‘Old Spice’ Crews, and Ivan Drago himsef, Gunnar Jensen. You can swap in and out of players on the go, while we’re guessing each different player will have their own set of weaponry and fighting skills, in accordance with the movie.

It’s amazing that this video hasn’t been pulled yet considering that Ubisoft hasn’t announced it yet, so watch it while you can. The Xbox Live Arcade version is shown here, but we imagine that this is on the way to the PlayStation Network as well. This game could be very fun for a few hours or so with friends, but gamers won’t want to pay too much if the gameplay is the same all the way through.

Your early impressions of this Expendables 2 game? We can’t help but feel – no Chuck Norris, no buy.



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