Desperation for Skyrim Dawnguard PS3 release date

By Alan Ng - Jun 22, 2012

After eight long months, the wait is finally over. Bethesda are putting the finishing touches on their first Skyrim expansion pack and Dawnguard is looking like an excellent addition to Bethesda’s successful post-release DLC packs – but only if you’re an Xbox 360 owner.

As you are well aware, all this excitement over Skyrim DLC can only be seen from one community of console owners. PS3 owners on the other hand will have to once again wait due to timed-exclusivity contracts and perhaps even more surprising, PC owners are also being hung out to dry despite being the lead platform.

The excitement for Dawnguard is there for all to see, but it is perhaps a little disappointing that not all Skyrim players can enjoy it at the same time. We miss the days when anticipated DLC came out for all platforms at the same time, but those days seem to be gone, with the way the industry is moving at the moment.

Xbox 360 has the likes of Call of Duty and Skyrim DLC first, PS3 has Assassin’s Creed 3 and Battlefield 3 – what DLC can you think of right now that releases at exactly the same time on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC? Pretty hard isn’t it. Right now there still isn’t a confirmed release date for Dawnguard on PS3, but we imagine it will be before the end of July, after the 30 days of exclusivity on Xbox 360 runs out.

That is a whole month for PS3 users to wait and drool over 10-20 hours of brand new gameplay that will only be accessible on the Xbox 360. It is not just Dawnguard that receives this treatment remember – the second expansion for Skyrim will also release first on Xbox 360, but the content after this should be available on all platforms at the same time.

If you are an avid Skyrim player on PS3, how do you feel knowing you still have over a month to go until you can enjoy Dawnguard? Do you think this is a fair practice in the industry at the moment, or should the whole DLC exclusivity agreements be stopped for next-gen consoles?

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  • lukas

    borderlands 2, aliens vs. predator, dead space 2, saints row the third, soul calibur 5… and the list goes on, i don’t see why they can’t do it at the same time.

  • romulus

    here the deal plain and simple. Bethesda is going x-box exclusive. and all this rap we’ve been fussing about for so long is the long term goal of getting everyone more loyal to the series than the console to buy an x-box before they do it. use your head console differences didn’t delay ps3 release of dawnguard just the dlc. it’s right there if you stop to consider all the crappy excuses and why they were said invoke. think how many times someone posted “screw this I’m buying an x-box”. if you own a ps3 boycott Bethesda because very soon any recent purchase you have made will go on to support Microsoft exclusive games. if you hate the console wars immaturity boycott because crap like this was the father of that nonsense. it you hate exclusivity or just the idea of it boycott because this is a fine example to those who implement that it works. if your a gamer boycott just because this being done to your own people. do you need another reason?

  • Jorbid

    Why would Bethesda agree with Microsoft? They would have gain tons of profit from PC and PS3. Either Bethesda sees a potential advantage by using Xbox users as test subjects for future fixes or Microsoft persuaded and bribed them greatly.

  • Insomnia722

    I love how reading most these comments not a single pc gamer has out spoken a boo hoo about this…
    Maybe because a month isn’t a big deal not to mention we are happy with our mods and extra content we get from mods. So it doesn’t matter to us.

    • Guest

      It’s Been a month but still nothing no release date no hint when it might even come out I am on the edge of never playing a Bethesda game ever again. skyrim is my favourite game and i have been playing elder scrolls for a long time and i think it is stupid that just because i use a different console i should wait for the dlc   

      • Sk King227

        Its supposed to be today

        • According to whom? Not according to Bethesda. According to them, they can’t even make an announcement about when they’ll make an announcement.

        • MacDaddy

          Correct. I’m not even expecting Dawnguard to even be released for PS3. Also Bethesda can expect no more money from me.
          #Selling Skyrim

  • Guest

    Oh so PS3 has the rights to get the Assasins Creed III dlc’s first, damn i’m gonna enjoy it how the xbox users are beging for it 🙂

    • Nate

      As an avid gamer since 1988, I say there is no fairness to either circumstance. I made the decision to get a ps3, you a 360. But  the exclusive release on either when it is for anyone with a console is wrong. PS3 argues that we have a higher initial price; xbox charges for its online usage. But either way, as a non-Assassin’s Creed player, I see the frustration and neither make it right to players who buy products and have corps monopoly to urge players to get that other system.  This is not gaming anymore, or at least how I perceive it. DLC is one thing, but exclusive contracts and holds on DLC/patches (specifically 1.6 for skyrim on ps3 for almost 3 months) is downright shameful.  Boycotting won’t do anything, but I am at a point where I understand why a gamer should.

      • Guest

        When Mario Bros. or Zelda released way back when, it was exclusive for NES/SNES. When Sonic released it was exclusive for the Sega Gen. Its not a new concept in the industry to have exclusive titles

    • Flynch1

      Assasins creed isnt anywhere near as messed up as skyrim though

  • Stickyjamcams

    I for one am annoyed at many things:

    1. Being kept in the dark. The whole thing might be less insulting if they told us what was happening and what problems they were facing, maybe even what price they were bought for (it better be f*cking worth it). Just ensuring that they’re working on it doesn’t cut it, especially when they’re releasing stuff like the Game Jam and other things at the same time, makes me think they’re sidelining it because they’ve got the money and they don’t care anymore (and thus what happened to the care and effort Bethesda used to put in?).

    2. The fact that they seem to have some personal vendetta against PS3 users. There’s a topic on the Bethesda forums themselves petitioning for the dlc to be free, that’s how mad we are! While I think that’s a little far-fetched there definitely needs to be some kind of compensation for all the sh*t they’ve been put through, after all who expectes to fork out £40 for a game only to find it barely works, and then be mistreated when they look for answers and future content.

    3. Companies like Sony and Microsoft ruining the image of gaming. The consoles should sell the games, not the other way round. I’m not gonna’ buy an xbox just because they spend all their f*cking money on getting stuff early. In fact, it just makes me more against them because they’re that retarded they think I will. Same goes for those PS3 exclusives.

    I miss those old games like sonic and crash bandicoot when everything was f*cking easier.

  • Im really mad

    Well, i am desperate. and bethesda is being a jerk by not emailing me back on my questions, i keep emailing them but nothing comes back, its been 3 weeks! And now, theres a week left till the “hoped for” released date, but still, no news. And in one video review with todd howard about the dlc, the reviewer asked about the pc and ps3, but all that a-hole said was ‘we’re still working on that”. It seemed like he didn’t give a damn about the fact. Ive lost hope, and bethesda should be ashamed, but in the end, all they care about is money, i guess.

  • Kilted_Savage

    As an end user, I’m bloody well pissed off and tired of the total d-bags at Bethesda. I might be less annoyed if we, as PS3 users, weren’t ducked over when Skyrim was first released. It took MONTHS for them to get it right and when ps3 players complained on boards, other platform users mocked and called us whiners. Well, here we go again and no one is surprised. Maybe we ps3 users are to blame as well for sucking it up and taking it instead of making noise VIA email, Twitter and Facebook. I swoop this critics have a lot to do with it as well. BS business practices like this go on and on and on and the critics ignore it, tossing out GOTY for a crap product. If fans and critics alike called foul, you bet there would be change.

    • On the issue of bugs on release day, some of my fellow PS3 users were whiners. Bethesda worked very hard for half a decade to make an amazing game and some people couldn’t do anything but go all drama queen because 15% of the users on one out of 3 platforms were getting slowdown of varying degrees after playing for OVER 80 HOURS — that’s way longer than most games go before you’ve done every last possible thing in them.

      On this issue, it’s a bit different. It seems like Bethesda went on collective vacation just before releasing Dawnguard for the PS3 and could only be arsed to send Hines to the wi-fi hotspot on Maui to say “lol no” on the DAY WE THOUGHT IT WOULD BE RELEASED. The only way the customer service could be worse there is if they killed all of our pets as a reward for buying their game.

  • romulus

    what a load. here’s why you should be mad. Microsoft an gate’s didn’t pay to get the dlc early they payed Bethesda to delay it release to other consoles for as long as possible. someone somewhere Bethesda maybe dropped some crap line about polish an it took. I read a post somewhere, kid had Xbox, fallout 3 and Pitt dlc. he said it was barely playable. that was no different. from the ps3 dlc that arrived much later. polish or tweaking is the line they use to quell the discontent. fact is everyone crooked wins. gates an Microsoft know that the kid with the newest hottest toy is often the most popular. Bethesda wins because the wait makes ps and console users want it more. an Sony wins because this nonsense has allowed a bidding war market to be born. you want te dlc first out bid the other consoles and screw their fans who don’t want to wait just because they prefer a different system. Bethesda and this back alley deal pretty much started all that.

    • Jobarnettjo

      Agreed! This is a scheme to not only monopolize the gaming industry with the X-Box but another scheme by bethesda that you may remember from southpark the old hurry up and wait.

    • Cokipro94

      Amen brother, its a bullshit that just cuz Gates wipes his ass with bills others have to wait to enjoy a game or DLC, 

    • Blackblos

      if you look in the list of glitches xbox and pc has the most of em

    • lukas

      true words, true words

  • True Gamer

    Also note
    The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind was not sold on any playstation platforms. ONLY xbox and pc
    The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion was made for all systems but DLC was not sold through the playstation store ( hint hint no ps3 dlc AT ALL )
    I am just glad I will get dlc for skyrim this time around for my ps3. Not to mension microsoft has backed the elder scrolls from the begining so it is almost a favor in return.
    Also if you haven’t played either of the two games I mensioned I highly recommend them. Morrowind has terrible graphics due to its age but it is PERFECT gameplay. Oblivion is not my favorite but it is still a very good game (the main quest gets old after the first time around ). The inside knowledge into the series also makes skyrim far more interesting so I would atleast recommend reading the wikis.
    PS ( for you first time elder scrolls players ) The Thalmor didn’t save anything during the Oblivion Crisis, You, the blades, and a decendant of TALOS did.

    • Cokipro94

      i have played from arena, to Skyrim, and i dont mind the graphics as long as the game is not a waste of money, graphics can be pixels, as long as the story is good, i keep it

    • Lauren

      Oblivion DLC was sold in the Playstation Store. o.o… It’s under “E” and it’s in the first few rows.

    • This isn’t like them never making Morrowind a Playstation game. This would be like if they had told us that Morrowind would be on the PS2, told us that they could do that 1 month after the XBOX version, and then when the end of that month came around made a statement “Oh, you thought it would be released for the PS2 today just because we said it was a one month exclusivity agreement and we never said otherwise? LOL NO… Actually, we have no idea when we’ll be releasing it for PS2.”

  • True Gamer

    Honestly I can’t believe everyone is making a big deal out of this. So us ps3 users have to wait another month, it’s not a big deal. 360 users are getting screwed over aswell on dlc for other games. We don’t deserve cheaper anything just because we have to wait longer than the users for ONE other gaming platform. The only thing I believe Bethesda should have done is posted a clear release date for each of the platforms, that way we atleast have a confirmed release date. In the end you are getting the same dlc for the same price, and we may even get a less buggy version. If you are so worried that waiting a month to get the dlc and bethesda is evil for letting microsoft buy the first release rights you should step back and look at the situation and notice IT IS NOT A BIG DEAL.

    • Skull Crusher1


    • Wait another month? Actually, they could be releasing it for the PS3 in April 2028 for all we know. The problem was never the wait for most people. The problem is, the 1 month exclusivity deal is over with and we STILL don’t know for sure that they’ve even spent one minutes THINKING about working on the PS3 version.

      It’s not a matter of delays, it’s a matter of completely ignoring the paying customer.

    • great gamer

      well the month of waiting and so far…. OH look no DLC and also on another note where is the patch ( 1.6 ) riddle me that the patch is 3 months late and still no sign of it yet, who’s to say that the DLC won’t be the same situation 

  • Ericcarr4

    Hey hey hey guys! Don’t get too angry! Ps3 and PC might get something extra that Xbox dosent get. also I know it would beless buggy due to one month wait.

  • Rwhitl1084

    Oh how I wish DLC would be released on all systems at the same time again, yet the evil ruler Microsoft has once again called in the coffers and paid off the peasants at Bethesda for first dibs….sad days ahead.

  • Dawnguard will be less buggy but one thing is for sure. There will always be bugs with a huge game like this. It’s hard for one company to fix everything.

  • I’m new to the elder scrolls series and I am in love with skyrim. I’ve played the game thrice over and now, I’m getting a little bored with the game I was so attached to. But when I heard about Dawnguard a new love was forged in me. However, I feared that it would follow the same trend as COD with the DLC. I love this game but it hurts to see that Microsoft doesn’t care about the public and only cares about their own gain and endorsement. Frankly, I am suffering with the lack of this DLC and especially the fact that there hasn’t been even a release date for PS3. I NEED THAT DATE BETHESDA!!!

    • Why would microsoft care about ps3 owners?? I have both cus im lucky, but at the end they are rewarding their customers, and annoying those who doesnt have an xbox, microsoft are not evil, there are a profit company, and as i have both i can say this, in the current gen, the xbox wins hands down, better online, better games (with a very few exceptions), always win the timed exclusives and xblive is better than PSN (our details are not at risk). So stop complaining and get an xbox if you want it first

  • SheLikes2Play

    I just want to play.  I’m OK with another month or 3 of playing COD on my PS3 until it is released.  Then again, I’m just a responsible adult so what do I know.

  • lol

    I’m a ps3 owner. I prefer Xbox get its full 30 exclusive. I say this because skyrim is a very glitchy game and we need TEST DUMMIES to find out what’s wrong with it

  • Jacob Bielema

    Bethesda, we wait, release it soon, later on with a patch, but don’t make me wait in the school year! God no, we are customers, too! Microsoft also doesn’t like competition, with us Sony guys and rival PC makers, Bethesda, don’t let us down, dammit!

  • I honestly think there just trying to make us all pissed as in others they say it doesn’t matter waiting a month well i think they’re mad too that just means when it comes out for ps3 and pc about 50-80 percent of costumers will not buy it so its just Bethesda’s loss

  • i agree 

  • Dmaul97

    So help Bethesda if Dawnguard doesn’t come out for everyone before kids go back to school. They will lose A LARGE percentage of customers. I can promise that.

  • Deedjay

     I dont think it matters ! all i want is the DLC and I can wait its only a little month !

    • Dmaul97

      It’s not one little month. Speculation shows that itll come out on September 30th. Over 3 “little months” later.

      • yeah i had read 2 reading that state that dawnguard will come out this month on the 26 or u know september 30 th which is likely no one will buy it and move on to the next best game

  • Isleofjava

    I hate waiting for another Microsoft “buyout” and arrogant stand. I hate that Bethesda feels it must capitulate. Nevertheless, Bethesda is struggling. The question becomes this: Is Bethesda struggling because it’s been writing poorly executed games and behaving in an “unfair” manner to some platforms, or is it just because of the general gaming environment today? If they can’t make enough money fast enough, they can’t pay the staff to develop new games and other content. If they go belly up, there won’t be any more of these games — period. Is that good, or bad? Only each one of us can decide.

  • ConcernedBosmer

    Well everyone in this discussion also needs to consider that there was no patch released with Dawnguard on Xbox. Watch a couple youtube walkthroughs and NPC’s are sliding with no walk animation down paths,Followers/dogs are disappearing through walls and the floor. It has already been announced that ps3 and PC will get the patch with release. So all in all I am relatively happy because I play on ps3 and PC. 

  • Does it really matter if it is fair practice or not?  All we care about is getting the game.  All the developers care about is making money.  Do they really care about us and what we want?  They care more about what is good for their pockets.

    • Lucas

       No shyt what is I die tomorrow? I would never had the chance to play the flipping game.

  • Boycott Bethesda and every useless gaming website unless we get some actual journalism going on around here, like what Bethesda gets out of a totally bizarre “exclusivity” deal that breaks every rule of good business. Is Microsoft paying them? If so, we deserve to know. Quite frankly, if you’re publicly proud and secretive about screwing two-thirds of your customers, you’re either a total moron of a business man, or you’re getting a huge benefit. How could Microsoft possibly have any leverage over one of the most popular games of all time? Obviously, there’s much more to this story, but gamers don’t have a good media source to rely on. I, for one, am not buying another Bethesda product unless they explain in full detail (meaning the whole truth) how this exclusivity deal came to pass, why it was done, and why I wasn’t told when I first bought Skyrim for PS3 that Bethesda puts the Xbox360 first. Until then, they’ve burned their own reputation. I don’t know what colossal arrogance causes a little gaming company to take a dump on their customers, as if there won’t be any consequences, but they need to grow up big time. No other industry in the world behaves this way, and the only reason they get away with it is because most gamers are kids whose parents don’t know any better or young people who aren’t wise enough to do anything about being shafted, and nobody reports decent gaming news. The industry owns its own news; no free countries in the world would accept that in any other industry. At one time, games were nothing but toys, but now it’s a multi-billion dollar industry, and paying customers need good journalism.

    • Iratephilosopher

      While I do understand your anger and, to be honest, I even agree with much of what you said but at the same time I thought that it was actually made pretty clear that the 360 was going to have a 30 day exclusivity on the first few DLC packs released for Skyrim. Secondly, it is obvious that they are being paid by microsoft. Following this it is obvious that the reason is money. I blame Microsoft more than I blame bethesda given that they are the tempters in this case. Lastly, gaming has become, increasingly, an adult past time. In fact, I would think that many of those who play skyrim are adults. This being said I do understand your ire but in all honesty I will not boycott Bethesda over a single month of waiting but then I have yet to finish everything in the basic game on my PS3.

  • Meanie

    We have mods on PC so I’m not bothered with this.

  • Derpfish

    I haven’t played Skyrim in a while, but this DLC makes me want to. However, I can wait, besides, it’s just more time for bug fixing. But if there are major bugs in it, I’m gonna call my good friend Chuck Norris to smash their greedy fat faces in their keyboards.

  • Jacob Evans489

    Sorry did not see that the first one went through I apologize for acting like a dumbass 🙂

  • Jacob Evans489

    This kind of stuff is really sad because gameing is an art loved by meany people all over the world. And to see it cheapened lie this for more money is a let down. We are gamers be it PS3,PC,or Xbox this just causes damage to both the image and to our community. Its not like we are already excepted well into main stream world. And these petty fights don’t help and these things are the gasoline on the fire. Just think about us the gamers and less about the cash that’s all I have to say thanks for listening. 🙂

  • Jacob Evans

    It is safe that this kind of stuff happens. Company’s selling out to make more money video games aerial art and this does not help the gaming cause. This also fuels petty hate between PC, PS3, and Xbox gamers. I for one find this an annoying and potentially damaging thing to the gaming community.

  • AYE JAY 5oh2

    Not to mention Fallout 4 will most likely be the same way on DLC, I mean I don’t mind waiting on it because we get free online and microsoft is butt hurt because there console STILL has a disktray. PS3 has everything I want in a console, I have other games so they can smoke a bloody black turd in hell, screw you Microsoft!

  • Samtut60

    who honestly cares.  u guys act lik skyrim is the only game u can play for a month its not that big of a deal

    • Guest

       true dat

  • Guest

    B.S. man. I have a 360, I bought skyrim for ps3 because ps3 looks better on my TV with the HDMI hook up that isn’t compatible with my early gen 360. I hate stupid crap like this.

    All it really means is that I’ll play the dlc on my friend’s 360 then pass up buying it all together by the time it hits for ps3.

    • Xbox BJ’s PS3

      Now you know how it feels to play cod on ps3

  • Stevesmith89

    If it wasn’t for the fact it’s more skyrim I would watch the whole dlc on YouTube and not buy it because I am sick of timed dlc it’s just a rubbish idea for one party to try and get you to buy their console over the other one, and does nothing but fuel fanboy wars…… But as its Skyrim I know if I watch it that will only make me want to buy it more

  • debenex

    I don’t know why microsoft are just throwing their money around to get things early or exclusive its an outrage. I got skyrim the day it came out and wanted the dlc the day it came out but obviously xbox are so dumb they think they will earn extra money.

    No matter what people will still have the same consle.

  • Christian Madarang

    Goddamn it, I hate waiting, screw you microsoft. And yes I agree with some people here that us PS3 or PC users should get it cheaper.

  • DaEmOn77

    What does it matter, these are totally separate consoles. Gameplay is not connected in anyway. Box buy some early exclusivity and so do ps3. I personally like the DLC way of doing things, it keeps a game alive until the release of the next game in series( .MW3 and Black Ops 2) paying an extra £35 for more than a games worth of DLC is cheap in my book. As for going back to the old days and playing old games on new consoles, well come on, who really wants to? There are thousands of games available for ps3/ xbox games for every bodies tastes. With the next gen consoles only a year or two away, the console will become an integral part of everybody’s home just like phones are become an extension of the people who use them. If you are moaning about buying DLC then it is almost certainly because you are to cheap to spend your money on it!!! And if that is the case then I suggest you get your self of to cex or gamestation and sell your console.

    • Guillotine20

      I play old-school games on new consoles only when I missed out on the original chance to. I bought FFVI and Chrono Trigger on my PS3, and a bunch of Zelda and Mario games on my Wii for this exact reason.

    • monsterminty

      I think you missed the point…

  • Luis

    Since the PC and the PS3 have to wait longer we should get it cheaper or free

    • Jacob Evans489

      No that does not help just give equal rights to all systems and players why punish there followers then go back and try to suck up. Just do it right the first time.

      • lukas

        they give the ps3 a shitier version than the xbox and then reward us by having us wait months for a dlc thats on the market for xbox and pc.

  • Socom_1_2_3&CA_Vet

    i can wait, ive been reading most of the comments, and i believe the gaming industry will go belly up soon. I mean remember the good old days when gaming companies would release a game that was complete. Now a days it seems like they release a game that is not finished and just gives the consumer patch after patch to fix it and DLC which should have came with game at launch, then to top it off companies like EA want to charge for online pass for used games.

  • Rayne Dae

    I havn’t updated Skyrim at all since I bought it, should I wait for 1.6 and Dawnguard to release on PS3, I guess I’ve been lucky that I hav’nt had any glitchs or problems what so ever on my PS3. I’d like to avoid any of the problems that I’ve read about with the earlier updates. Does anyone know of a benefit that I might be missing out on, not updating my copy…I’ve found that updates ussually cause more problems then they fix!

    • u would be missing out on the kill cams there is so pretty cool kill cams 

  • Microsoft are increasingly buying exclusivity rites which is ruining the industry and also shame on the producers who are signing these contracts. 

    • antheraxbreakfest

      uhmmmm i hate to burst yer bubble pal but those exclusive contracts provide bethesda and other great game companies more money to pump out more badass games like fallout and elder scrolls. get yer dildo out yer ass socialistic pig.

      • Bearfry

        Wow, My eyes have been opened. You’re so smart.

  • Your Mom

    the gaming industry is a joke today compared
    to what it back in the golden age of gaming 1991-94 (snes and genesis). as ive collected games over the years it disgusts me to know that
    i cant play old games on new systems. all systems seem to be removing
    backwards compatibility from their platforms. i used to be able to play my old game cube games and ps1 and ps2 games on wii and ps3 respectively. not anymore. its all a ploy to make more money off the gaming community. this delay for the ps3 release of the dlc for skyrim is just another ploy for a company like bethesda to cash in a big fat cheque from microsoft for exclusivity, and honestly doesnt surprise me in the least.

    • Themeatshield

      The reason they took of backwards compatibility is that it is just too expressive. If you want your system to be cheaper then your going to have to sacrifice.

  • Robert

    Stew Bethesda and microsoft

  • Some Guy

    after waiting roughly 5 years for gran turismo 5 whats an extra month? dont get me wrong im dying to play this new dlc, but id rather play it as a polished gem rather than a glitchy turd.

  • Ta1nt3ds0ulz

    Im pissed. i sold skyrim for 360. i have it for ps3. screw microsoft and their bribes for dlc…

  • Daireck

    as long as it comes onto ps3 platforns bug and glitch free im happy to wait skyrims huge sandbox world and hundred of thousands of freeform quests keeps me going but that does not mean i am unhappy about not getting the Dawnguard dlc at the same time as Xbox 360.

  • B!NXY

    God Damn it….. i understand the whole testing it out first but still i dont see a point why xbox should get it fist why not make them wait too, another month of waiting it makes u think is really all worth it…..

    • The Elder Scrolls series was available to Xbox before any of the other consoles, starting with Morrowind, so I understand PS3 having to wait (I admittedly don’t like this, as I have a PS3).  This being said, The ENTIRE Elder Scrolls series started on PC, so it really is a slap in the face to PC gamers more than anyone else.

      • debenex

        Sorry but it came out on pc first so really they should get it first not dumb-ass microsoft. PS: I have PS3. But idk when it comes out for xbox and ps3 but it should come out for PC first.

  • honestly i’m not buying another Bethesda game again if they keep doing this

  • It makes me want to punch a bag of bricks repeatedly. I mean what is the point in making a certain few people wait? In a school you don’t say to half a class “You half are going to get a bag of sweets first, you others have to wait a month or so which by then will be ruined as the other half will have already enjoyed it and finished it”. I own both a ps3 and xbox, i bought Skyrim for ps3 cause i thought it would be superior. Total bullshit.  

  • X16900

    Something else annoying… Looks like not only does Microsoft buy up exclusives for the most popular games, but I’m thinkin that its in the contract that the dlc for other platforms cannot be talked about or the release date announced until one month is up, which makes them release it like 35 days later.

  • Yeah, it’s pretty bullshit but there’s nothing PS3 owners can do but wait. Microsoft must offered them a fat paycheck to get dawngaurd first

  • musicman1234

    I am very glad musical artist do not do this. Releasing their music first to only those who own a Sony CD player would cause the music to be pirated and would bring a frown on many fans faces and could even cause a carrer damaging backlash from their fans. To some of us,video games are an art form.Such a shame tho when you see people sell out like this…Just shows…it;s not art to them anymore..It’s about making a payday and being famous…Not genuine…The video game industry itslef is in for a very rude awakening…Mark my words.

  • Kjbrown972

    I only got skyrim the other week, so I’m not too bothered. And there’s loads to do in the vanilla game anyways, especially with the games ability to generate new quests based upon your fighting style and quest preference

  • Yuma55

    Meh, sold my piece of junk copy months ago. Wont be buying any Bethesda games anymore anyway. That studio and that scammy nerd who is running the place are obnoxious and pretentious and execute anything like an amateur while blaming “hardware”. Yea right, cya.

  • Guest

    Personally I find the entire concept of timed releases to be stupid and obnoxious. I’m ticked at both Sony and Microsoft for being so petty and stupid. Nobody’s going to buy a console just because they get DLC earlier, and all it does for companies is cause the hype to die down before it’s available to other systems. Not that I really care if Xbox gets some new content a little earlier. I’ve been getting new content for free almost daily since I have the game for PC, so as long as I get a Dawnguard release soonish, I’m fine.

  • Emobaby9288_PSN_NATION

    this is just a banter has a little to do with the dlc release yes but i have scrolled thru this whole article yes it is very upsetting and i for one am very extremely mad at Bethseda …. but has anyone in this whole comment war ever stated wat came out b4 our long w8 for the dlc …. hmmm let me refresh ur memorys a bit ELDER FUCKIN SCROLLS ONLINE … this game was not to be released until the first DLC was released ….. i am a big fan of Bethseda an thier works dont get me wrong but …. see the wait was for the gamers cause they wanted them to take as much time into skyrim as possible … like i said this is banter …. but look ppl they care about the gamers … believe it or not they wanted it for ps3 first but … they wanted thier best costumers to finish the whole game first rather then being on xbox half not even almost finished with the game an boom more work …. but then again they release console pacific content for xbox 360 like oblivion for example …. but i for one was mad wen they went against thier word to all gamers for pc gamers but then i found out y …. so i tell my fellow ps3 users …. FUCKIN W8

  • Ahf

    I stopped playing skyrim months ago. Once you have done everything twice it gets old. The dlc is making me pick it up again, that is if I have not sold it before that. Anyways, the ps3 timed exclusives are about two weeks, which is next to pointless. I hope they use that time to fix all of the ps3 issues. Dawngaurd better have a spotless release or else I will rage and boycott bethesda.

  • Nick

    I don’t even care about the DLC.  I just want the original game to work!!  I encountered a game-breaking glitch that wouldn’t allow me to continue progress at all.  I’m willing to give it one final shot if 1.6 is ever released for PS3.

    • lmatt69

      me 2!!!

    • Awood1155

      does it freeze when you get into water?

      • George

        No, but it shrinks significantly.

      • Rippa1981

        Yep does it to.

    • Uninstall and reinstall the game data (not the saved game data)  and update. Had the same problem but it fixed it for me

  • Christian von Uffel

    Game makers should cease this practice. It is harming the industry and their longer term profits. Short term gimmicks will only agitate the players who are already quite patient 

  • Seanobrienbyc

    Timed exclusivity is wrong. I bought Skyrim for £39.99 just as all interested console owners did. It’s wrong that I don’t get access at the same time because of my console choice. It was the same with GTA4. The dlc was Xbox exclusive for ages and when the interest was gone they decided to port it. If I didn’t love Skyrim so much I would dodge the dlc. What are they doing anyway. Do you think a gamer will base their console selection of timed dlc? Of course not.

  • Chaserchim

    Psn has been games we should get it before 360

  • Chaserchim

    Its gay how they get it first we should sence PSN has been hacked before

    • IntellectualElite

      are you mentally retarded? or do you not understand how contracts work? and how they have absolutely nothing to do with the irrelevant fact that the psn got hacked. 
      Oh, and by the way, the word since is spelled with an ‘i’ not an ‘e’.

      • M_Atrix

        I found at least 5 errors in your last passage. I find it insulting that you have the audacity to criticize someone for their grammatical errors when you have them yourself.

  • Pally_spartan4

    PC users don’t even need the expansion, they can get all of the same features through the massive mod community.

    That’s not to say I don’t want the expansion, I’m just saying I think the PC players will hold out better than the PS3 players

  • Dragon123203

    It would be better if it comes out on july because all the bugs will be fixed @#$%$&^*()_+

  • Aaoppe

    I’m definitely jumping the fence as far as the next generation of consoles goes. As much as I hate to admit it, Skyrim is the best game I’ve ever played – but I’m obviously playing it on the wrong system. My love/hate-relationship with Bethesda only deepens with each disappointment on the PS3. The 1.6-patch was released on Xbox nearly a month ago, yet still no sign of it on the PS3. 
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Bethesda decides to drop expansion packs altogether for the PS3, as it would most likely be a disaster – with a ton of bugs and crashes just waiting to be unleashed. 
    At E3, Bethesda wouldn’t even guess the release date for Dawnguard on that system.. That’s uncharacteristic for a company that lives off of creating hype and anticipation, and doesn’t bode well for PS3-users. Ah, well… DLCs or no DLCs, the PS3-version as of now still kicks ass.

  • Hellyeah_59

    I love Skyrim but Xbox can have Dawnguard for an extra month, I can wait. I’m more hyped for the exclusive content the PS3 is getting for Assassin’s Creed 3. Finally we(PS3 owners) are getting some exclusive content from a major multiplatform game. So Xbox owners enjoy the extra month of Dawnguard.

  • Oh, so you mean us PS3 users will benefit from an extra month of bug-fixing and playtesting thanks to our 360 bretheren?  Bring it on!  I’ll happily wait.

    • LOWKEY10011

      lol wut? the 360 and the ps3 are “TOTALLY” different. So your statment may apply to the pc but not ps3. so expect bugs.

      • Two points on that.

        First, some bugs on Skyrim Proper HAVE been cross-platform.  What breaks in one very likely could break on the other.

        Secondly, while they may not benefit from widespread playtesting on the PS3, they’ll still have another month to tweak in-office before shipping it off to Sony.

  • Darocoth

    F*** the 360, this is just microsoft’s way of trying to create a reason for people to play the ESs on their consol beacuse there realy is no other reason than lack of reasorces for the player! mrrwaarra

  • here is the thing each system ps3 ,360, wii ,pc ,all have there own thing i mean hello pc gets all the freaking mmo they are getting the oblivion mmo and ps 3 have had exclusives for years i mean i would love to play uncharted ,metal gear solid thats just the nature of the beast

  • Pyra

    I can wait. I think it’s unfortunate we don’t get it at the same time, but Skyrim is such a huge game that I`m still enjoying it without the new DLC.

  • Molag the Bal

    None to be rude or anything but i thought this  was going to be an article about the “Dawnguard” Dlc. But instead you talk about the difference in release dates. If you don’t like that you can do what i did and get all 3. Having a console for each DLC. Though i never intentionally got a 360 for dlc purposes i still find it to be quite useful

    • Edgar_Allen_Fartknucle

      RE-READ the title dipshit!!!! Clearly states what the article is about… 

  • Dave! Yognaut

    I’m looking forward to Dawnguard, but I frankly don’t care that Xbox is getting it early. As long as the main bugs are fixed before the PS3/ PC release that is.

  • Kytherus

    I am not excited about it,i mean look at what a Buggy Glitchy mess Skyrim still is for the PS3.If its not PS3 Exclusive,Try before you buy.

  • kevin

    I’m fine with the wait. I loved Skyrim and played for months to get my platinum for it, but playing for so long has left me quite happy to wait a bit before plunging into it again.