The Amazing Spider-Man actually looks like a good superhero game

We haven’t been excited about a Marvel game, let alone a Spider-Man game for a very long time. We’re pleased to say though that the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man game looks great and we have some gameplay clips to show just what a great job, developers Beenox have done.

As with usual tradition, this latest Spider-Man game is to coincide with the release of The Amazing Spider-Man movie, which hits cinemas on July 3rd this Summer. The game however is set for release a little earlier, as you’ll be able to pick it up on June 26 in the US, June 29 over in Europe.

The biggest attraction that we can see with this new game, is the emphasis placed on open world and the fact that Spidey once again has the full ability to go where ever he pleases. We’ve seen some early criticisms on the fact that he is essentially ‘swinging from the sky’, but at the end of the day Beenox can’t please everyone.

We would take swinging from the sky any day, as opposed to just swinging from buildings in a limited city space. Players are going to love exploring the littlest of details in this game and we just hope that Beenox has players all sorts of goodies and easter eggs in store, for those players who intend to visit every single nook and cranny in the game.

We have a series of clips to show now, giving you a little idea of the exact depth that will be available to you when you pick up the game. One of the newest clips shows the playable Stan Lee, who you should know as the creator of the legendary web slinger. We’ve also included a clip of the excellent Spider-Man game on the PS1 which remains one of our favorite superhero games to date. If this game turns out to be a success, let’s hope that Activision uses them for the rest of the Marvel games, as the likes of Captain America and Thor deserve another look in our opinion.

Watch the footage for yourself and let us know what you think of this latest Marvel game. Hope for the future in terms of superhero games based on movies? We think so!



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