Sony PS4 has specs initiative on Xbox 720 after leak

By Alan Ng - Jun 21, 2012

After the somewhat ‘amazing’ leak detailing the next Xbox console, Microsoft has finally come out and spoken in reference to the now infamous 56-page document. You may be surprised to hear that we didn’t get the usual response from Microsoft either.

Some of you may have been expecting Microsoft to come out and say that ‘We don’t comment on rumor and speculation’, since that is common tradition for the company in previous trends. Instead though, a spokesperson has given a more detailed statement to Eurogamer, deciding to leave us with the key following words:

”We are continually thinking about the future of the platform and when we have something to share, we will.”

The spokesperson also felt the need to say that ‘now is a better time than ever to own an Xbox 360’, which to us is another piece of damning evidence that this document was real. If you think about it, Microsoft couldn’t come out and own up to the document right away, as it would mean that nobody buys the Xbox 360 anymore in favor of waiting for next-gen.

That’s why they have come out and said that about the Xbox 360, as they don’t want to harm their 360 hardware sales until they finally do announce next-gen. Then of course you have to remind yourselves of the key fact that the leaked document was dated back to 2010 and references the Xbox SmartGlass technology, which was just announced officially at this year’s E3.

We would love to know how high level Xbox execs are feeling now, knowing too well that the majority of their next-gen features and specifications have been blown wide open. It also gives Sony a sneaky look at their rival’s console, allowing them to make any hardware or software upgrades as they see fit.

With the Wii U already public knowledge and now this massive document on the Xbox 720, you may even say that Sony now has the upper hand since nobody still knows anything regarding the PlayStation 4. You can just imagine Kaz Hirai reading that document, licking his lips on how to go on the counter-attack to provide similar features for their console.

What are your thoughts on Microsoft’s comments firstly – is that a blatant attempt to rescue lost sales of the Xbox 360? Would you also agree that Sony now has the upper hand in the next gen specs battle?

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  • Christopherford1991

    you all talk stupid about wiiu its crap stop comparing it to ps3 and xbox how freaking stupid are you all ps3  is the king of consoles xbox is only good for online do you all dig that suckas

  • Donnovantreasure

    I don’t think wii u is going to do to good when all the next gen consoles are out the door. A lot of company’s are mostly focus on ps4 and nextbox for power. And Sony is clearly going for power for they want better tech and stated no ps4 till a big leap can be done. I think AMD is giving Sony a good deal with HSA and Sony is going for 3d stacked memory going by what the Sony CTO said. 3d stacked memory comes out 2014 and just 1 gig of 3d stacked memory is like 16 gigs. It makes sense most tech that’s out for next consoles hasn’t matured enough and isn’t really a leap above, most dev’s are not really happy with the console spec’s.

    • Allangba5

      what is 
      3d stacked memory ?

      • Donnovan07

        Stacked memory is the solution to console and hand held devise limitation. It’s coming in late 2013 to 2014. It’s high speed and comes in more than your average ram, 1 gig of 3d stacked memory is the amount of 16 gigs of gddr5 ram but even faster. I can see crytech and epic games crying in happiness if they put in 2 gigs in the nextgen consoles. It’s most likely Sony who’s gunning for it since the Sony CTO stated stack memory in the article about his plans for ps4.

  • Ken Reinertson

    I don’t know who is going to win in the next console wars. Obviously the WiiU is setup to be the big hit coming out well before the PS4 and Xbox720. Plus with it’s new controller and innovative way of interacting with the system and games it blows the motion capture gaming element out of the water. Motion capture was a nifty little toy but it’s run it’s course IMO. Wii came out with it’s new controller. Others rushed to copy it and improve on it. Now WiiU is coming out with another different unique controller. Watch Microsoft and Sony attempt to imitate that as well. As for who will win between the PS and Xbox wars I think it will come down to a few factors. As always the unique game titles each platform attracts. There are some incredible titles that Sony is securing and have always secured. Uncharted and that franchise. The new one that Last of Us one and GT etc. I’m sure FF will still be on the PS. Though Xbox has HALO and other titles. So title procurement is obviously going to be the main contention. After that Admir has it right on the online content. Whoever can have a better Online experience is going to be the one that ultimately wins out. Sony obviously already won the Blu-Ray HD-DVD wars. Heck the PS3 with a Blue-ray player market is what saved that for them. Who will have the better DLC content? Who will have the better connections with Online Entertainment Providers such as Hulu, Netflix, On Demand and other similar things. Will one have a full browser with flash plugins and the works? Who will have a keyboard? Which console will market themselves as an ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM and not a Game System. That’s the direction they are heading towards and need to just market themselves as such. Be the HTPC replacement. Have video watching capability, have online movie watching ability, have a wireless keyboard for web based searching standard. There is so much that the console industry could do to be the most significant product in the living room behind the TV, HT Audio and DVR. Combined with good Wireless connectivity, an ability to plug in an external HDD for expandable storage and excellent online tools and you will have everyone sitting on the couch not only playing games but also surfing the web, watching Youtube, Hulu, Netflix and watching their Blu-Ray/DVD movies through their console. They won’t need anything else.

  • I don’t think Sony have any advantage because they will already have had big plans for the next gen console of their choosing…I don’t think the 720 details will affect anything because they will already know what they want to do and that won’t change…On a personally level Im hoping the Wii U delivers because I love Nintendo, when it comes to Xbox & PS I don’t care who wins Il just buy whichever is cheapest because Iv got a family 🙂

  • NgTurbo

    Interesting you mention Zelda there. I think Nintendo needs to wise up and make a Wii U remake of the Zelda: Link to the Past SNES game. Still remains one of the best games in history.. and it would be an instant hit.

  • I feel like being left a part by the Whole Sony company. While the PS3 is good for her 720p to 1080 Full HD games, the online it’s a big failure that they should fix if they want to win the race. As we already see, Microsoft got the right ingredians to do the ONLINE JOB as the usually did. The Wii U, will be amazing too, playing new gendre of Mario Games and Zelda, with HD graphics sounds amazing. I personnaly think Sony should give up the Race and move on for something else. 

    • Cole_macgrath

      But why? Sony are the only console company that keeps coming up with new TOP class games. Microsoft’s biggest failure is games, when the next gen comes. Sony will be dominate because Microsoft won’t have Call of duty to rely on as there will be more FPS (Homefront 2) and eventually CoD & Halo will fade, fact is Sony are the best company if you’re a gamer. Nintendo bring the fun and innovation while Microsoft.. Is the dominant online console.

      • I totaly agree, but untill they come up with the next generation, there are a lot of things to do. Just look around Microsoft always owns the first DLCs and cash out the most money to get the best for his clients. I realy hope to be able one day to go back on my words, but untill that day I’ll be on xbox killing some noobs hehe :D. (But I agree somehow that Sony will put microcock to shame in the next generation of gaming with further more and better games, look at Gears of War from Microcock, it starts to fade.)