GTA V and Saints Row 4 follow a pattern

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 21, 2012

It has been known for some time that Grand Theft Auto V will be much bigger, and this environment will be filled with a lot of enhancements not seen in previous games, which at this time we can only guess from various vague interviews. It now seems that developers of the next Saints Row also understand the need for bigger and better, which follows some news that an expansion has been canceled and will now be a larger Saints Row 4 next year.

The head of THQ made their plans clear in a recent statement and this now means the expansions development will be incorporated into Saints Row 4, and should release at some point in 2013 with a game that aims to be the very best for fans. You can see the official statement below.

Rockstar has known that their fans want a much bigger experience and this is why they stated early on that GTA V would include much bigger maps, and fans have asked for customization, which includes pimping cars and other items to give the game more immersion. One thing we loved about previous Grand Theft Auto games had been the ability to just wander around the big map doing mindless things, and you could spend many hours doing this but imagine something much bigger and better?

These are also the words of THQ’s boss, he states above that they are delaying any new content for Saints Row to make it “bigger, better“, so it looks like both GTA V and Saints Row 4 are going for bigger and starting to follow a pattern they feel fans want.

Do you feel that bigger is better when it comes to upcoming games like Grand Theft Auto 5 and Saints Row 4? If you have any ideas for the next GTA and Saints Row games then feel free to leave a comment, especially if it concerns giving you more to do in these bigger environments. The GTA V montage above is thanks to Patrick Brown, and shows all GTA characters.

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    i hope this means that saints row the third was only a simulation because i hated the childish over the topnes
    i hope they return back to sr2 style
    and yes evrybody is googling gta5 multiple times a day even me

  • PrecisionVK

    i think saints row 4 will be much much better than GTA 5 because we play games for fun and action, so saints row has all the qualities of a fun action game. GTA 5 has also action but Saints Row has action beyond the limit which mak it very suitable for gamers. Note that :- Gamers want fun not realism like GTA.

  • Josesurf1000

    There should be surfing in this game that will be gnarlY

  • Bubba_ab

    How can you expect THQ to release something that well made and thought over in such short amount of time?  Rockstar has been developing GTA V since GTA IV’s release.  They’ll have about 5 years in between games.  They understand that releasing annual games (I’m looking at you, Call of Duty) burns out consumers and makes for some half-assed games.  THQ was going to make a DLC for SR3, but I’m assuming they decided sequel after they realized GTA V’s threat.  And SR3 came out in late 2011, so if they’re looking to release in 2013 that means a ridiculously short amount of development time.  I’m sure that if Rockstar will make bigger, then they will also make better as well.  They aren’t stupid and they realize that if they want the game to have a giant map, they will have to incorporate a rich and diverse environment to make sure that no area feels the same.  They did a pretty decent job with that in GTA IV, but in all honesty it could have been greatly improved.  I’m sure that Rockstar has looked into what fans want to see in their game, and they will try their best to please gamers with a quality game.  I just can’t see THQ doing even a fourth of well as a job as Rockstar will.

  • The sad part is, we all keep coming here because Mr. Chubb knows his new articles are the only thing we have to read on a daily basis.

  • Gamerz_academy

    Was looking forward to GTA V until I saw Watch Dogs gameplay…realism to the max. rockstar might have reached their limit. I hate moving around in GTA 4…like I was on rails. Getting out of a car getting shot up it takes forever…jump out while its moving you still get f#*ked up. Bullets are too slow. I can see them as I shoot them like little packman pellets…or paintball. Liberty city should of had snow. Driving in snow would be crazy. They need to bring some real inovative s*#t to the table cause 2013 has a lot of other amazing games to buy -trybe-

    • james

      you have to think that we have seen actual gameplay of watch dogs. but only a trailer to GTA V which was 7 months or so ago. they have had a long time to improve the graphics since the trailer and will still have a long time to improve them further. a gameplay trailer will determine the greatness of the game

  • Gta4life

    Bigger is better if both games deliver more excitement and more stuff to do. I expect more from these games especially GTA series, cause San andreas and GTA4 raised the ceiling on what Rocktar can develop just imagine…..Saints row is nice too, just  more cartoonish and comical but enjoyable. But GTA games are like a drug that you want to OverDose on over and over and over again..I want more..I need more.. I expect more.!!!

  • Bens_9999

    I google news gta v 9 times a day lol

    • MagnumRippa

      what’s really funny is I do the same thing…lol

      • Sanchez4291


  • guest

    has anyone seem this yet? looks like some real game play from GTA 5??

  • dan

    Gran Turismo 5 physics. let me drive around Los Santos with an in-car view using my Logitech G27 wheel+pedals+h-pattern shifter!!!!! this game is called Grand Theft AUTO, is it not?

    sounds like Forza Horizon is going down this path… 

    also allow me to switch to first-person during gun fights, so I can play that part of the game like a FPS (familiar MW3 controls would be convenient) if I want. 

    • Doug

      THANK YOU!  I am glad someone else said what I have been thinking for years!  That is an experience I would look forward to!

    • Josesurf1000

      I second that

    • Legion

      I have been wishing this for years.

      Especially the optional 1st person views. The setting and in-game enviroment would feel so much more involving and realistic.  Many people argue against this by saying “that wouldnt fit with GTA”

      Ehhh, why?

  • Gibbo1332

    Everyone just wants stupid things added in GTA V. If you want more customization go play saints row. Gta is ment to be a realistic experience. They should defiantly focus on improving car physics, ai, shooting mechanics and general game play elements. Sure car customization is cool but it is not an essential part of gta to be successful. And everyone wants to be able to customize the main characters physical attributes but i personally think that if there was too much personal customization it would make the story less interesting and draw from the cinematic experience which was seen in all of the gta’s but less in san andreas. Gta V should focus on being a realistic sandbox game rather than a cheap stupid plot seen in saints row. It shouldn’t be too realistic though like filling up cars with gas because this would make the game become boring too quickly. It has to have a balance of interactive elements in the environment that are enjoyable and dont become boring quickly.

    • Legion

      “Gta is ment to be a realistic experience”

      Gangsta Hovercraft Chases
      Parachute attacks on Coroprate buildings
      Capturing jetpacks and harriers from the militairy
      Shooting down choppers with a minigun
      Suicidal police officers
      Driving motorbikes into moving jet planes
      The CIA recruiting people by way of a monster truck racing job interview
      Blind guys racing cars
      Akimbo firing dual sawn offs
      Stealing Alien goo from Area 51 (69)

      Im sorry, what bit of the previous games were realistic?

  • can’t wait 4 gta5

    I really hope they put more realistic car accidents such as: when you hit another car they turn on their hazard lights and jus stay there instead of taking off like sometimes in gta 4 🙂

    • james

      good idea. and maybe random high speed car accidents etc. happen to civilians. you always have to cause them. can never sit back and watch overs failing at driving

      • james


      • can’t wait 4 gta5

        Ha that would be AWSOME to XD

      • can’t wait 4 gta5

        Ha that would be AWSOME to XD

  • Claude

    I think every single building you should be able to go into or purchase. I know it’s asking for a bit to much but think about the only buildings you go in are either for missions, your house, or old abandon buildings like in gta vice city stories. It also would be cool if they add other places. Like who wouldn’t want to go into a GameStop or a parody of it and a parody of wal mart. Have a ps3 or Xbox 360 in the game. I mean San Andreas had a game system so why not add them in gta V we got the tech to do it. Flat screens. It so much that can be done.

  • Keyonte reid

    I’m looking forward to GTA V but I’m also looking forward to multiplayer. I’ve already told friends and family that play the game that we should form an alliance because Everytime I spawn in GTA IV I don’t know if there on my side or not so now I just kill everyone. If it possible to make GTA V on the vita I think they should. It would be nice to have a little vita to ps3 connection.

  • Pooly Guy

    I laminated my GTAIV

  • Cristian2000

    It would be better if the cars run on Gas like in real life

  • LetsGo

    On GTA 5 i would love it more if they do have more houses, not just 4,5,6 but more than that seriously, remember on GTA San Andreas, pimp cars nitrous, BmX, Hairs styles, work out, surfing, and put more clubs, like 5, not like on GTA TBoGT which it was great but it was only one and could have been great if Bahamas was open too, and get to have more girls that you’ll date… big maps, have to play co-op with your friend online or on the game like GTA Sa, and get to drive on airplanes and you can have people inside like your date, and i know GTA 5 it going to be great and i like we get to have pets on the game the dog lol i’m just excite for the game since I’ve saw the trailer..

    • firebow

      if thats what you want then play the sims gaylord

  • Gta 5 cheats

    here are some of my ideas i’d like to see in gta 5. Haircuts, car customation, jobs, and bigger clothes shops. I also want a better variety of weopons like in gta 4 you only have 2 weopon sets  so im hoping gta5 will have at least up to 4 weopon sets. one of the reasons i really like about gta games was the cheats it has but gta 4 didn’t have that much cheats when i first got it i got all the cheats i played it forever but something was missing i went back online to see the cheats to make sure i had all of the cheats but i looked and looked i finnaly relized that i had all the cheats i was really dissapointed  about the cheats so im counting on rockstar games to have billions of cheats to play with in gta 5                                                                           

  • Matt_chowie1

    Saints row is just waiting until gta is out so it can copy it

  • Breeland Quadree

    I just wanna pre order saints 4 an GTA 5 already! Lol

  • Hilow

    I like my girlfriend tight little vagina. It’s niceee

  • Shanemc

    Bigger is better for GTA , but for saints row its gonna be shitty

  • Caldero

    Yea me too lol!  The GTA and Saint Row series are almost not comparable other than they’re both open world and are about crime.  GTA is getting more mature while still not taking itself too seriously and Saints Row is the complete opposite of that.  I didn’t think i’d say this but SR3 left me somewhat dissapointed I felt that it got a little too kooky.  Also i hated the controls on the ps3 version In SR2, you could change the presets, in SR3 it was only one.  The biggest glaring issue is in its polish.  The Saints Row games lacks the TON of polish that the GTA series is known for.  Even if you compare it so some of the PS2 iterations, SR can’t compare.  But for what it is, aopen world anything goes, orgy of violence and pervesiveness, it does the job.  I think i’m just loosing the enthusiasm I once had for it.

  • Garrettb57

    Gta V is going to be awesome. I will never care about the Saints Row/GTA comparison because they are two different games. If Saints Row wanted to create a cool world they should of created a rural country atmosphere and maybe they’d have something that could compare. Anything that meshes the free roam of GTA San Andreas with GTAIV and make it something that will blow your mind in 2013. We know it’s going to be big, if not we wouldn’t be googling it 4+ times a day.

  • Alex

    Saints row is NOTHING compared to GTA. SR3 is nowhere near as advanced as GTA IV, and it came out like 3 years after it…

  • Rocknrobert06

    Omg Im also googling GTA V multiple times per day. Thought I was the only one lol.

    • Tyler C

      Me Too!

      • Alexie96


  • i guess they would release gta for PC too…. O.o

  • Joe Jones

    Thanks to all the extra time taken with development of these games we can all look forward to MUCH bigger and better maps, which I personally cannot wait to enjoy, although I do hope we get car customisation in GTA 5 so I can PIMP my ride.

    • Gta 5 cheats

       I know right!

  • Schlong Johnson

    I can’t believe I’m still googling GTA V four times a day. This is sad.

    • Bradley Wk5

      Haha same here..

      • CJ

        Me too I feel like I’ve wasted my life

    • Tyler C

      Room for 1 more?


      Slide to unlock, open safari, google news, search Gtav.. Nothing

      Been my ritual now hourly every day for bout 6 months

      • Gumby65

         PROTIP: Separate the “GTA & the V” and you will continue to land on uninformative articles such as this.

        😀 (kiddin’)