Skyrim Dawnguard in less than 144 hours

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 20, 2012

The exact Skyrim Dawnguard release time for June 26 is currently unknown, although some gamers could pretty much predict a rough guide considering traditional launches for Xbox Live DLC on a Tuesday. With less than 144 hours, 6 days, to go until the Skyrim DLC arrives on the Xbox 360 we thought a roundup of some of the latest news is in order, and if you’re on the PS3 it means a slight wait unless you got some nice Xbox 360 friends playing the game.

You can expect the main Skyrim Dawnguard quest to last you around 10 to 20 hours, which is pretty good considering the length of most single player games, especially the longevity of most DLC. If you are still hoping to get into the beta then watch out for some of the fake offerings around at the moment, which are trying to cash in on the beta desperation.

When this month started we noticed some hidden observations from the Skyrim DLC gameplay, which included details on spectral horses, crossbows, and more seen here but you can also see the official E3 trailer below this article. One thing most Skyrim gamers have in common is their opinion that Bethesda are one of the industries best when it comes to content, and especially considering the Dawnguard beta had been given free to testers.

The second video below showcases the official Skyrim Dawnguard trailer again, and following its release and Bethesda reconfirming the Xbox 360 would get the Dawnguard DLC first, jealously had been shown by some gamers on different systems but it is clear those that own an Xbox feel they deserve extras like this considering the money paid each year for Xbox Live. Do you think it is fair that the Xbox Live money is used to buy timed exclusives?

Within the first week of June we also got a taste of new werewolf abilities from Skyrim Dawnguard, but these details were expanded greatly after the beta started, which is thanks to some details leaking out and being gathered on a Wikia page for everyone to understand a lot more about skill trees for both vampires and werewolves. Since we reported these details a lot more has been added about the storyline, perks, the Vampire Lord, combat, and even a new character that can alter the Dragonborn’s appearance, which allows for tweaking of facial features.

Will you download Skyrim Dawnguard on day one, and if so what side will you choose?

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  • Bruzy

    i got 2 characters but def a big vamp fan

  • poo b oy

    i want it on ps3 now!

  • Notinbutbiscits

    1st day, and Dawnguards! You stupid vampires are going down!

  • Juggernaut944

    I murder all vampires

  • Jhon Trollinski

    There Is no connection between werewolves and Dawnguard, they are simply adding perks to It because everyone’s been asking for ages.

  • come at me

    Vampires are cool and everything, but I like the sun. :/

  • Brandon

    I will kill all the vampires and their gargoyle minions with my armored troll!!!

  • highguy

    I created a redguard but switched his face and skin color to like like a mix between a breton and an elf. His name…. Eragon Shadeslayer! If anyone has red the inheritance series creating an Eragon goes pretty well with the main story. I created Brisingr swordwithe fire damage, a Raz’ac Bow with sould trap, Shruikan Dragon Bone armore, Aren(the ring) Islanzadis circlet, and alot of other artifacts from the books, give it a try if your looking to make another character. And if you have not read the books check them out, they are much like skyrim, involving dragons, spellcasters,shades,dwarves, elves.

  • Iradotson

    Cant wait and soul drain looks like it got a BIG upgrade also

  • Vamp Lord

    vampires will slay all werewolves and block the sun. vampire forever!!!!

  • Deathnote117

    vampire forever

  • Sandwitchboard

    Day one. Vamps are going down. 

  • Torres9green

    werewolves will still own vampires period

  • Scotty W

    My character has been a vampire long before Dawnguard was even announced so needless to say vampires all the way!

    • HAWKSONG117

      My character is currently a Vampiric Assasssin. To all you werewolves out there.. I murdered the Companions one by one, I slit their throats in there sleep. Where’s your beast form now, huh!

  • BigHairyBoobs


  • Filbert


  • Anonymous

    Yup first day Vampire that i may blot out the sun and drink rivers of dawngaurd blood….. theeen i play as dawngaurd
    P.S. i long to feed on children

  • Anonymous

    1st day, VAMPIRES! The dawnguard are goin’ down!

    • Anonymous

      Hells yeah! Vamps FTW! ( and maybe werewolves.)

  • Patrick Reimann

    1st day and vampire hunters