Nexus 7 may spoil Microsoft Surface party at Google I/O

By Alan Ng - Jun 20, 2012

Microsoft may have just unveiled their first tablet to the world, but attention is now starting to shift away from the Surface in preparation for Google’s rumored Nexus 7 device, which is odds on to make an appearance at Google I/O.

Google’s event will be starting on June 27 in San Francisco and in true Apple fashion, it looks like the majority of features have already been disclosed before the company even has a chance to show it off on stage.

The Nexus 7 is the name that has showed up in various benchmarks, along with several mentions that ASUS are the manufacturer who will be building the device. There is also continued whispers that this device will be retailing at a very affordable $199 price in line with the Kindle Fire, but what you may not know yet is potential limitations that will have to be made in order to justify the price.

A new report by DigiTimes has claimed that the Google Nexus 7 tablet will not have a 3G model, as Google will cut down on costs by shipping a WiFi version only. That’s not the only major absentee either – we’re hearing that rather surprisingly, there will not be a rear camera either, just a front-facing one instead.

While you may be shocked at the lack of these features, you could also argue that these are two features that consumers wouldn’t mind missing out on if it means that the price will stay at $199. For starters, is 3G really needed these days when there are millions of WiFi hotspots around the world? As for the camera, who regularly uses a tablet to take pictures anyway in place of a smartphone?

We really impressed with that awesome-looking keyboard that Microsoft has attached to their Surface tablet, but Google may still hit the jackpot anyway with an unbeatable $199 price. Don’t forget that it’s also going to be the first Android Jelly Bean device as well, so consumers really have a tough decision to make.

How impressed are you with the Surface? Microsoft has done a good job showcasing the device, but will it ultimately come down to which tablet has the best price for you?

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  • James Banner

    Microsoft Surface vs Google Nexus is like apple vs orange! At best Google Nexus will compete with Amazon Kindle fire.

  • first off, i dont see how you can compare android to windows. windows allows you to do everything from run full version of photoshop or whatever program you want. i bought the acer iconia w500 and put windows 8 consumer on it, and it works amazing.. i use it for photography on the go and edit. i was looking into an ipad or a android tablet but you dont get full features like windows. its perfect for the price to compare it to an ipad, but not a full fledged windows OS. unless apple made a ipad with a full version of OSX or a new OS which allowed full programs. windows is going to be on top with the new tablet. and google is just updating OS like its changing underwear, hell. jellybean already? some devices STILL havent seen ICS. Google needs to get its act together fast, because i will not buy an android because the latest and greatest may not even get potential software updates which i find completely stupid.

    • Adam Easey

      I see your point and its valid on most parts.  However, its not Google that causes the devices to not be upgraded.  Like you said, some devices are ICS compatible but are still running Gingerbread.  This is due to the skins that cell phone companies put on top of the android OS.  Google releases the update and now Motorola, HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony-Ericson, ect have to tweak their skin overlay to run on top of the upgraded OS. That is what the hold up is. it has nothing to do with Google.  That is why your comment about “Google needs to get its act together” is not a valid comment . However, Nexus tablets are pure android with no skins. Therefore they will always have the updated OS as soon as its released.  That is why the Galaxy Nexus was the first to have ICS and why the Nexus 7 tablet will be the first released with Jelly Bean.  As soon as Jelly Bean is released as an OTA update Galaxy Nexus will have it immediately with zero hold ups.  So if you are frusterated with Android’s slow updates then you should consider the Nexus line.