New Black Ops 2 gameplay shows CLAW, Quadrotor action

If you liked what you saw of our last Black Ops 2 gameplay video, which showed you a more tactical approach to the single player campaign, we have some more really good footage to show you.

The game has just been featured on G4TV’s X-Play programme and Treyarch Studio Head Mark Lamia has been talking a bit more about some of the features in the game. Last time we showed you how you can go into ‘overwatch’ mode and set up waypoints and find out where your enemies are in the map, and now we have a much more detailed look at this.

During the video, you’ll see that you can use overwatch mode to find out where an enemy team is located, but more importantly where the enemy’s machinery is located as well, if they are using it. Certain levels in the game will be fitted with all kinds of technology to use. One we already know as the quadrotor drone and one other that has just been shown here is the CLAW – or the Cognative Land Assault Weapon.

If you skip to 3.40 of the video below, you’ll see that the enemy team also has access to these portable machinery, but later on we see the player take control of a different mech to try and take out the CLAW which the enemy is using. We also find out that once the quadrotor drones are deployed for your team, you can also jump into one of them at any time and start taking out some units with that.

It’s interesting to add that Lamia stated that using these quadrotor drones will not give you too much of an advantage, since the AI is ‘really advanced’ and if a player wants to, can bump up the difficult at any time. One thing that does look great from this new gameplay, is that some of the maps seem to offer a lot of freedom – by way of allowing the player to choose how to tackle the mission in a variety of ways. You can choose to go all out rambo style, slow down play using the overwatch mode or just jump into the various tech and finish up the level that way.

Check out the clip below and let us know your thoughts on it. It also looks certain that this new CLAW machine will be a playable killstreak in multiplayer as well.



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